How should you market your SaaS in 2021?

How should you market your SaaS in 2021?

Software as per Service (SaaS) has become a large segment in the market of cloud computing. This market is expected to make a revenue of 113$ billion by the end of 2021 and 151$ Billion by 2022 which is why SaaS marketing has become one of the top online services in the world.

However, SaaS marketing isn't that easy as it seems, it has its challenges. There are thousands of business enthusiasts looking forward to making money out of it by putting forth their ideas to make business life smoother, more efficient, and more profitable but there isn't always a light at the end of the tunnel if you don't understand the path well enough.

According to sources, a surprising proportion of 92% of SaaS companies fails within a few years despite the founder’s best intentions. So it's better to do some active research before stepping into this competitive sector where your product may get lost in the crowd.

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But we know challenges are what make us more sharp and careful. There are numerous ways to ensure the success of your SaaS product. You just need a strong propelling force that will promote your product which can be done by finding ways to attract high-demand customers. This will ensure the sustainability of the business and you can always add innovative ideas that will enhance the quality of what you serve to the audiences.

Here let us have a look at some strong steps by which you can market your SaaS product in 2021 and beyond.

Use Influencers to Promote your SaaS product‌

Influencer marketing in SaaS marketing

Though Influencer marketing is normally seen to be associated with e-Commerce platforms, SaaS brands can also make the same profit just as well.


We know that all influencers are highly recognized social media figures holding the attention of a certain type of crowd whose interests lie in a specific niche. This can be used as a tool to make a profit out of a very targeted audience by promoting it through influencer marketing.

Before jumping into the flow first look at how their audiences align with that of your own. In simple words check for whether their crowd will be attracted to the product being showcased to them and also whether the influencer has a good amount of influential crowd control.

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‌First, you will have to be sure of which particular social media platform you want to use and where to look for the right influencers. As of now, Instagram seems to be very promising and Instagram Influencers are also seen to be very efficient in their fields. After you have decided whom to pursue and on what platform you may want to put forth your product, gather some in-depth data about the past performances of the Social media figure so you can figure out what you might expect in the future.

After you are done with your research and you identify a handful of social media figures, prepare ideas on how to represent your product on their page without disturbing the voice and brand of the influencers. You can also go for a particular style of the post while placing your brand on social media, this normally gives a separate and unique style to your SaaS product.

Make People understand what your product is all about

You must be knowing that Instagram audiences are often very sophisticated and educated about anything produced before them. So they must be very used to all the SaaS products being constantly advertised to them. They may also not focus on what your product is and what solution it might offer.

So, One of the best ways to promote your product is to make the audience understand what your product is all about.


You can do this by using the growth hacking way of approach for growing your SaaS company. In this way of approach, you need to constantly run tests of your product and find ways to enhance its quality. By doing this you can always provide updates to your audience and know what their reaction is.

In this process, you can also learn about different ways to present information to your audience more effectively and make them realize your product is the one they were looking for, for a long time.

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‌For instance, think about giving the users a free trial. Once they are attracted to the temporary free service, put a guide through email so that they don't find difficulty in understanding what your product offers or you can provide them with a knowledge base that would serve as a place where most of the common queries and problems related to your product are directly addressed.

SaaS experts normally use this type of approach to enhance the quality of their SaaS product and make their product a user-friendly one. This also helps to break down difficult subjects into simple intuitive terms, which makes it a perfect situation when you are looking for more and more people to click on your Product.

Put more focus on content marketing

For all the SaaS products competing in the market, content marketing makes more way for the product to stand out than all other methods you may use for promotion. This makes the product look more sophisticated yet simple and the marketing methods appear to be more educational and informative than looking like an advertisement. This attracts higher and higher middle section audiences which are normally the ones going to pay for your product.

Content Marketing in SaaS Marketing

The priority should be to keep the Product and its benefits simple. Then you can focus on content marketing which also helps your audience to understand why the alternatives to your product and inferior and your product is the final solution for their issue.

You should always be careful about the right way to use content marketing so that it may give you better results as compared to other competitions in the market.      

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Don't look at content marketing as a method where you can just write blogs and expect better results out of it. You must focus on how your content fits just perfectly and how it naturally compliments your Product or else you may waste a ton of efforts and see a few to almost no results.

How to use Content Marketing as a Powerful tool

Content marketing is a promising method to improve the popularity of your SaaS product but you must do it in the right way. First, you need to gather information about your audience, a complete detailed profile of what they use, what they may be looking for, and what are their urgent needs.

This can assist you in considering what content to put so that it just clicks with what they are looking for. This will greatly enhance your visibility in the market and you will also be able to gather more and more audiences. You must also look for what they have been previously offered and where they always like to hang around online. Giving them what they want and where they want may just lift your profit in the charts.

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The content must not just be limited to articles, videos, social media posts, and series of tweets that may be used to reach people on all platforms. If it reaches the audience successfully you won't need to care about all the stereotypes in the market. Success is what must matter to you and you will surely be able to market your SaaS product if you keep these few things in mind.


SaaS products look very dynamic from a market perspective and no doubt it can be very promising if you are disciplined and strict with your business temperament. Attracting an audience is the most important part of the whole game and there are multiple strategies to get the game in your favor but it might be a little challenging sometimes.

However, if you consider the above-mentioned formulas while marketing your SaaS you may become an outstanding gamechanger in the overall process.

One last piece of advice that you may need is that you better ensure that your website visitors become your loyal customers. Good Luck!


How can I promote my SaaS product?

Well, it is the most frequently asked question in this genre. One of the main functions is to build a marketing strategy specifically for your own SaaS solution. Apart from that, you should constantly optimize your website conversion rate as it is the heart of any SaaS business strategy. Adding on, you should showcase your expertise and become a thought leader once your website layout is optimized. At last but not least, you should not worry about the cloud, rather, you should focus on the benefits!‌‌

How is SaaS marketing any different?

This is another important question related to SaaS. Well, unlike traditional marketing, Saas marketing relies heavily on developers, support teams, and marketers working closely together. If you own a great product, it will help you to generate word of mouth and there is no better way to sell your SaaS!

How do you grow SaaS sales?

If you wish to grow your SaaS sales, make sure to keep your trials short. Apart from that optimizing your email campaign can help you to succeed in this topic. Adding on, providing short, value-focused demos to the clients might help you.

How do SaaS sales representatives work?

If you are an aspiring SaaS sales representative, you will be happy to know that SaaS Account Executives can make anywhere from USD 60,000 to USD 500,000! It depends on how much demand is there for your product and how skilled you are at selling your product. Therefore, your skillset will decide how much you will earn.


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