SuperBottoms: Cloth Diapers Trading Business in India

Avantika Bhardwaj Avantika Bhardwaj
Apr 7, 2021 11 min read
SuperBottoms: Cloth Diapers Trading Business in India

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Diapers are one of the essential things you’ll need for your little one. Making sure your baby’s bum stays clean and dry is crucial for baby’s comfort and to avoid diaper rash. Expect to become a diaper-slinging pro in no time—most newborns go through about 10 or more diapers every day. That’s more than 300 changes in the first month, but who’s counting?

From changing diapers to starting a cloth diaper business for Pallavi Utagi; (Founder, Superbottoms) she took the traditional route and introduced cotton based reusable diapers as an alternative to the disposable diaper industry.

SuperBottoms- Company Highlights

Company Name SuperBottoms
Headquarters Mumbai
Founder Pallavi Utagi
Founded 2016
Sector Baby Care & Parenting
Registered Entity Name Navashya Consumer Products Pvt Ltd

SuperBottoms- About
SuperBottoms- Founder
How Was SuperBottoms Founded
SuperBottoms- Name, Logo and Tagline
SuperBottoms- Vision and Mission
SuperBottoms- Target Market Size
SuperBottoms- Product/ Services
SuperBottoms- Startup Launch
SuperBottoms- Challenges
SuperBottoms- Marketing Campaign
SuperBottoms- Funding
SuperBottoms- Competitors
SuperBottoms- Tools
SuperBottoms- Recognition and Achievements
SuperBottoms- Future Plans
SuperBottoms - FAQs

SuperBottoms- About

SuperBottoms makes baby diapers made of 100% cloth. These are an alternative to the two types of commonly known diapering systems – Langots and disposable diapers, and give the goodness of langots and the performance and convenience of disposable diapers. SuperBottoms is trying to establish a completely new category almost single handedly. Unlike regular diapers, Pallavi shifted the focus of many parents to Cloth Diapers which turned out to be valuable for the Diaper Business in India.

SuperBottoms’ mother company is – Navashya Consumer Products Pvt Ltd, also owns a brand called BASIC which is an economy range of diaper for economy conscious customers.

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SuperBottoms- Founder

SuperBottoms is founded by Pallavi Utagi.

SuperBottoms is ably supported by Pallavi’s husband in search for a skin friendly diapering option for their son when he was born. Their current team size is 35. Since most of the members in the team are mothers, they operate remotely and are extremely result oriented in nature.  

As for their hiring funda, SuperBottoms checks if the person is self-driven. Considering that they do not have the visibility to the candidates’ routine, they trust them fully to do their work as required. Considering this, it is important for them to hire team members who are result oriented in their approach.

How Was SuperBottoms Founded

SuperBottoms | Pallavi Utagi
SuperBottoms Founder | Pallavi Utagi

It all started with a rash – when Pallavi had her own baby and used disposable diapers on him, it gave him rashes despite of various claims, and then she realised that the baby had a sensitive skin, so diapers can be pretty harsh. Upon checking with other mothers, she found out that this is a very common issue faced by a lot of babies. Also, as a parent, she faced the challenges of diapering a baby in traditional cloth nappies.

Then, her research started for an alternative. Cloth Diapers were already becoming popular in the US. Pallavi got a few from there but they were not very well fitted for Indian babies. She decided to follow this idea – make cloth diapers which were suitable for Indian babies and have Indianised prints which were quirky and cute! Soon, Pallavi gave a few to her friends who had their babies and they totally loved it! Before she knew it, it started selling like hot cakes and it’s them now!

SuperBottoms Eco- friendly cloth Diapers

Superbottoms was born out of a personal passion for sustainable lifestyle. Those 3 crore babies are born each year with each using 5000 diapers in their lifetime, the number of diapers landing in landfills was disturbingly huge! As such, Pallavi saw a clear need for a product that would give the convenience of diapers while not harming the environment and baby’s skin.

Some of her very first customers joined the team and so the team grew, and now they have a team of mostly moms and dads who have personally used the products on their own babies. SuperBottoms is super passionate about the concept and they have lapped up the chance to be a part of this revolution.

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SuperBottoms- Name, Logo and Tagline

SuperBottoms underwent a complete brand revamp exercise to align itself with the consumer needs – stated and unstated. As a part of this exercise, they refreshed their logo as well to signify their core values.

SuperBottoms | Logo
SuperBottoms | Logo

Softness and gentleness of the product has been a key USP of their products. As a brand, SuperBottoms is honest with their customers which has built a very high level of trust and loyalty for the brand. In fact, they enjoy a loyalty rate of more than 40%! They wanted the these values to reflect in their mascot and logo as well.

Hence, a Bummy was introduced to the logo and as a mascot. Bummy is cute, soft, gentle, innocent and fun as well! Fun is also what SuperBottoms as a brand wants to bring in the lives of parents, who often feel overwhelmed by the pressures of being new parents

SuperBottoms- Vision and Mission

SuperBottoms’ long term vision is to establish the category of reusable cloth diapers in India and own the category. The company wishes to make cloth usage mainstream in the world of baby hygiene, when the modern convenience focused products like disposable diapers are slowly gaining penetration in the market while posing a big harm to the environment. SuperBottoms offers sustainable products which provide long term value to customers for conscious parents. Sustainability runs at the core of the brand – from sustainable products to sustainable packaging and actions like upcycling of returned products, SuperBottoms takes pride in their little contribution to the planet.

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Their short-term goal is to create awareness about the category where new parents do not know that such an option of diapering which combines their wishes of skin friendliness and convenience exists and is available to them.

In the age where people are seeking traditional wisdom in modern formats, this product fits perfectly with the mindset of conscious parents who believe that when it comes to their newborns, health comes first and if presented an option they would choose a product which given them this dream combination.

SuperBottoms Team
SuperBottoms Team

SuperBottoms- Target Market Size

There are about 3 crores babies born in India each year. Disposable diapers though very high on awareness still have a penetration of less than 10% as most people prefer using cotton nappies for their children for most part of their day as they understand that natural fabrics are the best for their baby’s delicate skin and they avoid using disposable diapers as much as possible. This inherent understanding of benefits of cloth paves the way for a huge opportunity of a diaper made of cloth and SuperBottoms sees it becoming a preferred way of diapering for the babies in the coming years.

SuperBottoms- Product/ Services

SuperBottoms makes 100% washable and reusable cloth diapers. These diapers contain three parts: a waterproof outer made which is leak proof, a set of pads which is made of multiple layers of 100% organic cotton which does the job of absorbency and a top SuperDryFeel ™ layer on the pad which gives the feeling of dryness to the baby.

SuperBottoms Nappy
SuperBottoms reusable cloth Diapers

The best part about SuperBottoms UNO is that despite being made of cloth it gives the performance of a disposable diaper – waterproofing, dry feeling and a high absorption level! It even lasts all night for the baby! This concept is quite unbelievable for most people who hear about it the for the first time.

The most important benefit of the product is that, being made of organic cotton it is extremely skin friendly for the sensitive skin of new-born babies as against disposable diapers which are made of harmful chemicals and plastics which often cause rashes to delicate baby’s skins. The same diaper can be sized and fits a baby throughout their entire diapering stage which turns out to be at least 70% cheaper than disposable options. Of course, being washable and reusable the product does not sit in a landfill after use and cause environment pollution.

As a Direct-to-Consumer brand with a very strong social media community called SuperBottoms Family on Facebook, they are very close to the customers and engage with thousands of customers on an everyday basis listening to their said and unsaid needs, and taking their feedback.

Innovation is the most important tenet of the brand and the current diaper the brand sells is actually the 6th version of their product! From adopting the latest in fabric technology to getting US safety certified seal to engaging with popular designers like Alicia Souza for designing the diaper prints to building a knowledge base and using that to handhold customers in their cloth diapering journey, SuperBottoms has been a brand of multiple 1sts.


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SuperBottoms- Startup Launch

SuperBottoms enjoys a repeat rate of 40% + which is extremely high in consumer products segment. They have received an overwhelming amount of organic User Generated Content on an everyday basis. When SuperBottoms won KSP Best Eco-friendly diaper brand for the 3 times in a row, their Facebook community and social media was flooded with messages that their customers felt that they had won the award!

This kind of brand loyalty that SuperBottoms enjoys is unmatched for a consumer product! For 3 years SuperBottoms ran on purely positive word-of-mouth which was purely organic! After their angel round of fund about a year back, they started doing a bit of social media ads on a limited basis.

The company thinks superior quality of products and a superlative customer service is what helps them to retain customers.

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SuperBottoms- Challenges

One of their biggest challenges has always been about educating the parents about cloth diapering and its benefits. Also, post purchase usage and troubleshooting.

All of this, without having physical presence in stores and with a digitally native business was the key challenge. SuperBottoms initially got on board a call-center setup which was too ‘professional’, and they realised parents were not really happy with the interactions. They then conceptualised the ‘momsconnect team’ which is a team of mothers, who have been their customers, working out of their homes!

This team today handles 800+ queries a day in the most professional yet empathetic manner and today, their customer service is one of the most important pillars of SuperBottoms’ success.

SuperBottoms- Marketing Campaign

Organically generated, positive word of mouth is SuperBottoms’ biggest campaign till now. They believe in making the customer truly happy that they spread good word about the brand and it has helped them till now.

However, they have to make the next leap from here, and they are looking at mass campaign very soon to establish the category and create brand awareness.

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SuperBottoms- Funding

Date Stage Amount Investors Name
November 2018 Angel $214439.84 Titan Capital
January 2020 Pre-Series A Undisclosed DSG Consumers Partners

Recently, In April 2021, Superbottoms has received $2million in series A funding from Saama Capital and DSG consumer partners.
The funds raised will be invested in initiatives to spread awareness around the concept of cloth diapering to a larger audience base, Pallavi Utagi, the founder of SuperBottoms, said.

SuperBottoms- Competitors

SuperBottoms is the leader by far in the cloth diaper category in India. Some of the other brands which exist in the market are Babyhug, Bumpadum, Bumberry, A Toddler Thing. They are the bestselling brand on Amazon as well in baby cloth diaper category.

SuperBottoms- Tools

  • Unicommerce
  • WhatsApp
  • Slack

SuperBottoms- Recognition and Achievements

SuperBottoms has won the KSP (Kids Stop Press) Awards, a popular baby awards for the Best Eco-friendly Diaper Brand for 3 years in a row – 2017 to 2019. They have won the Retail Association of India award in 2018 for Best Retail Channel Strategy for their Mom Ambassador program.

SuperBottoms- Future Plans

SuperBottoms is a digitally native brand and will continue to be so for the next 18-24 months. Most of their business happens via their own brand website because the customers are aware of the brand and love the same. They plan to make SuperBottoms a 100cr brand in the next coming 3 years.

SuperBottoms - FAQs

What is Superbottoms UNO?

Superbottoms UNO is washable and reusable cloth diaper. It gives the performance of a disposable diaper – waterproofing, dry feeling and a high absorption level.

Which cloth diaper is best in India?

Superbottoms Plus Uno Reusable Cloth Diaper is the best cloth diaper.

Who are top competitors of Superbottoms?

Superbottoms' top competitors are Huggies, Pampers, Babyhug, Bumpadum, Bumberry, Tesco, Johnson & Johnson, and Kimberly-Clark.

Who is the founder of Superbottoms?

Pallavi Utagi is the founder of SuperBottoms.

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