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Suffering? Not able to find a government job? Age limit is going to end in the next coming years, still not prepared for the examinations? In case, you are a general candidate and frightened that SC's and ST's are going to capture your position, please don't get worried about the fact.

Testbook is here to construct your SARKARI future for the upcoming competitive examinations and guide you with all the best materials possible. Maybe you didn't pass in the last examination but this time you are going to score and pass with flying colours. Read the Testbook success story below.

Testbook - Company Highlights

Startup Name Testbook
Headquarter Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Sector Edtech
Founders Yadvendar Champawat, Narendra Agarwal, Ashutosh Kumar, Abhishek Sagar, Manoj Munna and Praveen Agarwal
Founded 2013
Website testbook.com

Testbook - About
Testbook - Founders and Team
Testbook - Logo
Testbook - Business Model
Testbook - Revenue Model
Testbook - Partnerships And Franchises
Testbook - Funding And Investors
Testbook - Growth
Testbook - Competitors
Testbbok - Future Plans

Testbook - About

Testbook is a site for aspiring students whoever dreams of passing competitive exams of different kinds. Subscription is needed to unlock the tests for all the available uploaded examinations. The ones who are weak in English, for them the tests are also available in the Hindi language as this language is known and owned by all. The site helps it's candidates to improve their scores.

Testbook - Founders and Team

Yadvendar Champawat, Dr. Praveen Agarwal, Ashutosh Kumar, Abhishek Sagar, Manoj Munna and Dr. Narendra Agarwal are the founders of the company Testbook.

  • Yadvendar Champawat is the head of the technology department and co-founder at Testbook.
  • Praveen Agarwal is also the co-founder at Testbook.
  • Ashutosh Kumar is the Chief Executive Officer of the company.
  • Abhishek Sagar is one among the founding members of Testbook.
  • Manoj Munna is the co-founder and CBO at Testbook.
  •  Narendra Agarwal is also one of the co-founder at Testbook. Previously, he was the co-founder at ExcelMentors.
Narendra Agarwal (left) and Ashutosh Kumar (right) 
Testbook Logo

Testbook - Business Model

The company has got 100+ online courses and 5500+ mock tests. The concerned site gives 500+ PDFs and study notes of all the courses available as it's mentioned above about the study materials provided. There are various tips and tricks by the masters to improve the candidate's speed. Doubts are always answered ones posted.

Testbook - Revenue Model

The company has got its own way of operating. It operates on a subscription-based revenue model split between mock test subscriptions which costs Rs. 699 per year and online course subscriptions are at Rs. 3499 which is still bearable for many citizens. Offers available - 1- day Testbook costs Rs. 29, 6 - months Testbook costs Rs. 299 and a yearly Testbook costs Rs. 399. Offers may often change without prior notice. The users get six-month access here. It also offers shorter subscriptions at Rs. 1299 for 2 months. It generates a revenue of $4.2 million. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the rate of success. In the month of April 2020, there was 80% revenue growth. Now, the platform has increased exponentially to 6,50,000 learners. Around 10 lakh students attend live online classes. It's a victory!

Testbook - Partnerships And Franchises

The company has got 750+ partners in 90+ cities and 250+ towns of India. In order to open a textbook centre in your city, you have to have - computer setup, Internet and inverter facilities, headphones are a must. Revenue is to be made on each agreement. There is a chance of collecting around 1.5 lakh monthly and the investment on the company begins from 75K. Contact number is mentioned above. Interested people can talk to the team agents for more information. The company has got it's centres in many cities - eg. Bhagalpur, Delhi, Patna, Gorakhpur etc.

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Testbook - Funding And Investors

Testbook has raised an amount of $12.6 million in funding over the 5 funding rounds.

Date Transaction Name Money Raised Lead Investors
January 8, 2020 Series B $8.3 million Iron Pillar
April 3, 2017 Series A $4 million Matrix Partners India
March 1, 2016 Series A - -
August 14, 2015 Venture Round - -
October 29, 2014 Seed Round $250,000 Shankar Narayanan and Utsav Somani

Testbook has got 9 investors. Nataraj Sindam and Iron Pillar are the most recent investors.

Testbook - Growth

The company came into existence in January 2013 by 6 IIT Delhi and Mumbai alumnis. They all are geniuses so they know how to operate and this is only the reason behind the growth of this EdTech startup. There were 13,000 registered candidates only for GATE preparation. Can you believe it? Then what is the number if all candidates are calculated as a whole! In the beginning, the company had 55,000 registers as a whole which raised around Rs 1.5 crores. If this was the growth rate in 2014, what is the rate now? The growth rate for them is a massive one.

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Testbook - Competitors

The company has got its own top 10 opponents. Namely - Toppr, Embibe, Khan Academy, Unacademy, Kaysons Education, Vedantu, Fitjee, Meritnation, Extramarks and BYJU'S.

Let's look at the few comparisons below -

  • Toppr is also an online platform like Testbook for entrance exams in India.
  • Vedantu has got a live online tutor for its students so it's a bit way different.
  • Embibe provides its candidates with personal feedback services.

Almost all the companies are thinking differently and trying to implement something new to stand in the top position by biting others. This is exactly what competition is meant to be!

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Testbbok - Future Plans

Due to the COVID outbreak, this year, the company's future plan is to make the students study safely at home. It's for those who go to the coaching centres placed all around India. The students are to download the guide uploaded in a PDF and study hard by sitting in within their homes.

The surrounding is becoming highly contagious so this was the decision taken by the 6 main team members so that the studies of the concerned students don't get hampered by the situation outside. Internet is a place to learn therefore everybody can make themselves comfortable by using modern technology, staying safe and learning more.

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