Vespa Marketing Strategy: Success Secrets of Italian Brand Scooter

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Sep 9, 2021 7 min read
Vespa Marketing Strategy: Success Secrets of Italian Brand Scooter

With a premium design and outshining style, Vespa scooters have become premium favorites globally. It has become all possible because of the trending advertisements and also the modern and strategic marketing with a proper public relation of the company with the customers. And, all these marketing and publishing strategies of the Vespa scooters are performed by the manufacturing company, Piaggio.

At first, the scooter was only manufactured and was driven and distributed in the European continent of Italy only. But with time, they spread their tentacles over other countries and found an outstanding lover of Vespa globally. Behind all this, the silent performer is the marketing strategy of the company, which makes it reach greater heights. With a proper head-scratching strategy, they have involved every age group of people and make them feel unique with its proper blending.

Vespa - About
Vespa - Marketing Strategy in a Nutshell
Vespa - Target Audience
Vespa - SWOT Analysis
Vespa - Brand Positioning
Vespa - Social Media Campaign
Vespa - Celebrity-Endorsed Advertisements

About Vespa Scooters

Vespa - About

Manufactured originally by the Italian giant manufacturer, Piaggio, Vespa has become a luxury brand of scooters. It took birth in the year 1946 in Florence, Tuscany of Italy. Ever since it was transported to the other states as well. However, the shining paints and the pressed steel body of the scooter makes it stand apart from the other brand of scooters.

At first, it started with the form of a single model motor scooter in the 1940s. But with time, it evolved and has now become a full line of scooters. It is one of the largest companies owned by Piaggio. It has also gained a fair presence over social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

With high-performing engines and a unified structural unit, the mechanism of the fancy scooters also satisfies a lot along with the design. Evolving from the old age generation of scooters, Vespa took a little while before manufacturing some new age fascinating scooters also. And, once it came into the run, it took the market with fire.

Vespa - Marketing Strategy in a Nutshell

Vespa Scooters
Vespa Scooters

The marketing strategy of the Vespa scooters is a little different and significant than the other ones. The marketing strategy includes some valuable points like:

1. Focusing and investing in Youths: It is pretty clear about the sales that youths get interested in the Vespa scooters without any fuss. They want to stand out from the public. They want to be significant and different from the others. Hence, Vespa tries to focus more on what the youth is trying to get. Hopefully, they also represent their designs and advertisements fascinating to the youths.

2. Maintaining the stability of the engine: A Vespa scooter, having a 124cc engine, is no less than a 124cc bike and provides an amazing pick up speed. The power of the engine is also great. It has a maximum power of 10bhp at 8250 pm. These all make the Vespa scooters the undisputed king of the scooter market with powerful engine stability.

3. Premium Pricing: The Vespa scooters have set a proper and premium lifestyle of their scooters to reflect the exclusiveness of the product. It is also to get their audience to enjoy the ride at an affordable price.

Vespa - Target Audience

With the company’s market placement and functioning of the products, the target audience also varies. Vespa focuses more on the younger generation i.e., people of 18-35 years old. The customers behave too loyal to the company. They provide great word of mouth to increase the market value of the company within society.

On the other way around, the company focuses on the people, who never mind spending a little more, but enjoy having a great ride with their loved ones. These people often try to make their face value great. They do so by having a higher face value scooter beside them. It is why the company focuses on them. Before this strategy, the company never really focused on the youth this way. But after the launching of the new age scooter Vespa in India, they knew this is the best way to grow.

However, how much they focus on these elite clubbed youths, but the area of focusing remains stagnant and low due to obvious reasons. Nonetheless, they try to get what these prior customers need. They also provide these specific and beneficiary changes with time.

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Vespa - SWOT Analysis

Every company has some strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for their company. Hence, here discussing the SWOT analysis of Vespa:-

The strengths of the company include:

  1. It has a strong distribution network and holds high brand equity.
  2. It holds the topmost position in the European market and upholds a strong technologically advanced process.

The weakness of the company includes:-

  1. Although it has a worldwide market, it still depends on the Indian and other Asian Pacific markets for its success.
  2. It needs the young generation to take hype with this. They are mainly the targeted audience of the company.

The most possible opportunities for the company are:

  1. As the company has a huge market base, it also creates an opportunity to develop a potential market and a better economy.
  2. With its fascinating design, it has created a rise in demand for the two-wheelers.

Vespa - Brand Positioning

It becomes too important to create a significant image of the company in this cutthroat competitive market. To get a proper image, it needs to create differentiated products apart from the competitors. It also needs to sell them to reach the audience. The competitors of the Vespa scooter brand include Hero, Honda, Suzuki, Alpha, and so on. It is also to keep in mind that these competitors also have a great face value in the market.

However, this market and the face value of the Vespa scooters can be under maintenance if they still make these beautiful and sustaining products with time. This brand positioning of the Vespa attracts many people and those customers who want a premium brand of the scooter with high pricing quality.

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Vespa - Social Media Campaign

The social media strategy to promote products is not a new one. But, there is a difference in how you use social media. Vespa managed to get into different social media sites, mainly Instagram and Twitter. At such platforms, it got a hold on the nerves of the youth. With the new and exclusive models of the scooters, they started taking the requests from their social media audience regarding the products.

And, when the product was out, they revealed the look in the social media handles first. It was exclusively for their followers only. Various engaging competitions also were the activities of the company. Many tie-ups with different movies and other brands also helped in creating a hype of the new model.

They also retweeted almost every tweet which discussed the pros of the scooter. It made them provide the word of mouth of the people. With different festive offers, they also run discounted offers on social media. These offers were for products to the products which are directly ordered from their social media handle only.

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Vespa - Celebrity-Endorsed Advertisements

The brand endorsement of the company is too strong is done globally by celebrities. Globally, the brand ambassador of the brand is the famous soccer player Alessandro Del Piero who has performed many television advertisements and other campaigns for the company.

On the other days, the campaign also featured itself in the football World Cup, showcasing its powerful pros to the audience. These different campaigns by the celebrity also get a super speed uprise to the hype of the company and pull the attention of the irregular customers to talk about it.

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This Italian luxury brand scooter Vespa put its an impactful presence all over the world. The Vespa sold its maximum scooters through promotion is from Hollywood movies. Vespa scooters are featured in many movies. Lots of film stars use it to shoot their role. Β From early 1946 to now, they improved a lot in their engine power and performance. But you can see they modified less in its look. They believe their look is their real identity. Despite all, you can see 34 different versions of Vespa. It may be an old brand, but it is still popular among the youths.


Who is the brand ambassador of Vespa?

Alessandro Del Piero is the brand ambassador of Vespa.

Who manufactures Vespa?

The Italian company Piaggio group manufactures Vespa.

Is Vespa an Indian brand?

No, Vespa is an Italian luxury brand of scooters.

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