List of Brands Endorsed by Anil Kapoor

List of Brands Endorsed by Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor is one of the most loved stars of Hindi cinema. Having delivered some of the most iconic dialogues and songs since the 90s, Anil Kapoor continues to shine. I mean who doesn't remember the iconic “Jhakaas' ' and who hasn't watched Mr. India.

Being called Bollywood's fitness icon, because of the secret youth potion that basically makes him younger by age, actor Anil Kapoor is a complete package of enthusiasm, fame, and humility. Throughout his entire career of 40 years in Hindi cinema, Kapoor has endorsed a large variety of brands. But it is very recent that a noticeable rise in his endorsements is seen. Meanwhile, he has and continues to benefit all these brands with his charm and popularity over the years.

He is also best known for taking up unique and challenging projects and brands under his umbrella. This way Kapoor has become one of the favorite faces in the advertisement industry. Many such brands that he endorsed are mentioned here.

List of Brands Endorsed by Anil Kapoor

  1. Spotify
  2. Cred
  3. The Sleep Company
  4. Malabar Gold and Diamond
  5. Licious
  6. KFC
  7. Health Ok
  8. Teachmint
  9. Softovac
  10. Ariel
  11. Scott Eyewear
  12. Puro Salt
  13. Renault
  14. Mastercard
  15. Godrej Expert


Spotify featured Anil Kapoor in a cool series of advertisements along with Ishaan Khattar. Anil Kapoor has been seen appearing as a parent to Ishaan Khattar in this endorsement. Music Streaming App, Spotify doesn't fail to show how cool Anil Kapoor is for a typical parent. He is seen adapting to modernity. The series of Spotify ads really justifies the evergreen title given to him. Presenting himself as a cooler version of dad, he was caught in various interesting situations with Ishaan Khattar which are delightful to watch. The sketch is humorous in its kind. These ads are as hit as his movies.

Anil Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter Spotify Ad


Anil Kapoor Cred Ad

The versatile credit card bill payment app, CRED gained instant attention with its series of quirky ads. One of them features Anil Kapoor who has been seen dancing in his iconic Lakhan character from an actor’s famous movie- Ram Lakhan. His delightful performance with Lakhan’s charm compels the viewers to come back and watch the commercial again and again. With catchy background music highlighting the brand and Anil Kapoor's outstanding Lakhan dance, the advertisement catches the eyes of the viewers. Seeing exciting energy showcased by Anil Kapoor makes the customers curious about the product.

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The Sleep Company

A unique smart grid technology patented sleeping solution mattress brand- The Sleep Company focuses on the comfort of the customer. Being a D2C business, the sleep company directly targets the buyer. As per reports, Anil Kapoor is a personal fan of the mattress brand as he is impressed by the comfort it provides. His belief in the product makes the customer really like the brand. With the tagline “backed by science,” the advertisement featuring Anil Kapoor is smart and sophisticated.

Anil Kapoor The Sleep Company Ad

Malabar Gold and Diamond

Anil Kapoor Malabar Gold and Diamonds Ad

With a handful of big Bollywood names already associated with the brand ambassador list, Kerala-based expensive metal retailer brand- Malabar Gold and Diamonds sparkled as bright as the jewels it offered when Anil Kapoor stepped in as brand ambassador. The actor was seen in the series of ads with great elegance. With the never-ending demand for gold in Indian households, It got a lot easier for the brand to capture the customers when popular personalities like Anil Kapoor appeared as its face. undoubtedly, he poured every ounce of elegance into the ads. As we all can see in the ad, Anil Kapoor did a great job representing it.


Licious is a fast emerging online meat delivery startup. The brand focuses on the delivery of fresh meat at the doorstep.  It features Anil Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor.  In the advertisement, both of them are seen cooking and enjoying fresh fish with the message of Consumption of fresh meat. The Popularity element brought in by the duo with 4 million views on Youtube helped Licious become the Favorite meat brand of Indian households.


With over 1 million views on YouTube itself and comments filled with love and appreciation, this endorsement seems to be the most fun. This endorsement done by Anil Kapoor stands out from every other ad he did. It is a striking ad where the actor is seen wearing an equally striking silver outfit. Funny and quirky dialogues in the KFC advertisement caught people’s attention. Audiences are in awe of the advertisement which ends with his iconic dialogue “Jhakaas”.

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Health Ok

Anil Kapoor and Ranveer Singh Health Ok Ad

With the mainstream goal of spreading health awareness, health ok offers multivitamin food supplements. It has the most perfect combination of stars to endorse it- Anil Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. Both of them are looked upon as powerhouses of Bollywood for the unlimited energy they carry. Having the looks and physique of a 30-year-old while being 65. Anil Kapoor has proved how deeply he encourages fitness and the pathway leading to it. He fits right in this endorsement encouraging people to fulfill their vitamin deficiencies by taking food supplements.


Anil Kapoor Teachmint Ad

Teachmint’s advertisement featuring Anil Kapoor can be called the smoothest and the most beautiful advertisement on tv.  In the ad, He’s seen as the principal of a school that uses the software. Teachmint is an educational startup based in Bangalore The tagline of ‘Naye Zamaane Ki Nai Schooling' focuses on digitalizing the educational ecosystem in India. With popular faces like Anil Kapoor on board, Teachmint is already establishing its position in the educational sector of India. Being a versatile educational software with a versatile actor endorsing it, it surely is winning the hearts of people.


Anil Kapoor Softovac Ad

Softovac is a Bowel Regulator Powder, known to treat digestive problems like constipation and indigestion. This product is popular amongst middle-aged people and senior citizens. The brand made a wise choice by letting Anil Kapoor represent it as its target customers belong to the era of Anil Kapoor.


Anil Kapoor and Sanjeev Kapoor Ariel Ad 

A duo of two Kapoors, one a superhit actor and another a superhit chef, Anil Kapoor, and Sanjeev Kapoor are seen in the series of advertisements for the brand. Ariel- A laundry detergent brand, despite being a global brand, it did a stupendous job establishing its noticeable presence in the Indian market. It has become one of the important brands for Indian households.

Scott Eyewear

Scott eyewear offers a chic range of optical eyewear and sunglasses. In this endorsement, Anil Kapoor is seen tagging along with his daughter Sonam Kapoor both known as fashion icons of Bollywood. This factor makes the advertisement highly glamorous.

Anil Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor Scott Eyewear Ad

Puro Salt

Anil Kapoor Puro Salt Ad

Having Anil Kapoor quote “100% Natural and 100% Kudrati” in the endorsement Puro Salt claims to be India's 1st healthy salt with no additives or chemicals. Being an uncrowned fitness king himself, Anil Kapoor fits just right in this endorsement.


Anil Kapoor Renault Ad

For the most successful and versatile actor in Indian cinema that he is, Anil Kapoor naturally becomes the choice of the most powerful brands. This multinational automobile manufacturer has gotten a lot of positive remarks in the automobile industry just because of Kapoor’s presence in its advertisement.


Anil Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor Mastercard Ad

Like many other brands, Mastercard, the ultimate payment processor portrays the most famous Bollywood father-daughter duo. The advertisement aims at showing the parent-child relationship in the most sophisticated and elegant manner and how MasterCard can help fulfill the gaps in the relationship.

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Godrej Expert

Godrej is a brand known for its wide range of products. It is famous as one of the leading hair color brands. Godrej expert hair color is popular for its quality and easy application. Anil Kapoor endorsed the product most elegantly. In the ad, he is seen well clad and very charming, making it a beautifully convincing advertisement.

Anil Kapoor Godrej Expert Ad


Brands endorsed by Anil Kapoor gain instant popularity. His multifaceted acting ability never fails to charm the audience. The actor has been seen doing numerous ads and his fantastic skill to blend perfectly into each of them hasn't gone unnoticed.

The evergreen star and producer Anil Kapoor needless to say has a solid fan following. Popular for his ever-young look and enigmatic energy he is best known for the value he brings to the brand he endorses.

Needless to say, Anil Kapoor's ads leave a smile on the viewer’s faces.


What is Anil Kapoor's age?

Anil Kapoor is 65 years old. He was born on 24 December 1956.

Who is the brand ambassador of The Sleep Company?

Anil Kapoor is the brand ambassador of The Sleep Company.

What are the top brands endorsed by Anil Kapoor?

Some of the top brands endorsed by Anil Kapoor are:

  • Spotify
  • Cred
  • The Sleep Company
  • Malabar Gold and Diamond
  • Licious
  • KFC
  • Health Ok
  • Teachmint

How much does Anil Kapoor charge for an ad?

Anil Kapoor's brand endorsement fee is around 55 Lakhs.

Is Anil Kapoor a brand ambassador of Malabar Gold and Diamonds?

Anil Kapoor was Brand Ambassador of Malabar Gold and Diamonds in 2019.

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