Ankit Bhati: Co-founder at Ola

Megha Rani Megha Rani
Nov 8, 2020 5 min read
Ankit Bhati: Co-founder at Ola

Ankit Bhati  is the Co-founder and  Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Ola Cabs. He founded Ola with his companion Bhavish Aggarwal in 2010. He is also the Co-founder of ANI Technologies. Speculations arose that Ankit Bhati distanced himself from the ridesharing company last year owing to some serious conflicts between him and the founder of the company, Bhavish Aggarwal. Nonetheless, his contribution to the company is way more than such conjectures. So let us know more about him in the following article.

Ankit Bhati- Biography

Name Ankit Bharti
Born 1987
Birth Place Jodhpur, India
Age 33 (2020)
Nationality Indian
Education IIT, Bombay
Profession Computer Programmer, Entrepreneur
Position Co-Founder, Ola Cabs
Net Worth Rs.2500 crores
Marital Status Married

Ankit Bhati- Personal Life
Ankit Bhati- Education
Ankit Bhati- Professional Life
Ankit Bhati- Success Story
Ankit Bhati- ANI Technologies
Ankit Bhati- Ola
Ankit Bhati- Foodpanda Controversy

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Ankit Bhati- Personal Life

He was born in the year 1987 in Jodhpur, India. He currently resides in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.  Not much is known about his family and love life. It is known that he likes to spend his spare time playing with his friends. He is generally known as an introvert who spend his time in coding while siting at the corner. He is active on social medias including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. During his academic career, he was not interested in extra curricular activities rather he spent his time at the computer centre. Apart from computers, he took great interest in cycling and adventure trips. Thus the idea of building a trip website ( initially, excited him more.

Ankit Bhati- Education

In 2004, he joined Indian Institue of Technology, Bombay for a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and later, M.Tech in CAD and  automation. He knew that the only field where he can thrive to new heights is computer programming and technology. He completed his higher studies in Mumbai and further founded ANI Technologies in Bangalore, Karnataka. He also worked on freelance projects in college by developing websites to make money. He is known to keep a low profile image as he is hardly seen on any event or product launches.

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Ankit Bhati- Professional Life

Ankit started working for several freelance projects by 2009. He gave his contribution in several start ups like, Wilcom, Make sense, QED42, etc.

He was highly motivated to start his own company and giving up on his authoritative professional life. He further moved on with Ola Cabs journey in November, 2010.

He is a computer programmer and contributed to the Ground Transportation industry. He has 6,231 colleagues in 633 companies situated in 59 countries. Moreover, 1,722 executive movements have been recorded in the last year.

Ankit Bhati- Success Story

Ankit struggled in his old apartment near IIT Bombay, inspecting his intellect to code the Ola website. He vividly recall those days when he used to save money from his pocket to visit a cyber cafe. He used to spend his time in the chat rooms to discover the world of internet.

When he joined IIT Mumbai, he spent most of his time at the computer centre. The technology has changed a lot today and he thrives to deal with the challenges on daily basis. His 10 long years experience has encountered many technical glitches, though he manages to strive the team on. He eventually got to know the importance of data that helped him combat the technical glitches and driver partners for Ola.

Ankit Bhati- ANI Technologies

Ankit is the co-founder of ANI Technologies. He founded the company with his college senior Bhavish Agarwal in 2010. ANI Technologies Private Limited is an online transportation company. It offers cab booking, riding, and renting services. Ola Cabs is the portal of ANI Technoilogies and it serves customers worldwide.

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Ankit Bhati- Ola

Ola Logo

Ola was launched on 3 December, 2010 by Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati as the Founder and Co-founder of the ride-sharing company respectively. Initially, Ola was launched to offer holiday packages and weekened trips in The business merely changed to, what we today know as Ola Cabs.

Ankit was responsible to handle the technical facets of Ola Cabs to assure a swift, convenient and spontaneous experience for the customers and partners. Ola Cabs is one of the fastest growing start ups in India. The tech team of the company today holds over 1,000 people.

Ankit Bhati- Foodpanda Controversy

In 2017, Ola Cabs acquired food delivery start up Foodpanda to rival Uber Eats. Some serious conflicts arose among Bhavish and Ankit, when Ankit agreed to the contract of delivering food through Foodpanda via Ola Cabs. Bhavish had issues regarding the food delivery matter through Ola Cabs.

The problems arose when Bhavish restricted Ankit in Ola Electric. Ankit was only a small part of it through ANI Technologies. Ola Electric is Bhavish's project to build a network of electric charging stations across the country. Bhavish bought the 92.5 % of the Ola Electric. This is when Ankit decided to distance himself from the company.

According to the reports, it has been said that Ankit has not been coming to the office though he will continue to hold his stakes for the time being.

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