How Anshul Saxena Became Cyber Hero After Pulwama Attack

Lakshya Singh Lakshya Singh
Mar 6, 2020 3 min read
How Anshul Saxena Became Cyber Hero After Pulwama Attack

The whole of India was in shock after the ghastly attack on 40 CRPF personnel on 14 February 2019. Even though it's been more than a year since that unfortunate day, people are yet to fully recover from it, especially the families of the jawans martyred in the terrorist strike. How ironic it is that a day of love and romance is now going to be remembered for death and grief. Incidents such as this one naturally give rise to the desire for revenge, and the retaliatory Balakot air strikes was a much-needed response. While retaliation took the form of physical attack, retribution happened somewhere in India but in a different way: the internet. Yes, we are talking about a cyber-war and Anshul Saxena, an Indian, has waged the same against Pakistan. Anshul has become a dreaded figure for those who still support Pakistan despite about the gruesome act that the Islamic nation carried out. Check out Anshul Saxena's biography.

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Who is Anshul Saxena?

Anshul Saxena is a programmer and an ethical hacker. He's active on YouTube and other social media channels where he shares news and personal opinions. Anshul regularly tweets about politics, foreign affairs, and national security.

Anshul Saxena Biography
Anshul Saxena

Anshul tweeted about various Indian hacker groups that took down Pakistani websites. People began to assume Anshul himself was a part of these hacks but he never made any claims about the same. Here are some tweets from the Anshul Saxena's twitter handle:

Anshul Saxena Tweets

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What is Anshul Saxena doing?

Anshul is bringing justice to the fallen by drawing attention to those anti-Indians who are shamelessly celebrating the Pulwama terror attack on social media platforms. He finds them and files reports against those obnoxious individuals. With the help of India's cyber police, Anshul also identifies anti-nationalists. It is because of Anshul that such masked terrorists who use Facebook, Twitter, etc. to spread negative sentiments have lost their livelihood and now repent their actions.

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Anshul is the embodiment of patriotism. He went on to identify Indians who were uploading negative posts against the largest democracy in the world with respect to the Pulwama Attack. Some of these busts are:

Following the Pulwama attack, Anshul has amassed a following of more than 600,000 if all of his social media handles are considered together. In fact, Prime Minister Narendra Modi started following Anshul Saxena on Twitter for the latter's efforts.️

Anshul Saxena's Twitter Account
Anshul Saxena's Twitter Account

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There are probably thousands of Indians out there who are retaliating against Pakistan through cyber techniques. Whether the technique is a good or bad tactic doesn't matter here. Sharing Anshul's posts will spread awareness about the incident, and people shall hopefully realize that propagating negativity on social media does no good. Impressionable minds in the form of Indian kids and teenagers also use such platforms and may get the wrong message if this negativity isn't put to rest. Hence, Anshul deserves nationwide appreciation and recognition for his work.

Kudos to Anshul Saxena, the hero of the digital age!

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