How Anshul Saxena became a Cyber Hero after Pulwama Attack

The whole country is in shock after 14th February. A day, which is a sign of love, will now be considered as one of the saddest days in Indian history because of Pulwama attack. Everyone has their own ideas to take revenge. But in this well-connected world you can fight a war without going to border, in fact you can fight just sitting at home. Yes, we are talking about cyber war and a guy named Anshul saxena has started the same against Pakistan, becoming a nightmare for people who are supporting Pulwama attack in the country. ⚔️

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Who is Anshul Saxena? 👨

Anshul Saxena is a Programmer and ethical hacker. He uses YouTube and other social media channels to share news and his own opinions. Anshul regularly tweets about politics, foreign affairs, and national security.

Anshul Saxena

Anshul is a programmer but However, he posted news about Indian hackers hacked Pakistan’s websites and people thought he is a hacker but he never claimed to hack any website, anywhere.

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What Anshul Saxena is doing?

Anshul is trying to bring justice by punishing those people who are celebrating the sad incident on social media. He has been successful in finding them and filing tons of reports against those people. Later on, with the help of cyber police, Anshul began to attack the anti-nationalists. Everyone is getting arrested now or losing his job and updates about the same are being shared on his Facebook page. It is because of Anshul, many of such masked terrorists have lost their jobs and are in a pathetic condition today.

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Anshul is a very patriotic person. Therefore, he went on to find all those people who were posting anything against India on the Pulwama Attack. He then either filed an FIR against them or . Some of the best examples are:

After the incident, he has got a total following of more than 600K across all platforms. Infact, he is now followed by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.✌️


It is not easy for us to keep silence for the life which CRPF sacrificed and we must do everything to get them justice. Sharing Anshul's post will spread awareness about the incident and people will probably not post any negative thing on social media. Anshul deserves to get the attention of the whole nation.

Big Kudos to the hero of the Digital Age, Anshul Saxena!

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