Companies Providing Best Business Phone Services in India

Roshni Tamta Roshni Tamta
Jan 14, 2022 5 min read
Companies Providing Best Business Phone Services in India

Business telephone systems can be used by companies of all sizes to manage internal and external calls. Their capabilities are vastly different from those of domestic phone services. A strong business phone system should be able to manage several calls at the same time as well as transfer calls inside the company.

If you have an e-commerce website or a small-scale business site, integrating a formal business phone service could help your business expand. It can be used to improve client interactions by providing high-quality service and marketing over the call.

In this article, we'll look at what a business phone service is, its types and some of India's leading business phone services.

What is a Business Phone Service?
Types of Phone Services
Best Business Phone Services in India

  1. Exotel
  2. CallHippo
  3. RingCentral
  4. eVoice
  5. Nextiva


What is a Business Phone Service?

Business Phone Service
Business Phone Service

A business phone system is a multi-line mobile network designed to meet the specific communication demands of businesses. It can support enormous traffic and offers comprehensive call managerial functions. All incoming, outgoing, and local calls within a company are routed through a business phone system.

If your firm has a proper business phone line, it will appear more legitimate to customers and will aid in the company's growth. A solid business phone service allows for easy call length tracking, call forwarding, call holding, and caller Ids, among other features. The organization can use such resources, and also have the option to use them on landline phone systems, mobile phones, and even computers.

Types of Phone Services

KSU, PBX, and VoIP are the three most common forms of commercial telephone systems. There are hosted (cloud) and non-hosted (on-premises) versions of each of these programs. So this is how they are different from each other-

1. Key System Units

A phone system that uses the key system unit is by far the most fundamental (KSU). Because of the constraints on the number of phone lines, it can accommodate, this sort of system is really only useful for small firms with no more than 40 staff working as customer service staff. It's a simple system that works similarly to a home phone. It contains all of the necessary functions for a corporation, but it limits flexibility and versatility. It selects a phone line manually using a central switching device called the KSU.

2. Private Branch Exchange

One alternative to a corporate phone system is a private branch exchange (PBX). This technology is more sophisticated than the KSU and KSU-free methods. It makes use of programmable switching devices to allow for automated handling. Because it's entirely automated, this type of corporate telephone network is best for companies with more than 40 workers. Another key benefit of the PBX system is that it includes a continuous power supply, which allows a firm to operate without power for a longer length of time.

The online PBX is a variation of this service. The sole difference seems to be that the programmable switching device is now maintained by a telephone company rather than being put on-premises. The biggest benefit is that you'll save money on construction and repair while still getting all of the amazing tools that a traditional PBX system provides.

3. Voice Over Internet Protocol

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a recent and more widespread corporate invention (VoIP). This seems to be the most sophisticated method, enabling a prospective customer and a phone operator to interact even if they are in separate nations. It necessitates the usage of the internet as well as a desktop. It is, however, the most expensive system, with the price based on the number of workers who will utilise it. The key advantage of this system is that all of its operations may be accessed via a computer connected to your firm's internet connection.

The VoIP system, like the PBX, can be online. Because the network operator maintains the central telecommunications network, the hosted model delivers the very same benefits as the standard VoIP system, with less construction and repair for the organization employing it.

Best Business VoIP providers in 2022

Best Business Phone Services in India

There are a lot of different Business phone services that can be used by businesses of all scales and the following are some major business phone services in India -


Best Business Phone Services in India - Exotel
Best Business Phone Services in India - Exotel

Exotel advertises a stable and dependable business phone system. The technology is cloud-based, allowing the company to have a single corporate phone number from which to make calls and send SMSs. Exotel also provides selling tools, marketing materials, customer service tools, business analytics, and insights, as well as everything else businesses need to operate their operations successfully over phone calls and messaging. The starting price is β‚Ή5555 per 3 months.


Best Business Phone Services in India - CallHippo
Best Business Phone Services in India - CallHippo

CallHippo is popular amongst big giants like Byjus, TechMahindra and so many others. It claims to provide smoother support services with tools like call routing, live call monitoring and more. It implies that its services like PowerDialer and click-to-dial messaging will boost the productivity and the efficiency of the business, thus helping it grow and achieve its goals. The starting price for CallHippo is β‚Ή1440 User/Month.


Best Business Phone Services in India - RingCentral
Best Business Phone Services in India - RingCentral

RingCentral claims to offer the best communication solutions and empower small businesses and their employees with better communications, calls, messaging, online collaborations and so much more. The starting price is β‚Ή1439.28 User/Month.


Best Business Phone Services in India - eVoice
Best Business Phone Services in India - eVoice

eVoice digital voice logging has been aimed at assisting smaller companies in managing inquiries more successfully, projecting a professional appearance, and allowing their customers to operate from just about anywhere. The starting price for eVoice is β‚Ή935.28 User/Month.


Best Business Phone Services in India - nextiva
Best Business Phone Services in India - nextiva

Nextiva is a linked telecommunications firm that assists companies in expanding more quickly. It claims that its commercial VoIP phone service, online communication, messaging services, and CRM software enable individuals to operate more efficiently. The starting price of Nextiva is β‚Ή1436.4 per month.


If a business utilizes a business phone service, it will benefit regardless of how big or small it is. The use of a business phone service leads to more efficient communication and collaboration. It makes the organization appear genuine and professional to everyday customers, and it aids in business growth. Before choosing a business phone service, it is usually a good idea to learn about it and comprehend it. It's critical to pick the ideal one for your company.


Is VoIP available in India?

It is now permitted in India to use VoIP, according to new rules.

Is Nextiva better than RingCentral?

Both Nextiva and RingCentral offer good service, but Nextiva is often favoured since it is more adaptable to individual needs.

Is it cheaper to have a business phone?

As VoIP business phone services utilize the current internet connection instead of requiring any additional system or equipment, it is less expensive than on-premise landlines.

What are the best business phone services in India?

Best business phone services in India are:

  • Exotel
  • CallHippo
  • RingCentral
  • eVoice
  • Nextiva

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