10 Best Visitor Identification Software and Tools - 2022

10 Best Visitor Identification Software and Tools - 2022
Best Visitor Identification Software and Tools

With the growth of online marketplace and businesses, the rise of websites and other related software and tools have increased multifold. Many new tools are being innovated and the existing tools are getting enhanced every day. These tools are developed to improve and simplify people’s day-to-day requirements.

When you run a website or an online marketplace, its main objective is to get more visitors. The visitor count can be monitored easily but identifying the visitors requires the help of some software. Knowing the visitor's activity when they land on your site and gaining a qualitative lead on them would be of great use.

The visitor identification tools are the one that helps us track visitors and gather user data for further business follow-ups. These B2B tools get you the user name, website URLs, email IDs, etc. It doesn't mean that these tools violate privacy laws. The information is gathered after the user accepts cookies and privacy policies.

A tool to gather, organize and provide such useful visitor information is needed for any business on an online medium. This article speaks about some of the best visitor identification software and tools available in the market.

10 Best Visitor Identification Tools

  1. Leadfeeder
  2. Visitor Queue
  3. Lead Forensics
  4. Crazyegg
  5. Mixpanel
  6. Google Analytics
  7. Kissmetrics
  8. FullStory
  9. Leady
  10. VWO
Website Visitor Identification Software

10 Best Visitor Identification Tools

The following are the best visitor identification tools and software that you should know about in 2022:


Leadfeeder - Best Visitor Identification Tools
Leadfeeder - Best Visitor Identification Tools

Leadfeeder helps you gain user and company information on people visiting your site. It provides you with the user’s onsite activity and other necessary leads that help you for further business follow-ups. Leaderfeeder compares the user’s IP address and your database to arrive at an authentic identity. This Company is based in Helsinki and functions in over 20 countries. This company claims to have more than 60,000 active user accounts around the world.

Leadfeeder Pricing

Leadfeeder has a free plan and several paid plans. The free plan comes with a basic version that allows you to get leads for the last seven days with a maximum of hundred leads. Whereas, the paid plan offers unlimited lead data with no restrictions. The pricing of this plan increases with the increase in the number of leads. This plan starts at €79 per month with a free trial in the beginning.

Visitor Queue

Visitor Queue - Best Visitor Identification Tools
Visitor Queue - Best Visitor Identification Tools

Visitor Queue tracks the details of customers visiting your site. This tool automatically stores the name, nature of business, and contact information of your visitors. This helps your marketing team to target the right customer instead of a random approach. This saves money and time for your business. Visitor Queue says that 98% of the visitors vanish without further leads and it helps you secure those lost ones.

Visitor Queue Pricing

Visitor Queue offers a 14-day free trial followed by five different pricing plans. The following is the list of monthly plans for Visitor Queue. Each of the plans, when purchased annually, saves you 20%.

  • 100 companies - $49/month
  • 300 companies - $99/month
  • 500 companies - $119/month
  • 1000 companies - $209/month
  • 2000 companies - $309/month

Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics - Best Visitor Identification Tools
Lead Forensics - Best Visitor Identification Tools

Lead Forensics turns anonymous visitors into a business opportunity. This company provides insights on customer management and helps close the deal faster. Lead Forensics claims to have the largest business database in the world. It automatically launches marketing campaigns by tracking the time-lapse of a visitor on your website. Customized communication can be created for dealing with your customer using Lead Forensics.

Lead Forensics Pricing

Lead Forensics has two plans led by a free trial. The company says that its 1st plan, named Essentials, is suitable for small and midsize businesses whereas the 2nd, named Automate, fits best for enterprise-level businesses. Lead Forensics provides quick expert assistance for queries related to payment and other services.

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Crazyegg - Best Visitor Identification Tools
Crazyegg - Best Visitor Identification Tools

Crazyegg is one of the popular visitor identification tools. It carries various new options and services on its platform that provides better services to its users. Crazyegg offers facilities like heatmaps, recordings, A/B Testing, website traffic analysis, surveys, etc. Heatmaps provide visual reports of visitors’ activity whereas the website recording gives you a better understanding of the way people browse. Each of its tools carries some specialization that could enrich your business.

Crazyegg Pricing

Crazyegg offers a huge free trial for 30 days that can be cancelled anytime. The company offers only annual plans that are charged every month. It has five plans in a varied price range and the most popular one is its ‘Plus Plan’.

  • Basic - $29/month
  • Standard - $49/month
  • Plus - $99/month
  • Pro - $249/month
  • Enterprise - Customizable


Mixpanel - Best Visitor Identification Tools
Mixpanel - Best Visitor Identification Tools

Mixpanel is an analytics platform that gathers data from users and your server to analyze and arrive at a better result for your business needs. It provides you with detailed research on the user behavior, their activity and their requirements so that you can utilize and improve the marketing campaign accordingly. Mixpanel is said to have seven global offices with over 6000 paying customers. Some of its popular clients include Uber, BuzzFeed, Yelp, Expedia, etc,

Mixpanel Pricing

Mixpanel has a free plan that comes with some restrictions and limitations. It permits 100K user tracking monthly. But the Growth Plan and Enterprise Plan come with many benefits that can help a business in optimal utilization of the platform. Here are the three pricing plans of Mixpanel.

  • Free - Free
  • Growth - $25/month
  • Enterprise - Customizable

Google Analytics

Google Analytics - Best Visitor Identification Tools
Google Analytics - Best Visitor Identification Tools

Analytics is an online platform launched by Google in 2005. It provides a clear overview of customers’ activity across devices on your site. Analytics also provides data on time spent by the visitors to your site, bounce rate, geographical differentiation, the time of view, and so forth. It presents these data in simple but effective charts and graphs for an easy understanding.

Google Analytics Pricing

Google Analytics is a free platform that offers fantastic services to people without charging any cost. This free standard plan is one of the best and serves support and is helpful to small and midsize businesses. However if one wants the services of Google 360, then it would cost $1,50,000/year or $12,500/month.

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Kissmetrics - Best Visitor Identification Tools
Kissmetrics - Best Visitor Identification Tools

Kissmetrics is being branded as a person-based analytics platform that can identify and understand your criteria for business. Kissmetrics not only tracks the customers after landing on your page but it can also look for their previous activity before signing up. This gives a complete structure of your customer’s preferences and requirements. Kissmetrics also allows you to track your site in real-time.

Kissmetrics Pricing

Kissmetrics offers a free demo for its customers before purchasing its plan. It has three different pricing plans for its customers. The Custom Plan under the Platinum category is a one-time payment and you’ll get access to the platform for a lifetime.

  • Silver - $299/month
  • Gold - $499/month
  • Platinum - Customizable


Kissmetrics - Best Visitor Identification Tools
Kissmetrics - Best Visitor Identification Tools

FullStory incorporates Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) technique to gather user data with utmost privacy. The company claims to perform deep analysis of the available data at a faster speed and arrive at a better output at the same time. All the collected user data is masked and privacy is ensured at every stage of its business operation. FullStory was founded in 2014 and is based in Georgia. Some popular investors like Google Ventures, Glynn Capital, Salesforce Ventures and Dell Technologies have invested in FullStory.

FullStory Pricing

FullStory comes with a free trial of 14 days. It is followed by two priced plans namely, Enterprise Plan and Business Plan. A demo is available for these plans that can be made use of before choosing to pay. FullStory also offers a Free Plan that just requires mere signup from users. However, this plan comes with a few restrictions.


Leady - Best Visitor Identification Tools
Leady - Best Visitor Identification Tools

Leady is another visitor identification platform that helps businesses in lead generation and customer intelligence. This tool can easily integrate with various other tools and CRM for seamless management. Leady offers a complete profile of the visitor along with their onsite activities and behavior. This in turn helps to convert those leads into sales. Huawei, Samsung, Orange, Canon and Foxconn are some of Leady's customers.

Leady Pricing

Leady comes with four pricing plans. It can also be used for free which is limited to only certain features. There is a 14-day free trial available before choosing a plan. Depending on the price of the plan, the number of visitor tracking and certain other features vary.

  • S - $39/month
  • M - $69/month
  • L - $149/month
  • XL - Customizable


VWO - Best Visitor Identification Tools
VWO - Best Visitor Identification Tools

VWO is an Indian SaaS company that has expanded its services around the world. One can test their site on this platform and know its demand and worthiness. The customers' wants and requirements can be known here. VWO also assists you in customer tracking and helps you retain and get back your old customers. VWO is the subsidiary of the Delhi-based technology company Wingify.

VWO Pricing

VWO offers different plans for each of its services individually and also provides a combined plan. There is a free demo and a free trial available for 14 days. VWO’s pricing varies depending on the plan chosen and our requirements. Here is the list of all its plans:

  • VWO Testing
  • VWO Fullstack
  • VWO Insights
  • VWO Personalize
  • VWO Deploy
  • VWO Services
  • Testing + Insights + Deploy


The above are some of the best visitor identification software available in the market. Gaining traffic for the website involves great effort and hard work. So, never let that effort go in vain by wasting the website's traffic. Utilize them in the best possible ways through these amazing tools and monetize every inch of your efforts.


What is visitor identification software?

Visitor Identification software provides unique identification information from website visitors so that they can be converted into leads.

What are the best Visitor Identification Tools?

Some of the best Visitor Identification Tools are:

  • Leadfeeder
  • Visitor Queue
  • Lead Forensics
  • Crazyegg
  • Mixpanel
  • Google Analytics
  • Kissmetrics
  • FullStory
  • Leady
  • VWO

Can we capture emails from visitor identification tools?

Yes, visitor identification tools can capture the email ids of website visitors.

Do visitor identification tools violate privacy laws?

Visitor identification tools capture the user name, website URLs, email IDs, etc. These tools do not violate privacy laws as the information is gathered after the user accepts cookies and privacy policies.

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