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Marketing and sales are the lifelines of any business. Managing and converting leads through appropriate campaigns and communications is equally important for a startup, an SME or an established large scale business.  Various sales and marketing automation tools are coming up for simplifying the process of lead management, lead conversion, customer management and various sales and marketing related tasks.  However, it is seen that a business has to use various software for managing all these tasks. Corefactors, a Bangalore based startup is making sales and marketing easier through Teleduce- which provides a seamless experience from Lead generation to lead conversion to customer retention to customer support.

Startup Name Corefactors Software
Headquarter Bangalore
Founders Sharmila Sundaram & Vimal M
Sector Sales and Marketing Software
Founded 2013
Parent Organization Adnaks Marketing Solution Pvt. Ltd.

About Corefactors
Sales and Marketing Software Industry
Founders of Corefactors and Team
How was Corefactors Started
What is Corefactors
Corefactors - Revenue Model
Corefactors - User Acquisition
Corefactors - Funding and Investors
Corefactors - Startup Challenges
Corefactors - Competitors
Corefactors - Growth
Corefactors - Awards
Corefactors - Future Plans

About Corefactors

Corefactors is a leading campaign management, business communication and analytics company. It's platform offers Mobile Marketing, Lead Management, Business Communication and Communication analytics features. Corefactors was founded in 2013, with the mission to design user-friendly and efficient marketing, sales and communication solutions that helps small and medium businesses to generate the best possible revenue faster. This Bangalore based startup envisions to become India’s no 1 ISM (Integrated Sales and Marketing software) by on-boarding 5000 businesses by 2022 and to become available across the world serving 50000 businesses by 2030.

Sales and Marketing Software Industry

As per Gartners and Datanyze report 2018, SaaS CRM market in India is valued at $462 million. While the global market for SaaS CRM is $42.1 billion. Again for marketing platforms, the market size is $500 million in India and $7.63 billion globally.

Saas Market Indian and the World

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Founders of Corefactors and Team

Sharmila Sundaram and Vimal M are the founders of Corefactors.  

Sharmila Sundaram is a computer science graduate. She does customer acquisition and handles large key accounts in Corefactors.

Vimal M joined  Sharmila in 2013 through a mutual friend. He is an Engineering graduate and an MBA. In Corefactors Vimal is responsible for managing business development, customer support and finance functions.

Karthikeyan, Jithin and Nagarjunan are key technical guys who built the product from scratch with the help of Senthil Basuva Raj and Siva Subramanian.

Corefactors has a team of  25 members.

Corefactors work culture is centered on ownership, decision making and responsibility. Team members are given opportunities to take responsibility and make decisions. Besides, there is no defined leave policies in the company, which gives a sense of freedom to the employees and help them achieve work-life balance.

How was Corefactors Started

The idea of designing Teleduce came to the Corefactors team, while Corefactors was operating as a marketing software reselling company. They noticed that many businesses faced problem in using the marketing software, which inspired the Corefactors team to design something which could help the businesses to generate more revenue faster.

Way back in 2013, we were reselling marketing software products. We were working with more around 50 customers in 8 months. During the journey, we found many businesses were struggling to use the product and were still not able to generate revenue. We got the spark in 2014 and started building the product Teleduce with the help of the customers whom we worked with. The name of the product- Teleduce was coined by one of our friend Mr Hari.

Corefactors was working with educational institutions, real estate, spa and saloon and health care industries. Corefactors was working with Finance, Educational institutions, Real estate, spa and salon, Health care and more. Many customers supported Corefactors team in designing Teleduce by sharing their business problems, how they work and provided feedback on the product periodically.

Corefactors Logo

What is Corefactors

Corefactors offers Integrated marketing, sales and business communication services. The product offered by Corefactors is Teleduce- a cross-functional sales and marketing software with integrated communication and CRM automation capabilities.

Teleduce integrates the functionality of a CRM with a lead, cloud telephony and campaign manager. It offers a unified digital dashboard for lead tracking, multi-channel communication, sales automation, marketing automation, and marketing analytics.

Some features of Teleduce are-

  • List Manager - to sort and categorize contacts for efficient follow-up.
  • Content manager to Design email & landing pages using intuitive drag and drop designer. Store images, documents, audio, video, email templates, SMS text, etc and use across platform.
  • Multi-channel marketing allows marketers to market products through SMS, Voice Calls, Emails, Missed calls, Landing Pages and Social media.
  • Telecalling campaigns- helps in running and tracing telecalling campaigns.
  • Lead Box – to manage, score and convert leads
  • Inbuilt cloud phone for all  inbound and outbound communication
  • Unified Dashboard for Marketing Campaigns, Business communication and Lead Management
  • Analytics platform to monitor, track, and analyze sales data, ROI, etc.
  • Customer success Manager- It helps to increase the attrition and reduce the retention rate.
Teleduce - Integrated sales and marketing software.
Teleduce works for any company offering all products and services. Send Emails, SMS messages, Voice Calls, Social Media Campaigns and more online. Get the most out of your resources and manage leads across multiple channels. Our USP is one platform, integrated, data-centric, flexible and eventually generate results.

Corefactors - Revenue Model

Corefactors’ product, Teleduce is priced per user per month. The company  has 3 different packages as per the business needs.

  • Seed Plan- Rs 700/user/month
  • Sapling Plan- Rs 1200/user/month
  • Tree Plan- Rs 2500/user/month

Corefactors - User Acquisition

Corefactors has not spent much on paid marketing. From 2013 to 2015, the only paid marketing channel that Corefactors used was Justdial. Thus the company acquired its first 100 customers only through referrals and JustDial.

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Corefactors - Funding and Investors

Corefactors has raised 2 rounds of seed funding till date.

Funding Date Funding Stage Funding Amount Investors
2016 Seed Undisclosed FHS
February 19,2018 Seed Undisclosed Ah!Ventures

Corefactors - Startup Challenges

As said by Sharmila, scalability of the product was a key challenge that Corefactors initially faced. In marketing space, mass reachability & personalization is a primary need and product should support that. Corefactors initially had glitches in handling large campaigns

We learned on the go, leveraged cloud solutions like AWS and Azure, built scalable solutions. Today we handle billion reach every day.

Corefactors - Competitors

Some of the main competitors of Corefactors are Zoho, Leadsquared, Insightly, Sugar CRM, Pipedrive, Rsoft, Kayako, Archiz, HappyFox and Desk.

One platform, integrated, data-centric, user experience and transparency are some of the USPs of Corefactors that differentiate it from the competitors.

Corefactors team believes that benchmarking itself against its competitors and sometimes also with itself keeps them motivated to do better.

We benchmark ourselves on different parameters with different competitors and also we benchmark ourselves over time. We took benchmarking seriously and become better every day.

Corefactors - Growth

Corefactors started earning profit since 2015, i.e 2 years from its inception. Currently the company is witnessing a steady growth. Some of the achievements of the company are-

  • Steady growth of 25%  YoY.
  • Currently, Corefactors is serving 450+ customers and around 2000 users.
  • Product usability score of Corefactors’ Teleduce is  72.
  • The company is working with reputed FMCG stalwarts like Pidilite, IFB, Godrej, banking businesses which includes, Ujjivan bank, Fincare bank, finance businesses like Finzy, Loanyantra, RupeeCircle, Omlp2p, real estate companies like Godrej, Brigade Group and Health care companies like Vmedo, Pristine hospital, Manipal Hospital and more.

Corefactors - Awards

Corefactors efforts towards simplifying the process of sales and marketing have been recognized by various organizations. Corefcators has received the following awards-

  • CIO 20 Most Promising Marketing Technology Companies 2016
  • KPMG Hot 100 race to grace Award 2017
  • Software suggest awarded Teleduce as best marketing and communication product 2018

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Corefactors - Future Plans

In the year 2019-20, Corefactors has plans to expand in Tier I cities in India and serve international markets like USA and the Middle-east countries.

Serving customers with empathy is our key strategy. We support them for their success. We strongly believe that, if our customers are successful, we will succeed.
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