3 Ways Justdial Helps You Grow Your Business Online

PV Vyshnavi PV Vyshnavi
Apr 2, 2021 7 min read
3 Ways Justdial Helps You Grow Your Business Online

Buyers usually search for vendors in popular business directories, which is why many small local business take the help of online directory service platform like Justdial to be able to sell B2B products add get a free listing and grow their business online. This is helps the small businesses to sell directly to customers as these services offer mobile apps and attract huge traffic. While it is also free to list your business on Justdial.

The Mumbai based company runs an India specific local business listing platform Justdial and has expanded the scope of its B2C transaction based services by adding product e- commerce market place. Founded by V.S.S Mani in 1994, Just Dial is a local search firm that provides both B2C and B2B listings of small and medium businesses across the country.

It also provides services across multiple platforms, including the internet, phone, wireless and print. It counts Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global and SAIF Partners as its investors. Just Dial becomes first large Indian listed firm with presence in product e-commerce business. Another small public listed firm is Intrasoft Technologies, which runs 123stores.

Just Dial Search Plus
Other Ways Just Dial Can Help Your Business Grow
Justdial Omni
Services Offered By Justdial Omni
Another Set of Activities Justdial Omni
Justdial Cash

Just Dial Search Plus

The firm had started what it called the Search Plus or transaction services where it allowed people to order food online from local restaurants and even book a doctor’s appointment and flight tickets and much more. With product e- commerce it is now entering a much wider market which can add to its revenue stream.

The company has added a shop online feature on the homepage where it lists products across several categories like mobile appliances, electronics besides a host of others including those that are put out by big e-commerce marketplace such as tiles, sanitary ware, bicycle, paints, etc. Since it is a market place it connect consumers to third party vendors and only acts as a platform linking the buyer and the seller while simultaneously facilitating transaction.

How Justdial helps local businesses through Justdial Search Plus
How Justdial helps local businesses through Justdial Search Plus

In the process it comes across as another hyper local e-commerce platform which links local shops to consumers online. This makes a sense for Justdial as it extends the offering by allowing those local sellers already listed on its platform to sell products.

However the consumer would absorb the Justdial offering given there are specialized e-commerce ventures that are doing a similar job with better UI/UX is something that would get to know as Justdial shares user statistics. Justdial also offers same day delivery for some products since Just Dial primarily leverages local sellers, it can actually cut down on delivery timelines.

The site claims some products like grocery and medicine ordered through its platform will be delivered in an hour while for some others like electronics, Just Dial says it offers a β€˜7-hour express delivery’ for orders placed before 2 PM and the offer comes with Just Dial's written guarantee along with manufacturer's warranty & original invoice. Orders post 2 PM will be delivered in the next 24 hours.

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Other Ways Just Dial Can Help Your Business Grow

In the day age, where innovation is considered to be an important asset for online business in order to beat competition and stay ahead in the market, the most well-known online classified player in India is going back to the basics to increase the growth of your business online.

Justdial has implemented plans to reinvent its newer offerings such as inventory management platform for sellers Justdial Omni its payment wallet Justdial Cash and Monetization of its advanced meta search cum marketplace offering Search Plus. The public company is looking to put all its energies behind reviving its core which is the search business and its listings model.

Justdial Omni

Justdial Omni is a premium service which is offered by Just Dial group as a business outsourcing tool. This online directory services platform was launched by Justdial Omni in 2016 in order to help small business manage their online and offline sales. It give you the option to outsource multiple task to JD and focus what is absolutely necessary for running of your business. You can sell multiple channels from one platform with the help of Justdial.

The services offered by Justdial Omni
The Services Offered by Justdial Omni

Services Offered By Justdial Omni

  • Website – expand your market base by selling products on your very own website. Β 
  • App – reach out to your tech savvy customers through a personalized Android app.
  • Justdial – sell your products on Justdial, anything, anytime, anywhere
  • In store billing – Justdial Omni delivers the most adaptable and advanced billing systems providing end to end customer service operations.
  • Other Marketplaces – make shopping easier for your customers by collaborating with e-commerce giants in the near future.
The activities that Justdial Omni provides

Another Set of Activities Justdial Omni

These are Optional premium services you can choose according to the need.

  • Centralized Inventory management
  • Advanced reports and analytics
  • Easy and quick bailing systems
  • Campaign and discount offers
  • Customers and suppliers records
  • Inquiries and lead management
  • Calendar and appointment scheduling
  • Website and mobile apps.

The Justdial Omni will be plug and play as it is cloud based solution which can be accessed over cell phone via a dashboard V.S.S Mani explains in the analyst call. The product will allow small businesses to manage their inventory, billing and third party logistics. The product will also allow businesses to integrate bar code and QR code systems. As enablers, we always think for our vendors and they would probably lose their market share to online players.

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Justdial Cash

Just Dial has also come up with another way of helping businesses online with the help of Justdial Cash, which is a payments platform integration for its Search Plus suite of services. Just dial has also tied up with another existing mobile wallet service provider instead of applying for a prepaid payment instruments (PPI) license itself.

Justdial needs a wallet to operate Justdial Cash because it is a marketplace and not an eCommerce player that owns the inventory or services that customers were buying on its site. It is effectively operating a closed wallet which does not need a license. This helps customers and small local businesses online as, when customers buy from merchants and service provide via Justdial, it needs a semi closed prepaid payment instrument or a semi closed wallet.

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What is Justdial?

Just Dial Limited is a company that provides local search for different services in India over the phone, website and mobile apps.

What does Justdial do?

It provides local search-related services to users across India through multiple platforms such as website, mobile website, Apps (Android, iOS, Windows), over the telephone and text (SMS).

How to add your business in just dial?

How to add business in just dial:-

  1. You can either list add business to Justdial for free, or get a paid listing.
  2. For a free listing, just go to www.justdial.com/Free-Listing and provide all the necessary details of your business.
  3. For a paid listing, visit www.justdial.com/advertise and fill in the details and choose from the different packages provided by them.

What is Justdial revenue model?

Justdial works on collecting data and providing information to users through Phone, SMS, and the Internet. The company's revenue model is of Premium subscription or listing of classified ads, Analytical reports, and Data selling to buyers. Initially, it used to work as a telephone directory-based model.

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