Best Business Development Tools For More Profit

The life of an entrepreneur is loaded with numerous tensions and most frequent tension is business development on a constant basis. Running a business is an ongoing process and need various business development tools, you can’t take rest for one minute and apart from doing regular functions to run the business, a person has to take initiative actions to develop the business regularly.

Therefore business means too much work and you can do only a few things on your own. So, what to do? You must be thinking that right. Well, take the help of technology to free yourself from the tremendous workload.

There are plenty of applications and other business development tools are designed by the tech experts to provide entrepreneurs with some strength. The business development apps are precisely designed to provide the boost to the business and handle some important business features for you.

The app market is very hot and a truckload of apps are available to choose from. Selecting the best app for your business from the wide range is a very hard task, it’s like finding a needle in the husk pile. So, to solve this problem of young entrepreneurs we have formulated the list of must-have apps & tools for business development. Well, let’s don’t waste time and get the following apps for boosting your business.

List of Business Development Tools

1. RocketBolt  

Headquarters: San Francisco
Company Founded: 2013
Specialties: Lead Activation, Conversion Optimization, Engagement, SaaS, B2B, Email Productivity, Lead Tracking

RocketBolt-Business Development Tools
RocketBolt-Business Development Tools

RocketBolt is the trendy app to manage all your emails and make them easy to read. The only email tracking plugin, which is actually fun to use. RocketBolt can be easily added to any website in less than 5 minutes, and quickly drive more sales and more social media engagement without any additional management or maintenance. Great UX/UI, neat features, super easy to use. Eminent tools for business development.

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Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts
Company Founded: 2010
Specialties: Connectivity, mobility, screen-sharing, collaboration, networking, meetings, saas, technology development tool is a cloud-based application that allows people, businesses, and organizations to meet online for various purposes in an instant. A unique app for the people who want to give a demo to the other person remotely. The app takes the screenshot of the task and you can share with the remote person to make them understand the task.

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3. Twitter

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Company Founded: 2006
Specialties: Real-time information

Twitter serves the public conversation. Twitter is a 'microblogging' system that allows you to send and receive short posts called tweets. Twitter gives the opportunity to help the world connect, debate, learn, and solve problems is what draws us to careers at Twitter, and it’s what keeps us here.

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4. LinkedIn  

Headquarters: Sunnyvale, CA
Company Founded: 2003
Specialties: Online Professional Network, Jobs, People Search, Company Search, Address Book, Advertising, Professional Identity, Group Collaboration

Linkedin-business development tool
Linkedin-business development tool

LinkedIn is yet another social media platform to get networking done and individual business owners can create their business profile on it get more attention from the worldwide. LinkedIn connects the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network.

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5. Slack  

Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Company Founded: 2009
Specialties: Connectivity, mobility, work together

slack- business development software
slack- business development tool

Slack is the place where people can effectively work together, find important information, and access hundreds of thousands of critical applications and services to do their best work. This app is best for you if your team works remotely and you want to constantly stay in touch with them. This is very easy and simple communication app to contact your whole team together remotely.

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6. Trello

Headquarters: New York
Company Founded: 2011
Specialties: Software, organization, collaboration, projects

Trello-business development software
Trello-business development tool

Trello is a task management app that gives you a visual overview of what is being worked on and who is working on it. This creates a system that allows for individuals or teams to track a project and collaborate or contribute where they can be most useful or where it is most needed.

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7. Google Drive  

Launched: 2012
Specialties: Online Storage, file sharing

google drive - business development tool

Google Drive is a free cloud-based storage service that enables users to store and access files online. It allows you share the documents with your whole team together and prevent yourself from the hassle of sending email separately. The Google drive provides the 15 GB free space to backup your important files. The Google drive is very best cloud storage app.

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8. Prezi

Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Company Founded: 2009
Specialties: Presentation Software, Cloud-based software

Prezi - business development tool
Prezi - business development tool

Prezi is the cloud-based presentation platform that helps you connect more powerfully with your audience. Prezi’s open canvas allows you to navigate through topics freely, encouraging interaction and collaboration between you and your viewers. The result is conversational presentations that are more natural, more engaging, and more memorable.

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9. Newsle  

Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Company Founded: 2013
Specialties: Real news

newsle - business development tool
newsle - business development tool

Newsle is a web application that allows users to follow real news about their Facebook friends, LinkedIn contacts, and public figures. The app which will keep you one step ahead and provide the short description on the trending news. The app is very simple and saves lots of time, and provide you with the latest information.

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10. SyncUp  

Headquarters: Austria
Company Founded: 2013
Specialties: Secure collaborative space

Syncup-business development tool
Syncup-business development tool

SyncUp is a new productivity tool for outbound business professionals that simplifies collaboration with potential and existing clients. SyncUp allows you to invite one or more people by email to join a secure collaborative space which is just one click away. There are no passwords to remember or codes to enter.

11. Fileboard

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Company Founded: 2011
Specialties: Online meetings, Sales presentations, Screen sharing, Track analytics on sales presentations

fileboard - business development tool
fileboard-business development tool

Whenever you send any business mail and wait for the action on the email which can turn the game sometimes. But this amazing app provides us with all the action on the email. Likewise, when an email reached when the email got to read and the data on each slide, will be given to you by this amazing app.

Fileboard is Now 20 Miles!

12. Google alerts  

Launched: 2003
Specialties: Search related to a keyword

google alerts - business development tool
google alerts - business development tool

Google will start sending email alerts whenever it finds updates matching our keyword on the web. Google Alerts sends emails to the user when it finds new results—such as web pages, newspaper articles, blogs, or scientific research—that match the user's search term. The app is used to stay connected with the world and always follow the trend.

13. Boomerang

Headquarters: Mountain View, CA
Company Founded: 2010
Specialties: Email Productivity, Productivity Tools, Email Management

Boomerang - business development tool
Boomerang - business development tool

Boomerang is the leader in thoughtful email productivity software that empowers people to focus on what matters on the world’s top email platforms. Boomerang enables millions of Gmail and Outlook users around the globe to schedule & prioritize their inbox and be more productive.

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14. Soudgecko  

Headquarters: Melbourne
Specialties: Text to audio conversion

SoundGecko-business development tool
SoundGecko-business development tool

SoundGecko for Chrome is an extension acts as a text-to-audio translator that turns any webpage into a playable audio file so you can "listen" to that webpage whenever you'd like.

15. LeadResearcher Pro

LeadReasercher Pro - Business development tool

LeadResearcher Pro is an automated lead researcher software that enables you to find business contact information of sales prospects in seconds. LeadResearcher Pro does advanced Internet searches and helps you to get the business email address of the contacts in a few seconds. LeadResearcher Pro also enables you to quickly find company contact information.

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16. Rapportive

Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Company Founded: 2010
Specialties: Information about contacts

rapportive - business development tool
rapportive - business development tool

Rapportive is handy for Gmail users because it shows you extra information about your contacts if you are using Gmail. When you open up your Gmail account, you can click on a contact and that person’s LinkedIn profile will appear on the right.

17. Adobe Photoshop

Headquarters: San Jose, California
Company Founded: 1990
Specialties: Graphic Editing Software

Adobe Photoshop - Business development tool
Adobe Photoshop - Business development tool

This cool app to add numerous elements to your image and show your creative side with the amazing tools offered by the Adobe. This is a must-have app for the web developers.

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18. eMail Prospector

eMail-Prospector Pro is a Email Finder Tool built for sales, marketing and lead gen teams. It helps you to find anyone's business email address and phone number by using just First and Last names and Company (or) Domain name.

19. Notebook  

A dynamic tool to type the letters and inspiring thoughts of your mind any time with this typing app.


So our dear entrepreneurs the list of the business-related apps and tools is very long, but we have to stop our train here. My sole advice for the business owners to select the app after accessing their business needs and invest only after reading the full review of it. So, select the best application for your business development tool requirement to boost your business tremendously.

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