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The life of an entrepreneur is loaded with numerous tensions and most frequent tension is business development on a constant basis. Running a business is an ongoing process and need various business development tools, you can’t take rest for one minute and apart from doing regular functions to run the business, a person has to take initiative actions to develop the business regularly. Therefore business means too much work and you can do only a few things on your own. So, what to do? You must be thinking that right. Well, take the help of technology to free yourself from the tremendous workload.

There are plenty of applications and other business development tools are designed by the tech experts to provide entrepreneurs with some strength. The business apps are precisely designed to provide the boost to the business and handle some important business features for you. The app market is very hot and a truckload of apps are available to choose from. Selecting the best app for your business from the wide range is a very hard task, it’s like finding a needle in the husk pile. So, to solve this problem of young entrepreneurs we have formulated the list of must-have apps & tools to develop the business. Well, let’s don’t waste time and get the following apps for boosting your business.

List of Business Development Tools

1. RocketBolt – The trendy app to manage all your emails and make them easy to read. The only email tracking plugin I’ve seen that’s actually fun to use. Great UX/UI, neat features, super easy to use. Eminent tool for business development.

2. – A unique app for the people who want to give a demo to the other person remotely. The app takes the screenshot of the task and you can share with the remote person to make them understand the task.

3. Twitter – The Twitter is not only for fun, it can be turn out as a great tool for the business networking and the range of the Twitter is vast, so one can easily boost the business by using it.

4. LinkedIn – Yet another social media platform to get networking done and individual business owners can create their business profile on it get more attention from the worldwide.

5. Slack – This app is best for you if your team works remotely and you want to constantly stay in touch with them. This is very easy and simple communication app to contact your whole team together remotely.

6. Trello – It is a project app that will assist you in creating something amazing and impress your client. The Trello is an app for the technical services provider and very productive to use.

7. Google Drive – The very cool app to share the documents with your whole team together and prevent yourself from the hassle of sending email separately. The Google drive provides the 15 GB free space to backup your important files. The Google drive is very best cloud storage app.

8. Prezi – The app to create modern age presentations.

9. Newsle – The app which will keep you one step ahead and provide the short description on the trending news. The app is very simple and saves lots of time, and provide you with the latest information.

10. SyncUp – SyncUp is a new productivity tool for outbound business professionals that simplifies collaboration with potential and existing clients. SyncUp allows you to invite one or more people by email to join a secure collaborative space which is just one click away. There are no passwords to remember or codes to enter.

11. Fileboard – Whenever you send any business mail and wait for the action on the email which can turn the game sometimes. But this amazing app provides us with all the action on the email. Likewise, when an email reached when the email got to read and the data on each slide, will be given to you by this amazing app.

12. Google alerts – The app to stay connected with the world and always follow the trend.

13. Boomerang – The another super cool email sorting app.

14. Soudgecko – The app that converts the written article into the audio and one can listen to their favorite article while working in the office.

15. LeadResearcher Pro – Instantly finds missing contact information of B2B leads and gives you job change alerts.

16. eMail Prospector –  Get any Prospect’s email addresses and Phone Number.

17. Notebook – A dynamic tool to type the letters and inspiring thoughts of your mind any time with this typing app.

18. Rapportive – Another incredible tool that provides insights into the prospect to improve engagement rates.

19. Adobe Photoshop – This cool app to add numerous elements to your image and show your creative side with the amazing tools offered by the Adobe. This is a must-have app for the web developers.

So our dear entrepreneurs the list of the business-related apps and tools is very long, but we have to stop our train here. My sole advice for the business owners to select the app after accessing their business needs and invest only after reading the full review of it. So, select the best application for your business development tool requirement to boost your business tremendously.

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