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Ayurveda means ‘Knowledge of Life’. It has its roots in ‘Vedas’ the holy texts originated in ancient India. The Ayurvedic system of medicine has for ages helped people live healthy lives. In today’s world, though medical science has evolved a lot, Ayurveda is still popular not only in India but also in other parts of the world. However, looking at the other side of the coin, many fraudulent practices are going on in the name of Ayurveda.

The Ayurvedic system of medicine still being largely unorganized, many self-declared doctors come up with fake medicines in the name of Ayurveda. So it is important to buy only genuine ayurvedic products to reap the full benefit. To meet the growing demand for genuine ayurvedic medicines, Dr. Vaidya, a Mumbai based startup was formed in 2016. Dr. Vaidya is backed by over 150 years of expertise and experience in the field of Ayurveda and ensures that you get only the best of ayurvedic products.

StartupTalky interviewed Dr.Vaidya's founder Mr. Arun Vaidya to know more about the startup.

Dr. Vaidya - Company Highlights

Startup Name Dr. Vaidya's
Headquarter Mumbai
Founders Arjun Vaidya and Trisha Rajani
Sector Ayurvedic Products/Consumer Packaged Goods
Founded 2016
Parent Organization Herbolab India Pvt. Ltd.

About Dr. Vaidya's
Ayurvedic Product's Market in India
Dr. Vaidya's Founders and Team
How was Dr. Vaidya's Started
Dr. Vaidya's - Name and Logo
What is Dr. Vaidya's
Dr. Vaidya's - Business Model and How it works
Dr. Vaidya's - Funding and Investors
Dr. Vaidya's - Revenue/Turnover
Dr. Vaidya's - User Acquisition
Dr. Vaidya's - Startup Challenges
Dr. Vaidya's - Competitors
Dr. Vaidya's - Advisors and Mentors
Dr. Vaidya's - Awards and Recognitions
Dr. Vaidya's - Growth
Dr. Vaidya's - Future Plans

Arjun Vaidya

About Dr. Vaidya's

Dr. Vaidya’s is a new age ayurvedic products company that aims to take 150 years of family legacy and a 5,000-year-old science to modern consumers. Using new age packaging, branding, product formats and communication, the brand aims to re-establish a connection between Ayurveda and modern consumers. The brand owns more than 100 FDA approved proprietary formulations and has launched very unique innovative products like Chakaash (Goodness of Chyawanprash in a Toffee), LIVitup (Ayurvedic Hangover Shield), etc.  

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Ayurvedic Product's Market in India

The ayurvedic products market in India is valued at USD 3 billion and expected to grow rapidly at 16% P.A. according to a CII study in 2016. More than USD 500 million of ayurvedic products are sold outside India according to a Statistics MRC study and this too expected to grow at 16.2% P.A. These numbers have seen a huge jump in the last five years owing to a consumer shift towards natural alternatives as well as government focus and support i.e. creation of the Ministry of AYUSH, schemes like the International Co-Operation Scheme for Ayurveda companies and researchers, etc.

Ayurveda has undergone a “renaissance”. Having said this, there is tremendous further scope for the expansion of Ayurveda. The science can become a globally accepted form of alternative medicine and also serve as one more of India’s way to take our culture to the world.

Dr. Vaidya's Founders and Team

Arjun Vaidya and his wife Trisha Rajani founded Dr. Vaidya’s in 2016.

Arjun Vaidya and Trisha Rajani founded Dr. Vaidya’s
Dr. Vaidya's Founder

Arjun Vaidya graduated from Brown University in 2013. Arjun has vast experience in the field of marketing, business development and investment management. He worked with companies like Condé Nast India,  Hublot Genève, The De Beers Group of Companies and L Capital Asia, prior to staring Dr. Vaidya’s.

Trisha Rajani is a graduate from the University of Warwick. She worked with companies like ASA Philippines, Goldman Sachs, Nykaa.com, Intellecap and RepIndia before joining Dr. Vaidya’s.

The story is very interesting because the ‘co-founder’ and current COO of this business is my wife, Trisha. One year into running the business, I realized that my head was in too many places and I wasn’t able to give any department or aspect of the business 100%. I needed help and I had no shame in going out and asking for it. We needed someone who would have as much commitment to the cause as I did and thus, family made sense. Against much advice from friends and family, the moment we got engaged, Trisha joined the business. And, I must say the journey has been amazing. There is a clear allocation of responsibility and so far it has added huge value to the business.

Currently, Dr. Vaidya’s has a 40 member team. This includes the factory team in Silvassa and Dr. Vaidya’s head office team in Mumbai.  

Our company culture is all about ‘getting things done’ and adding the most value to our customers. Even at 10 PM, there is no shame in the CEO of the company answering the phone and talking to a customer. The team itself is a great blend of experience (with team members from my grandfather’s time) as well as youthful exuberance.

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How was Dr. Vaidya's Started

Ayurveda has been a part of Arjun’s family for many generations. His grandfather, great grandfather and 2 generations before were ayurvedic doctors. Arjun grew up with Ayurveda all his life.  

“My grandfather even cured me of chronic asthma. By the late 80s, my grandfather had become Mumbai’s most successful ayurvedic doctor – seeing 300+ patients a day and getting 12,000+ patients writing to him via post on a monthly basis. He was a legend in the industry but never cared for sales, distribution marketing or strategy. Thus, he sold his products only through his clinic and never outside” recalls Arjun.

Arjun was pursuing his studies and career in the USA, it was around 2013 when Arjun returned to India. Arjun started working in a private equity firm and was enjoying the role as an Investor. Unfortunately, Arjun’s grandfather passed away, 3 months after Arjun came back to India.  He left behind  1000s of loyal patients and some very effective formulations. Because of the loyal patients, Arjun’s family kept running his grandfather’s clinic as a dispensary. The intention behind starting Dr. Vaidya’s was also to save the many successful ayurvedic formulations that his grandfather made.

“The moment is still vivid in my mind. It was my father’s 50th birthday and his team had a large celebration for him at the office. I gave a speech talking about his role in inspiring me. After the speech, my grandfather’s nurse of 25 years came up to me and said that while my father has done some great work, it was a shame we were letting my grandfather’s legacy die. This was the ‘aha’ moment for me – when everything changed”.

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The company was named Dr. Vaidya’s after Arjun’s grandfather.

“My grandfather is my inspiration. He was also a legendary doctor. Thus, the name was easy – it had to be named after him”

Dr. Vaidya's Logo

Another interesting story is the name ‘LIVitup’ for Dr. Vaidya’s hangover product. The team was doing a brainstorming session and came up with this name which was instantly loved. But the team soon realized that the trademark was already taken. Thus, the team tried to come up with another name but, nothing worked like this one. Eventually, even before starting the company, Dr. Vaidya’s went ahead and bought this trademark from its owner.  

What is Dr. Vaidya's

Dr. Vaidya’s offers ayurvedic products to treat illness and to maintain wellness. The company has launched one-of-a-kind products like Chakaash – Goodness of Chyawanprash in a toffee, LIVitup – Ayurvedic Hangover Shield, Sung Ho – Ayurvedic inhalant, etc. that truly understand and simplify the needs of modern consumers.

Product range by Dr. Vaidya

At Dr. Vaidya’s, the vision has always been very clear. We believe that although Ayurvedic products are extremely effective, they are perceived as boring, old school and poorly packaged. These products do not have much of a connect with modern consumers. Thus, our aim is to take 150 years of family legacy and 5,000 years of science to 21st-century consumers. We use easy to understand packaging, brand and unique product formats to make Ayurveda appealing and accessible.

Dr. Vaidya's - Business Model and How it works

Currently, the business is online focused. The company has its factory in Silvassa, and sells its products through its own site and also other well known e-commerce sites.

We realized that with limited resources, we had to be the best at what we do. Thus, contrary to popular belief we went the digital first way instead of focusing on offline. We also needed to add genuine value to the customers and so, took what my great grandfather had instituted to the 21st century.  

Dr. Vaidya’s is guided by the belief that no patient should be charged for a consultation i.e. to speak to an Ayurvedic doctor. As such, there is provision for consumers to reach out to ayurvedic doctors via call, video call, Whatsapp, text message, Facebook, Instagram or email. Today more than 1,000 customers a day reaches out to Dr. Vaidya’s for knowledge, issues and feedback on Ayurveda.

Dr. Vaidya's - Funding and Investors

Arjun Vaidya started the company with Bootstrapped Capital. On June 2019, Dr. Vaidya' s partnered with RP Sanjiv Goenka Group and raised a round of $5 million.

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Dr. Vaidya's - Revenue/Turnover

Dr. Vaidya' s had a turnover of ₹1.94 crore in 2018-19

Dr. Vaidya's - User Acquisition

Backed by the legacy of 100 years, Dr.Vaidya’s had a large base of loyal customers even before the company was started. The patients who were being treated by Arjun’s grandfather came to be the initial customers for Dr. Vaidya’s products.

“I actually sent out a letter (not email) to each of his old patients talking about how we are reinvigorating his legacy and continuing his good work. The response was phenomenal (also a testament to my grandfather’s goodwill) and served as the launching pad for our business” Said Arjun, Co-Founder, Dr. Vaidya's.

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Dr. Vaidya's - Startup Challenges

Building an FMCG business online was a challenge as said by Arjun. Also understanding the needs of the customer and providing products in line with the needs is a challenge that Dr. Vaidya's team has to face.

Spending time to understand our customer’s needs and what the market was lacking was critical. Vernacular content, ease of explanation, seamless experience of consumption, etc. all helped us to grow. Having said that, I cannot say that there was a moment of virality which caused hockey stick growth. For us, it was months of effort and thousands of customer interactions that have got us to where we are.

Dr. Vaidya's - Competitors

Arjun is inspired by the achievements made by ‘Himalaya’.

Speaking about competition Arjun said, “We see competition as inspiration. For me, I am inspired daily by the work Himalaya does. This brand has built huge consumer loyalty and trust over the last 20 years. Himalaya products are now available in 80+ countries – which is a huge achievement. At Dr. Vaidya’s, each one of our products bears the mark ‘Proudly Indian’ and one day (in the near future) we hope to see this on shelves and in hands across the globe”  

Dr. Vaidya's - Advisors and Mentors

Biren Vaidya is the chairman of the advisory board. Other than him, Dr. Vaidya’s also has a bunch of advisors from different fields.  

Grey hair and experience to me are critical since I am a 27-year-old founder who hasn’t seen as much of the world as experienced folks may have.

Dr. Vaidya's - Awards & Recognitions

Dr. Vaidya’s has been recognised as -

  • Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia – 2019
  • Member, CII Core Committee on Ayurveda
  • Top 50 Most Impactful Leaders in Healthcare, 2018    

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Dr. Vaidya's - Growth

Today Dr. Vaidya’s is one of India’s Largest Ayurvedic Products brands online doing more than 750 orders a day across its own website as well as e-marketplaces like Amazon, Nykaa, Seniority, Snapdeal, Netmeds, 1mg, Medlife, etc.  

On  November 2020, Dr Vaidya’s has forayed into the international market with the launch of 11 products in the immunity, hangover, digestion and sexual wellness categories in the US via Amazon.com.

Dr. Vaidya's - Future Plans

The brand is looking forward to create selective offline presence and venture into export markets. Dr. Vaidya’s products bears the mark ‘Proudly Indian’ and it is the dream of Arjun Vaidya to let this mark make its presence in 50 countries around the world over the next five years.

Website: Dr. Vaidya's

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