Google Launched Shopping Tab to direct users to E-commerce platforms

Shubham Kumar Shubham Kumar
Jun 20, 2020 3 min read
Google Launched Shopping Tab to direct users to E-commerce platforms

Google India has launched ‘Shopping’ tab to enable users to flip through the products and direct them to the merchant websites or e-commerce platforms when searching for products to buy. Similar to the News and Image tab on Google, the shopping tab allows users to seamlessly control their search by putting necessary filters and browsing the desired product through listing in different websites. Google has collaborated with e-commerce players such as Flipkart, Paytm Mall, Myntra and Koovs, etc. to join the company’s shopping tab initiative.

“We are always exploring options to help consumers find the products they want to buy more quickly and efficiently from local merchants,” a Google spokesperson said.

The Google spokesperson confirming the latest initiative in an email response claimed that the feature will facilitate customer online shopping more efficiently from the local merchants as well along with e-commerce players. Reportedly, Google has collaborated with the leading e-commerce platforms including Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra and Paytm Mall on board in their latest project.

Besides, the search giant also intends to tap the SME space from local Kirana stores( like JioMart) to expensive art collection stores whose merchants are not necessarily listed on the e-commerce players’ websites. The ongoing talks between Google and retailers both big and small will help the search giant understand the country’s shopping trends. These local merchants need not necessarily list on platforms like Amazon or Flipkart.

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Another Google spokesperson said, “ They (Google) will partner with retailers of all sizes. It can tell the user where the product is available, is it available online, etc. For now, this service is being provided free of cost.”

Through Shopping Tab, Google lists products through its ‘product listing ads’, the Shopping tab will give users a lot more control. For instance, users can filter the product they are looking for based on price or any other attributes such as price, seller, delivery, department, colour, shape & so on while also getting more details of the product by going to the ‘details’ page.

google shopping merchant
Google Shopping Tab allows users to filter Products

In the same way, Facebook has also initiated the trials for the Shopping tab for its mobile app with Facebook marketplace. Responding to the development, the melno park based networking platform, stated that

On Facebook, we've seen that people are coming to our platform not only to connect with friends and family but also with products and brands. We want to build native experiences that make it easier for both people to discover products on mobile and businesses to drive more sales.

With the decline in Google’s revenues due to Amazon gaining market shares on product, the search giant is eyeing to establish an e-commerce marketplace. On the ongoing tussle over Amazon’s dominance in the retail market, Arpan Sheth, a partner at consulting firm Bain & Company commented,
“In the US, 50-60% product search begins at Amazon, bypassing Google and cannibalising its market,” he further added, “Google is losing online shoppers because of this and it is taking a hit at their advertising revenue.”

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Currently, the search giant- Google is functioning the Shopping tab in 30 countries.  On the merchant side, anyone with a product feed can plug into Google’s merchant centre to be listed on the shopping tab. On the user side, the tab has also seen high rates of engagement, largely due to the specificity that product search allows filter by attributes. With 80-85 million online shoppers, India is an important market for Google.

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