HappyLocate: Relocation Made Simple

Chayanika Goswami Chayanika Goswami
Mar 24, 2021 10 min read
HappyLocate: Relocation Made Simple

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In this increasingly globalized world, migration has become a norm with regard to various factors, mainly for employment. Relocating to different places opens up a different world to an individual however, one of the most troublesome part about relocating is the tedious job of packing and shifting.

The team at HappyLocate consistently work to make the process of packing and relocating, simple, easy and smooth. HappyLocate works with India's finest 25+ Packers and Movers to make your move a cakewalk. HappyLocate also offers corporate relocation services.

HappyLocate - Company Highlights

Startup Name HappyLocate
Headquarter Bengaluru
Sector Relocation and Transportation
Co-founders Ajay Tiwari, Sainadh Duvvuru
Founded 2016
Total Funding INR 4.4 Crore (~$600,000)
Parent Organization HappyLocate Relocation Services Pvt Ltd.
Website HappyLocate

HappyLocate - About and How it Works
Relocation and Transportation Industry Details
HappyLocate - Founders and Team
How was HappyLocate Started
HappyLocate - Name, Tagline and Logo
HappyLocate - Business Model and Revenue Model
HappyLocate - User Acquisition
HappyLocate - Startup Challenges
HappyLocate - Funding and Investors
HappyLocate - Advisors and Mentors
HappyLocate - Awards
HappyLocate - Competitors
HappyLocate - Growth

HappyLocate - About and How it Works

Bengaluru based Happylocate, is India’s first One Stop Relocation Platform, conceptualized to reform the way India relocates. Relocation has mostly been a nightmare and a tough experience to many where it adds to complications when users struggle to find right vendors, face price uncertainty and ignorance on managing them.

Happy Locate is aimed towards delivering a memorable relocation experience to those who prefer a hassle-free relocation experience in its true sense. With over 25+ Packers and Movers already on board, HappyLocate assures a 98% damage free relocation rate, dedicated move managers for each relocation, ensuring the best packaging standard and an experience that makes HappyLocate a service rated 4.8/5.0 on all the leading public platforms.

HappyLocate relocation services also extend to corporate relocation service through RELOSYS by HappyLocate; an AI-based tool that helps corporate execute relocations in a policy complaint and escalation- free manner. RELOSYS is a corporate exclusive offering that powers the employee relocation of some of the finest Indian enterprises including some of the top fashion, IT Companies  and Beverage Companies.

One can book a service with HappyLocate in just four easy and simple steps.
Step 1: Visit www.HappyLocate.com
Step 2: Select Packers Movers Service, choose if its “Between City” or “Within City” movement, Input origin and destination City and click “SUBMIT”.
Step 3: Choose amongst 3 options - Quick connect, Pre Move Survey OR Share Inventory.
Step 4: Choose Packers Movers listed as per the search criteria displayed AND Click “Connect”.

A user may book Hotels as well on HappyLocate.com within India. The platform has 16000 Hotels displayed on HappyLocate to choose from and has competitive rates with many premium, luxury and corporate budget hotels good for initial short stay.

Relocation and Transportation Industry Details

Relocation, as an Industry is interesting & full of potential. The following facts present the existing gap between the demand and supply side of the relocation industry. It is this gap that facilitates numerous opportunities for a company in this industry to grow and flourish

  • 80+ frauds related to the Relocation Industry are reported each day. That’s more than 29K+ frauds reported every year.
  • The Industry is full of seasonal and pretentious Packers and Movers who have a
    prominent position in the market. Just to give a picture, the most prominent mover of Industry does not own something more than 2% of the entire Market.
  • Relocation as an Industry is full of dissatisfied customers. The factor is so prominent that none of the national players today is ranked anything above 3.0/5.0.
  • Relocation as an Industry works like a perfectly competitive market but prices it’s services like a monopolistic competitive one. So the same service from two different vendors can vary drastically in terms of the cost on no apparently justified reasons.

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HappyLocate - Founders and Team

Ajay Tiwari & Sainadh Duvvuru, established HappyLocate together. They were connected via a common friend & both of them came together in early 2016 to work on the very foundation of HappyLocate.

Ajay Tiwari & Sainadh Duvvuru - Founders HappyLocate

Ajay Tiwari, is the Co-Founder & CEO of HappyLocate. He created benchmarks and worked like an entrepreneur in his 13 years of HR career with companies like Nokia, Vodafone, and Alcatel Lucent. His passion for creating value helped with the conceptualization of HappyLocate, to reform the way India relocates.

Sainadh Duvvuru, is the Co-Founder & CBO of HappyLocate. He was an entrepreneur with 5+ years of experience in Operations, Sales & Marketing with BPCL and HDFC Bank. An IIM alumnus with a vision to create a scalable system, streamlined HappyLocate - helping people relocate better.

In terms of the work distribution, while Ajay takes care of investors, relocation & corporate sales, Sainadh takes care of finances & internal operations.

HappyLocate has a small yet equipped team. Be it consumer sales, marketing communications or technology, HappyLocate has some of the best in the Industry talent and takes accountability for their area of work.

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How was HappyLocate Started

Ajay, coming from an HR background, saw relocation as a big hassle for all his fresh hires/existing employees. As he decided to take his startup plunge, nothing more than relocation looked like the right idea to work on. Sainadh and Ajay were in touch with each other for some time before starting the company. As Sainadh himself relocated 5 times in his life, he instantly connected with the idea and took the plunge.

HappyLocate is now serviceable across 15,000+ PIN codes across India. Initially, when they launched, they were limited to Bangalore. However, from January,2019 onwards , HappyLocate has expanded it's corporate sales force in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata & Delhi.

HappyLocate, stands for the startup's vision which is to make relocation a happy process.

After spending a lot of time on working over the brand aesthetics, we finally decided to go with the most basic and initial versions of our branding.
HappyLocate Logo
HappyLocate Logo

HappyLocate - Business Model and Revenue Model

HappyLocate conducts a pre-move survey to determine the quote price. The purpose of a pre-move survey is to get the best estimate of the volume of the goods to be transported. It also helps identifying delicate & valuable articles, understand needs more closely to accurately project manpower and material requirements and therefore a right quote submission on that basis.

Corporate Relocations are HappyLocate's prime area of focus. Users of the startup's corporate relocation tool RELOSYS can have access to the tool through either a fixed per year cost or can access the same at “Pay as-you-go” where corporates are required to pay only when they use the tool for their employee relocation.

All the payments are done in advance on HappyLocate.com through their secured online payment gateway only after a quote amount is generated and displayed in the HappyLocate dashboard. They accept online payments through net-banking, credit card, debit card or wallets associated with HappyLocate (HL).

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HappyLocate - User Acquisition

Just within an year of its operation, HappyLocate  has successfully acquired over thousand users due to the sheer commitment and dedication with which the team at HappyLocate has worked. In order to spread its reach HappyLocate has mainly relied on referrals, especially for corporate clients and have not spent much on the conventional marketing techniques.

It's our sheer commitment to the utmost service level commitment that helps us retain our existing users and bring new users to a system with the help of WOM.

HappyLocate - Startup Challenges

The biggest challenge of the relocation Industry is the way it has been operated. The problem starts with the fact that even the most popular players in the market have not shown any visible effort towards enhancing their customer experience. The result is a substantial low rating which is now common with every relocation.

Another problem is the way how the market works. The best player in the market enjoys no more than 2% of the market share. Reason being, relocation industry is full of seasonal/pretentious/duplicate movers. For the people looking for relocation services, finding the right mover who can assure a hassle-free relocation is very tough. Hence, getting together trust worthy vendors at one place was a major challenge in the initial phase which HappyLocate has now successfully overcome with intense research and compliance mechanisms.

We can today proudly say that we trust our vendors more than anything because all our vendors have wholeheartedly committed to us, on paper, a rigid packaging standard, a commitment of 98% damage-free relocation rate and a corporate grade relocation experience. Thanks to the commitment of our vendors and relocation managers, HappyLocate is today rated one of the highest on every public platform in the industry.

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HappyLocate - Funding and Investors

On November 4, 2020, HappyLocate has raised INR 4.4 crore in Pre-Series A round, led by Inflection Point Ventures (IPV) with participation from VM Ventures. It will use this funding for scaling up their operations, technological upgradation, better market penetration and service expansion.

HappyLocate is a part of the prestigious Cowrks foundry & SLP accelerator programs. Additionally, HappyLocate has been incubated by Amrita TBI and is funded by a network of Angel Investors.  

Unlike the experiences of a lot of others, our experience with Investors have been very positive and full of learning

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HappyLocate - Advisors and Mentors

Some of the best in Industry leaders are mentoring and assisting HappyLocate. Currently, senior leaders of companies like Amazon and Wipro are mentoring the startup.

HappyLocate - Awards

HappyLocate and its founders have been mentioned in IndiaToday, WASME - an organisation with consultative status to UN and other startup story blogs. HappyLocate is officially the part of accelerator and incubation programs like Amrita TBI, Cowrks Foundry & SLP.

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HappyLocate - Competitors

Some of those who could have been potential competitors are today HappyLocate's partners. This potential pool of competition which includes India's finest movers are already a part of HappyLocates' corporate relocation pool. All in all, there is no such relocation platform in India that takes care of the entire relocation cycle end to end.

There are though some great startups like Migrera, Pikol and Shiftkarado who are trying to transform the Industry their way. We respect them and always look forward to learning from their style of dealing with the problem.

HappyLocate - Growth

HappyLocate is being accepted overwhelmingly in the target market, with much more love and acceptance than they anticipated. It has served 10,000+ relocation requests till date (December 2020). It has a network of over 100 verified movers and 16,000 plus hotels across the country.

HappyLocate is currently one of the most preferred relocation partners of India. Currently the HappyLocate reviews are overwhelmingly positive with a rating of 4.8/5.0 on almost all the public platforms, HappyLocate is also a preferred relocation partner for some of India's finest enterprises including CocaCola, Nokia, ITC Infotech, OYO Rooms & ACKO Insurance. At present, the business has been great and has been growing at capital annual growth rate.

Our stats, team and above all the way we are trying to solve the problem is being loved by Investors and perhaps that is what made us a preferred choice for our accelerators.

So if you are looking for packers and movers in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad or Kolkata, do let check out their services!


Who Founded HappyLocate?

Ajay Tiwari & Sainadh Duvvuru are the founders of HappyLocate

What is HappyLocate Funding till date?

HappyLocate is a part of the prestigious Cowrks foundry & SLP accelerator programs. Additionally, HappyLocate has been incubated by Amrita TBI and is funded by a network of Angel Investors.

What Does HappyLocate Do?

It is India’s first One Stop Relocation Platform, conceptualized to reform the way India relocates. With over 25+ Packers and Movers already on board.

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