Iubenda: Privacy, Cookie and Legal Solutions for Organizations

Iubenda: Privacy, Cookie and Legal Solutions for Organizations

As a new business, or website you may only have a vague idea of which legal requirements your business needs to satisfy.

One of the crucial problems of the industry is that majority of business owners have little or no knowledge of their legal policies. They cannot tell quality legal documents from poor privacy policies.

If you just started out, by the time you realize that you need to update your privacy policies, you and your business might be bogged down by legal issues.

So why wait, until it’s too late?

Instead of worrying about editing, maintaining and the quality of your legal documents, Iubenda allows you to generate complaint policies for a low fee. And then it’s legal team updates your policies for you.

You can finally sit back and relax and let experts manage your legal requirements.

What is Iubenda?

Iubenda offers attorney-level solutions to keep your applications and your website compliant with the law. You no longer have to pay fines and suffer any legal liabilities.

Iubenda is a legal management system for more than 65,000 customers in 100+ countries.

Their most popular document services are:

  • Creating Privacy policy
  • Creating Terms and conditions
  • Manages Cookies

Iubenda is a complete 360-degree legal policy management system that includes organizational level services such as:

  • Internal Privacy management: All data processing activities within your organization is documented, including how you use and store consumer data (compliant with GDPR laws)
  • Consent Solutions: Document opt-in, GDPR consent, and CCPA ( California Consumer Privacy Act) via web forms

This is especially useful for large companies within the EU or organizations that serve visitors from EU nations.

Iubenda - Services

1. Terms and Conditions generator

Iubenda's Terms and Conditions generator dashboard
Iubenda's Terms and Conditions generator dashboard

One of Iubenda’s easiest tools to use is the terms and conditions generator. All you need to do is select a clause and modify it by selecting the options you want to apply.

The software automatically adds clauses to your application or website’s governing rules each time you make a selection.

The document practically builds itself without too much effort or time required from your end. It offers major clauses such as:

  • Content rights
  • Warranty disclaimers
  • Liability limitations
  • Acceptable use

2. Cookie and Privacy policy

Iubenda's Cookie and Privacy policy dashboard
Iubenda's Cookie and Privacy policy dashboard

Iubenda’s cookie and privacy policy is by far one of the most intuitive tools available on the web.

Reviewed by legal experts, this tool is considered to be one of the most in-depth application as it covers every aspect of your business.

You are allowed to choose from over 600+ services and it is possible to customize your own. No other document generators go the extra mile to provide such services to their users.

This leads to a highly comprehensive legal document that comprises all data collection services of your company. As such, you can easily update your policy whenever you need it without ever having to change any text or code within your website. The integration system works in a way that any changes you make will reflect right away in your real policy.

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What makes Iubenda stand out from other competitors is that you can have a lot of customization options. It allows you to list ALL of your company’s services in the privacy policy, the result of which is the most accurate and lawful agreement that you can generate.

You can also opt for a simplified version of your documents so it is much easier for the end-user to comprehend. It showcases the most important clauses of your policies clearly and quickly.

3. Internal Privacy Management and Consent Solution

Internal Privacy Management & Consent Solution by Iubenda
Internal Privacy Management & Consent Solution by Iubenda

You can get Iubenda’s privacy management and consent solutions bundled together for $39/mo. This is an absolute steal as no other online company offers this service at such a low price.

Consider the deal as “complete GDPR compliance for one price”

Since many of these services are complex, here is a simplified version to help you understand it better:

The law requires that you obtain informed consent from your users. Your company must have a mechanism for both the collection and management of user content. When you have thousands of visitors daily, this data management process becomes incredibly complex.

Iubenda solves this issue by providing a simple system for obtaining, storing, and managing user data.

Instead of manually managing the data of tens of thousands of visitors, and leaving yourself open to penalties, you can make your work much easier and it will only cost you $39/mo.

Streamline your consent management by:

  • Storing individual privacy preferences
  • Tracking consent notification
  • Adding or revoking user consent
  • Storing each user’s consent history
  • Tracking offline consent
  • Tracking specific legal notices
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Iubenda - Pricing

Iubenda provides multiple plans for all kind of people. Here are their offerings:

Single - $59 /lifetime

  • 5 licenses
  • Privacy and Cookie Policy
  • Cookie Solution (up to 50,000 total page views per month, where GDPR or CCPA apply)
  • Terms and Conditions

Double - $118 /lifetime

  • All features above included
  • 15 Licenses
  • Privacy and Cookie Policy
  • Cookie Solution (up to 150,000 total page views per month, where GDPR or CCPA apply)
  • Terms and Conditions

Multiple - $177 /lifetime

  • All features above included
  • 25 Licenses
  • Privacy and Cookie Policy
  • Cookie Solution (up to 300,000 total page views per month, where GDPR or CCPA apply)
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Internal Privacy Management
  • Up to 10,000 entries per month (Consent Solution)


All in all, Iubenda is a highly sophisticated, easy to use software solution.

Getting your website shut down or face liabilities because of non-compliant cookies is a downer. It is a great tool to comply with growing legislation and avoid annoying your users without spending thousands of dollars in legal or high-end software fees.

If you’re a large company with complex needs, Iubenda is the ONLY option to streamline all your legal documents and mitigate any potential risks, so you can finally stop wasting time and effort and do what you do best - business.

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Iubenda - FAQ's

What payment options are there?

You can pay by credit card or PayPal.

What about taxes?

All of our prices include taxes, no hidden fees!

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What Is the Difference Between License and Policy?

The privacy/cookie policy is the legal document that you can integrate into your site or app using iubenda. Every policy and each translation thereof requires the purchase of a License.

For example, if you need 3 policies for 3 different websites/ apps, you must purchase 3 Pro Licenses. Similarly, if you need a privacy policy for a single website in two languages, you will need to purchase two Pro licenses. From 4 licenses on, we recommend the purchase of our Multi-license plans.

Why am I paying on a yearly/monthly basis and not only once?

The yearly/monthly subscription pricing is our way of keeping your costs low, while giving you access to attorney-level quality. Instead of paying a one-off attorney fee of up to thousands of dollars (not to mention legal translation costs), we offer a convenient yearly/monthly payment option.

This is also the reason for our best features: we keep improving the privacy policy behind the scenes and push the changes automatically. We also keep adding new clauses and adapt the text to any changes in privacy laws and regulations.

Must have tools for startups - Recommended by StartupTalky

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