Best Business to Start with No Investment or Low Investment

Best Business to Start with No Investment or Low Investment

It’s true that many of us are not happy with a 9 to 5 job and more interested to hustle and develop a business which can assure a high return on a long-term basis. Whereas, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to start a business from scratch and make it an empire. However, if you have the will and enthusiasm to start your own business, there are many businesses you can start with almost no investment, and earn a profit. So if you are someone who does not have much to invest, but wants to start your own business, these are 30 business you can start with no investment or a very negligible amount of investment.

Best Business You Can Start With No Investment / Low Investment

  1. Start a Blog
  2. Data Entry Services
  3. Consultant
  4. Recruitment firm
  5. Real Estate Broker
  6. Youtuber
  7. Influencer
  8. Coaching classes
  9. Podcasting
  10. Dropshipping
  11. Dropservising
  12. Selling Online Courses
  13. Online Book Publishing
  14. Affiliate Marketing
  15. Tiffin Services
  16. Cloud Kitchen
  17. Selling Handmade Goods
  18. Photography
  19. Creche
  20. Writing Services
  21. Event Management Services
  22. Graphic Designing Services
  23. Web Designing Services
  24. Accounting and Tax Preparation Business
  25. Foreign Language Translator
  26. Transcription Business
  27. Music, Dance, Art and Craft Teacher
  28. Airbnb Hosting
  29. Interior Designer or Interior Decorator
  30. Renting Your Car or House
  31. Repairing Services


Zero investment business | Business ideas without investment

Start a Blog

Blogging- business without investment
Blogging- business without investment

Blogging is a great way to generate passive income. To start a blog just find a niche about which you have knowledge and interest, and start writing amazing blog posts that readers want to and love to read. To start with you can create your blog site with free platforms like Wix and Blogger. You don't even need to pay for web hosting. Once your blog site is filled with good and SEO optimized content, there are many ways through which you can monetize your blog. You can sign up with Google Ad-sense to place ads on your site, do affiliate marketing through your site, write sponsored post and much more and start making a good income. This may be your side business if you have already been working at a company.

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Data Entry Services

Many companies outsource their data entry works to freelancers and data entry companies, and this service is quite in demand. So data entry business is a small business you can start without investment and earn a profit. Besides no specialized skill is required to start this business. Basic computer knowledge and good typing speed is required. You can start doing it yourself and hire as you scale up.


A consultancy is one business that you can run from home. While consultancy services are one of the best no investment business, you need to be an expert in the domain in which you are offering consultancy services. There are a variety of domains that one can start a consultancy service based on one's expertise. Popular domains include business consultants, legal consultants, marketing consultants, Finance consultants, and HR consultants.

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Recruitment Firm

In recruitment business you are simply looking for human resources who are talented and accomplished, then you assign them to work at a certain company related to the employee expertise on your payroll or on the company’s payroll whichever is best suitable in increasing profit. Most recruitment firms get commissions from companies on the basis of per manpower provided to the company.

Real Estate Broker

The real estate business is booming like never before. Everyone whosoever whether he is a student or a working professional in MNC will require a house on rent or will buy for itself. Also, there are many who are looking to invest in plots and real estate, as there is huge scope in the real estate business, also it is a good business opportunity that does not require a heavy investment. You need to do research about the real estate market in which you are operating and also obtain the required licensing.


Start a Youtube Channel | zero investment business

This is yet another popular business option that requires no investment. All you have to do is create engaging videos. Once you have garnered a good number of viewers and subscribers, there are many ways in which you can earn from your YouTube channel. You can become a YouTube partner, sell merchandise through your YouTube channel, or create sponsored content to start earning.

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With an increase in the number of social media users, and companies spending a good amount of money in social media marketing, becoming an influencer, has become a great way to make money. For starting this business you need to be active on social media and have over 1000 followers on social media. To increase your social media followers you need to post good and engaging content in your social media handles.

Coaching Classes

Looking at its popularity, coaching classes are a popular no investment business you can start in India. So if you have your concepts clear and feel that you teach well, you can open your coaching classes. Investment required is almost zero, and you can start teaching students at home itself and expand later. Depending on your skill, choose the age group and subject that you will teach, and get started!


Podcasting - Small Business Without Investment
Podcasting - Small Business Without Investment

A number of podcast listeners are fast increasing, making podcasting a great business to start. This business can be started without much investment, and once you have a good number of audience, you can earn money through sponsorship and product mentions.


Dropshipping is a popular no investment business. To start with you need to find a good supplier whose products you will sell. Next, you have to decide which products you want to sell. Though many think that you need to have your website for dropshipping, the fact is that, you don't actually need your own website for dropshipping, and you can start dropshipping through platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.

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Drop Servicing

Same as dropshipping, drop servicing is where you sell services instead of goods. Again, you are not the one who will provide the services to the customers. In drop servicing, you have to decide which service you want to sell, and then find service providers and market their services. When you get customers who are willing to buy these services, you get the services delivered to the customers through the third-party service provider, and thus earn a commission on the services sold.

Selling Online Courses

Many people today prefer to learn online so selling online courses is a popular business. If you are a subject expert, create some video tutorials on the subject and sell them. You can sell & launch your courses at various platforms like Udemy, Coggno, Curious, edureka!, skillshare, etc.

Online Book Publishing

Selling e-books is yet another trending business that requires no investment. However, to be successful you need to have good writing skills. As regards the selling of e-books, if you have a website, you can sell them through your website, or you can also sell them through third-party platforms like Amazon. By publishing books through platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, you can reach out to a larger audience.

Affilaite Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not a new concept these days. In this business model, you become a company's affiliate and promote and sell the company's goods and services and earn a commission on each sale made. Affiliate marketing is a zero inventory yet profitable business, and it is something that can be done both offline and online. You can also blend both online and offline tactics to build a customer network, and make good profits. But this domain is getting quite competitive these days.

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Tiffin Services

With Millenials leaving their home towns and moving to new cities for career and work, and people getting busier, there are many who do not get time to cook proper meals at home. You can start your tiffin services business and offer healthy, home-cooked food to your customers. Tiffin Services are quite popular in those areas where students, millenials and corporate workers stay.

Cloud Kitchen

Food business never goes out of trend and cloud kitchen is one such business that is sure to be profitable if done right. You just need a kitchen where you will cook and register with food delivery platforms such as Swiggy and Zomato, to get the orders delivered to the customers.

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Selling Handmade Goods

Are you good at making pickles, jam, jelly, art, and craft items or any other handmade products? If yes, you can earn by selling handmade goods. You can list your products in e-commerce sites like Amazon or other websites specialized for hand made products like Etsy, iCraft, Artfire, etc. This is an ideal no investment business you can start from home.


Business Ideas Without Investment
Photography-Business Ideas Without Investment

For passionate and trained photographers, Photography can also be a good business option. You can do photography at events and weddings, or can also sell stock photographs to sites like Shutterstock, Getty Images, iStock Photo, Dreamstime, etc.


Creche is again a booming business without any major investment. Working parents these days find reliable creches where they can drop their children while they are at work. All you need is a good space, which can be your home also to start with. Buy some toys to keep the kids busy, provide them with fresh food and above all love and care, and you are sure to be successful at it.

Writing Services

Good writers are in great demand. So if you have a flair for writing, you can start offering writing services. No investment is required for this business. You can find work online and provide services such as content writing, copywriting, resume writing, etc. As you scale up, you may hire interns to work for you.

Event Management Services

Yes, you heard it right! Event management business can be started with almost zero investment. All you would need is creativity and managing & planning skills. A certification or degree in event management is an added advantage, however, it is not compulsory to have one. While the client pays for all the expenses required in the event, all you need to do is plan the event in an organized way and manage it well to make it a success.

Graphic Designing Services

Graphic Designing business- No investment business
Graphic Designing business- No investment business

If designing is your strength, and you are skilled at working with various graphic designing tools, you can start doing graphic designing for various clients. Freelancer, Upwork, etc are platforms where you will find many clients to need graphic designing services. From designing print ads, package designs, marketing materials, etc the scope is huge.

Web Designing Services

With many small and big businesses going online, web designing is a great business option which requires no investment. If you have the skills, web designing can be a profitable business.

Accounting and Tax Preparation Business

Not every business can have its own department to manage the accounting and tax-related tasks, and prefer to outsource these tasks to others. If you know about accounting and tax preparation, you can do this work for various businesses and earn a profit.

Foreign Language Translator

Foreign Language translators have high demand. So if you know any foreign language, you can bank on this skill and start a business related to foreign language translation. As more and more companies are expanding their operations outside their national borders and trying to reach international customers, they need translators who can present these companies' products and services properly in front of the international audience.

Transcription Business

Transcription service is where audio whether live or recorded is converted to a written or electronic document. Transcripts are needed in various fields like law, business or medical and hence transcription business has great scope for growth. This is a great home based business without investment that you can start right away.

Music, Dance, Art & Craft Teacher

Parents take a keen interest in making their children learn some new and productive skills. If you are a dancer, singer, musician or an expert in making art n craft products, etc you can start teaching these skills to children and generate a good amount of income.

B & B Business

Have a spacious home? you can start your B&B (Bed & Breakfast) business. As the name suggests, you have to provide breakfast and bed to the guest. Register your property with sites like Airbnb, Flipkey, etc. As you need to provide only breakfast to the guests, you can choose to cook breakfast yourself to save on hiring a cook.

Interior Designer and Interior Decorator

Everybody loves to stay in a beautiful house and work in an office with great interiors. And interior designers and decorators are people who create these beautiful interiors. For being an interior designer you preferably need a certification in interior designing and must have a license. While no certification and licensing is required for being an interior decorator.

Renting Your Car or House

If you have a car or spacious house, you can consider renting it out to earn a steady source of income. Renting has been a popular business since ages, and now with internet things have become even easier. While you can consider renting out your car to cab companies like Ola and Uber, you can list out your property for renting in sites like,, etc. Besides you can also rent out your residential property to co-living space providers.

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Repairing Services

Repairing Services business can never go out of trend. So if you are good at it, you can repair mobile, laptops or other electronic goods. Initially you can start it at home with almost no investment except the repairing tools.


Small Business without investment can provide great benefits when compared to other jobs. It is easy to develop, but the management really takes hard work. Without hard work, you probably will not succeed in business. In addition to hard work, you also need to have a strong mentality and determination. That is your main asset in creating a business. In making a business, you should know what business is right for you. You also need to know the risks that you will face in establishing the business.

Hope this list is useful to you. Though there is no limit to ideas and we are sure there are many other great no investment business plans. If you are thinking of implementing any such no investment business idea, please share with us in the comments box!

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Which is the best business without investment?

Some businesses with no investment or low investment:

  • Blogging (Minimal investment)
  • Podcasting (Minimal investment)
  • Dropshipping (Minimal investment)
  • Freelance Writing (No investment)
  • Launch An Online Course Or Membership Site (No investment)
  • Ghost Writing (No investment)
  • Virtual Assistant (No investment)

How to start a business without Investment?

  • Start with Something You're Passionate About. Passion alone can move mountains for you.
  • Research Your Market.
  • Set Financial Goals.
  • Make the Content Shareable.
  • Build a Following.
  • Launch Something You Can Sell.
  • Start with WHY.

What defines a small business?

Small business is defined as a privately owned corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship that has fewer employees and less annual revenue than a corporation or regular-sized business.

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