Small Business Ideas to start without any Investment

Small Business Ideas In India For Beginners

It’s true that many of us are not happy with a 9 to 5 job and more interested to hustle and develop a business which can assure a high return on a long-term basis. Whereas, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to start a business from scratch and make it an empire. However, here is a list of small business ideas in India for beginners to start without investment and ensure the profit. Small Business can provide great benefits when compared to other jobs. It is easy to develop, but the management really takes hard work. Without hard work, you probably will not succeed in business. In addition to hard work, you also need to have a strong mentality and determination. That is your main asset in creating a business. In making a business, you should know what business is right for you. You also need to know the risks that you will face in establishing the business.

India is one country that has a younger generation which is creative, innovative and hardworking. The young generation of India is very much interested to incorporate small business ideas and create a great opportunity of employment out of it. They have self-potential and motivation in them.

List of  Potential Small Business Ideas to start without any Investment.


Being a freelancer is perfect for those who have not graduated from college or just graduated from college. Being a freelancer is very promising because we can have a lot of money just by selling our skills or skills that we hired by others. One can do freelancing work with small business ideas and need not to invest. If you are an employee of a company, you can work part-time as a freelancer. If you do not have a lot of skills, you can hire other freelancers to work for you. It is easy and has many advantages.

Starting online blog

With blogging, you can generate a passive income. Passive income is regarded as a great source of income out of a small business ideas. You do not need to work hard, simply by blogging and updating your blog, you can start to generate passive income. It doesn’t need any kind of investment. This may be your side business if you have already been working at a company.

Data entry services

There are many companies in India who need this service. Many of them will provide the bulk of data entry works, e.g. rewriting articles, be posting articles or be filling out forms and so forth. This kind of business starts with a very meager investment or no investment at all. It is also regarded as an ideal small business idea to provide B2B services with great income and profit in return.

Computer trainer

Many young people in India are interested in learning more about computer science. For this reason, being a computer trainer is suitable for you. There are many people who are interested and keen to be a programmer or developer. They are very enthusiastic to learn about it. If you become a computer trainer, then you will have a lot of students and customers who want to learn from you. This type of small business ideas is ideal for long-term gains.


A consultancy is one business that you can run from home. Becoming a consultant requires a lot of expertise in the areas that you control. Some types of consultants that are suitable for beginner businessmen include insurance consultants, computer consultants, business consultants, SEO consultants and so on. It is considered to be one of the highest paying small business ideas.

Recruitment firm

In recruitment business you are simply looking for human resources who are talented and accomplished, then you assign them to work at a certain company related to the employee expertise on your payroll or on the company’s payroll whichever is best suitable in increasing profit. Out of all the small business ideas, it is one of the lucrative ideas which can be a great leap towards a successful business atmosphere.

Real Estate

The real estate business is booming like never before. Everyone whosoever whether he is a student or a working professional in MNC will require a house on rent or will buy for itself, It is no less promising than other small business ideas. This business is a trend in these modern times. The real estate business will be more interesting and promising because many people today prefer to buy housing or to rent one rather than to build it. There is a vast area of India you can use to make real estate ranging from simple to luxurious.

Courier Company

Courier services are currently the most requested services. Because a lot of people want to send packages instantly and do not want to be bothered. E-commerce business enterprises also use courier services to transport their goods to the destination. Since the region of India is quite wide, it allows you to open a courier business because there are many people who need a courier service to the entire city. It is an evergreen small business ideas and it has less saturation of demand as every business will require a movement of freight coming in or going out. Starting with a small enterprise and with smooth running of this business, it can be expanded globally with highest return and global recognition.

Mobile shop

Opening the mobile store is one of the best ideas for you. Almost everyone uses a mobile and many of them frequently keep changing their mobile. The more advanced mobile produced, the higher the likelihood that people will replace their mobile to keep up with technology. One can set up a small mobile store in a busy place where a lot of footfall is present and it can be fruitful as one of the eminent small business ideas.

Fitness Center

Fitness Center is a great small business ideas to ensure a proper health of people around your surrounding and encouraging them to be health conscious. As a businessman, a lot of people who do not have time to exercise. They only have free time when they are on a working holiday. This does not rule out the possibility that they will be visiting a fitness center for exercise. They will take advantage of a fitness center for gaining healthy bodies while they are off work. So, having a fitness center is something beneficial for you.

Try these small business ideas for your dream enterprise and also let us know your success story in the comment.

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