MINISO Marketing Strategy That Makes for Its Mega Success

MINISO Marketing Strategy That Makes for Its Mega Success

Nobody could have ever predicted that China would experience another period of rapid economic boom. Similar to how Toyoko dominated the automotive industry, a brand that has been reigning the consumers for more than 6 years by offering a variety of goods and services is MINISO. It was founded by Chinese entrepreneur Ye Guofu in 2013, and the company was inspired by Japanese design-led lifestyle products. Since 2017, a Chinese-retail chain, Miniso has accounted for a major share of the consumer market.

By earning customers' trust and catering to their preferences in many countries, Miniso has experienced tremendous success in the market owning more than 5000 stores across the world. Miniso instantly gained fame for producing ingenious, cost-effective, and low-priced goods. We all adore small consumer goods that are both practical and appealing, right? For instance, Miniso has developed a remarkable technique for producing facemasks that effectively puts the compressed facemasks into a bowl of water and waits for it to expand. In this context, we may say that Miniso, a Chinese company, has been manufacturing design-led lifestyle products that are secure, cost-effective, stylish, trendy, and simple to use.

In this article, we will go through the marketing strategies that made Miniso a renowned brand throughout the world.

Marketing Strategies of MINISO

Unique Features of MINISO's Marketing Strategy
Most Popular MINISO Campaign
MINISO's Covid19 Marketing Strategy

Where MINISO Makes Its Money? 2020
Where MINISO Makes Its Money? 2020

Marketing Strategies of MINISO

Miniso is a popular Chinese company that has stores all around the world. It is probably the first name to pop up in people's heads whenever someone thinks of buying beautiful-looking stuff on a budget. It is because of the brand's amazing marketing strategies that make it a popular name among everyone. The following are the key marketing strategies of Miniso:

Market Entry Strategy

Miniso undoubtedly offers the best product and customer experiences because it has explored the international markets and launched more than 5000 stores in the US, Canada, South Korea, India, UAE, Hong Kong, and many other countries. As mentioned before, Miniso emphasizes products with appealing appearances, reasonable prices, and high quality to meet customers' specifications. Furtherly, Miniso's business strategy is known as "Three Highs, Three Lows," where "Three Lows" refers to low prices based on low costs and low margins whereas "Three Highs" refers to higher efficiency, higher technology, and higher product quality.

Communication Strategy

Miniso is considered a fast fashion brand, which combines trend and leisure in its product, and prioritizes creativity, high quality, low price, and safety of the product. Miniso communicates or launches any new product through social media platforms. For instance, Miniso created Hashtags like #LoveLifeLoveMiniso, #MinisoLife, and #MinisoIndia to advertise its products. All this contributes to mass-media advancements, word-of-mouth referrals, and sales promotion and also makes people aware of its product and services.

Intensive Management Strategy

Applying the model ‘Three Highs Three Lows’, Miniso never fails to amuse us with its Intensive Management, where the interior decoration style of the store is modest and unique, American colour palette, product presentation, it's shelving, making it difficult for the customers to walk away with empty hands.

Product Design

One of the greatest strategies of Miniso lies in its product design. Miniso never fails to offer high-quality appealing products at affordable prices. Most of the brand's designers are Japanese who make the products so appealing that it becomes hard for the customers to not make any purchase from them.

Brand Strategy

MINISO Partners With MARVEL and Hello Kitty - MINISO Brand Strategy
MINISO Partners With MARVEL and Hello Kitty - MINISO Brand Strategy

From food & beverages, cosmetics, health & beauty, clothing, household goods, digital products, daily life products, to fashion accessories, the Chinese brand has been earning profit through selling its wide range of products all over the world at low cost and proposing new products regularly. Moreover, Miniso collaborates with other renowned brands, such as Hello Kitty, and Marvel Studio so the fans out there would love to have products if Iron man is in them. Miniso's brand strategy is based on the choices of the customer and aims to entice the widest range of middle-class customers.

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Unique Features of MINISO's Marketing Strategy

The following are the unique features of Miniso's marketing strategy that makes it stand out:

In-Store Experience

Miniso perfectly identifies and meets this unspoken need. Shelves serve as marketing communication, and the American colour scheme provided by the brand, makes one want to make a purchase immediately. When you add in the brand's stunning decorations, it becomes pretty much unavoidable to leave their store.

Smart Collaboration

Synergy always results from partnering with another profitable organization. By working with brands like The Pink Panther, Hello Kitty, and Marvel Studios, Miniso demonstrated this in person. Before the publication of Avengers Endgame, one must have observed how popular its commodities were and Miniso did not miss to take advantage of it.

Giveaways and Contests

MINISO India Holi Giveaway
MINISO India Holi Giveaway

Free things are always the best way to draw people's attention regardless of how big or small they are. Everyone loves getting things for nothing. Even if they might never use the free goods, they still desire them, regardless of how essential it is. So, to take advantage of this fact, Miniso regularly conducts contests and giveaways for the customers.

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Endorsements and Influencer Marketing

Products promoted by prominent personalities are frequently adored by consumers. We are more inclined to make a purchase when it is promoted by our favoured celebs and is within our price range. When everyone desired the popular Marvel drinks, attractive coin purses, and AirPods cases, the brand's popularity skyrocketed.

Psychological Marketing

Miniso maintains its prices at Rs. 99 or Rs. 249 and tailors the beauty products by incorporating sun signs, adorable customized notes, and colour chord progressions. This helps the brand create a connection with the customers. People are encouraged to spend longer time in the store due to the lively ambience, attentive floor staff, and Billboard Top 50 songs streaming in the background.


Another unique feature of Miniso's marketing strategy is its appealing campaigns on social media. With promotions like #ShowMinisoColour on Holi, it inspires customers to take photos of all the colourful Miniso merchandise they have purchased. People were urged to reflect on their personalities and use colour to express them. Miniso created its shopper personas and infused them with advertising effectiveness techniques. Additionally, it leveraged the pandemic scenario to rally its fans on social media, using hashtags like #WeWillGetThroughThisTogether to uplift people's life force with their acquisition.



Previously stated that Miniso frames its marketing strategies according to the choices of customers. Generally, Miniso focuses on the age group of 15-35 years old and impose restriction on the use in the hands of children as it contains plastic and Miniso's psychographic is based on middle-class customers.


The key demographic for Miniso are homemakers who require uniquely designed goods and services. It concentrates on homewares and consumer goods that offer excellent value at affordable prices.


The positioning of product differences is the foundation of MINISO's marketing strategy. Miniso demonstrates creativity and is renowned for its unique and fashionable items of high quality at reasonable prices. It is presented as a fast-fashion brand.

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MINISO #Love2gether Campaign


On March 22, 2022, the international lifestyle store celebrated the conclusion of its MINI bus global tour and #love2gether campaign. The programme which promoted love and unity throughout the world involved 100,000 consumers from nine different nations. The #love2gether campaign by MINISO, which went live on February 22, uses social media to spread a theme of happiness and harmony. The label MINISO flagship shop in Soho, New York City, was the starting point for the MINI Bus, which travelled to Mexico, Italy, Spain, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates, among other places. The bus travelled to famous locations all around the globe in a 30-day period.

On March 28, about 100,000 customers visited physical MINISO stores to leave greetings. People also posted online content with the hashtag #love2gether which amassed more than 3 million likes. Every experience was customized by MINISO to meet the needs of various markets, from influencer relationships to the layout and transit of the MINI Bus.

The MINI Bus in Naples, Italy, was encased in a vintage design that reflected the distinctive aesthetic identity and rich history of the city. For the big finale of the MINIBus global tour and the #love2gether marketing in the UAE, MINISO lighted up the iconic Ain Dubai. The worldwide retail network of MINISO is also responsible for the camp's triumph. By the end of 2021, MINISO had established 5,045 retail locations across 100 nations, bringing happiness to all lands. Since MINISO Plushie Day was established, this is the organization's first significant advertising effort. MINISO promoted a message of hope and brought additional energy throughout the Covid period.

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MINISO's Covid19 Marketing Strategy

A Winning Couple in MINISO USA for the #LoveWithoutDistance Campaign
A Winning Couple in MINISO USA for the #LoveWithoutDistance Campaign

A secret $100 MINISO gift package will be delivered to the recipients' loved ones on Valentine's Day in 2021 as part of MINISO's #LoveWithoutDistance Campaign, which it launched on Instagram and selected 100 heartwarming love tales from people divided by COVID-19 lockdowns. The successful contestants received a thoughtfully packaged personalized gift box that could be scooped up at their nearby MINISO location.

This helped them enjoy a challenging Valentine's Day in 2021 and echoed the brand's purpose of encouraging us all to appreciate life's little wonders. 100 MINISO prize packages were sent to finalists from 16 different countries as part of the campaign, which involved over 11,000 participants worldwide. Over 930,000 people worldwide had been contacted by the campaign. With a sum of 545 comments and 28,791 likes, the campaign also garnered strong organic involvement on Instagram.


MINISO is a global brand that specializes in various products like cosmetics, personal care, toys, stationary, and more. The brand's stores in various countries are what makes it the most appealing among the customers. Thus, MINISO's product design, in-store experience, social media campaigns, brand strategy and overall marketing strategy are responsible for making it a renowned brand throughout the world.

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What is MINISO famous for?

MINISO is famous for offering a wide range of appealing household goods, cosmetics, toys, stationary and more at reasonable prices.

Who are the competitors of MINISO?

UNIQLO, MUJI, and MUMUSO are the top competitors of MINISO.

Is MINISO a Japanese or Chinese brand?

MINISO is a Chinese brand, however, its products are mostly influenced by Japanese design.

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