Parle-G Registers Best-Ever Sales During Lockdown: Breaks 82-Year-Old Record

Parle-G, the most loved and the most widely recognized biscuit brand in India saw its sales sky rocketing during the past 2-3 months and made headlines for breaking its own eight-decade-old record for sales. The company said in an official statement that it has registered the best sales figures breaking the 82 year old record. Parle also gained a 5 % market share in the biscuit sector, which is a highly competitive one, during March, April and May of this year. These were the best months of their business since the company started.

Owing to the lockdown due to the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic this year, people started stocking essential and easily available food items including the popular biscuit Parle – G. Other than this, many NGOs and Government Agencies bought many Parle – G packets for distribution of relief packages. These facts led to the large sales of the biscuit. The company itself distributed 3 crore packs as relief packages to the needy. The very affordable 5 Rupee packs came handy to many migrant workers and laborers who had to travel by foot to return to their native places.

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Parle Registered its best growth in 30-40 years

Parle gained the highest growth rate among all the other biscuit brands. The growth rate increase is also its best growth rate of the last 40 years. The company also said that this type of growth is also previously experienced during other phases of crisis in the country like earthquakes and tsunamis when the sales of Parle – G went up exponentially.

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Parle – G which is very popular from many decades is one of India’s oldest and best biscuit brands which has been serving constantly as people’s favorite tea time snack for many generations. It has also maintained the taste and quality during all these years. Known as ‘Bharat ka Apna Biscuit’, the biscuit company supports the #VocalForLocal campaign started by our Honorable Prime Minister. It was also declared the world’s largest selling biscuit brand by Nielsen in the year 2013.

The company currently has 130 factories in India of which 120 are currently producing continuously so that the biscuits are available at most of the retail stores.

Parle – G comes under the Rs 100 per Kg category which makes it affordable for everyone and makes it the popular choice for people during such desperate times.

Not only Parle- G, but many other biscuit brands have seen a massive growth in their sales during the lockdown. Biscuit brands such as Britannia’s Good Day and Parle’s Hide and Seek have also enjoyed the growth of sales during the past months.

Randeep Hooda’s Plea to Parle – G

Famous Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda after this news has tweeted about Parle – G asking them to end the use of plastic for its packaging which is badly affecting the nature. He requested the company to switch from plastic packaging to a biodegradable material.

In his own words, Randeep Hooda said, “My whole career is fuelled by chai and Parle-G since theater days. Can you imagine how much less single use plastic waste there will be if just Parle-G changed it’s packing to an alternate biodegradable material? Now the sales are up let’s see the contribution to a better Tom (tomorrow) too”

Randeep Hooda on Twitter

The actor who is known as a nature lover and has previously worked for this cause has come up with a very good suggestion for the company and which will also ben

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