Ringostat Review : Intelligent Call Tracking

Charudath K Nair Charudath K Nair
Jun 12, 2021 6 min read
Ringostat Review : Intelligent Call Tracking

Marketing and CRM are delicate aspects of a business regardless of its scale. Advertising generates client interests and these may be in the form of phone calls. Phone calls done right are one of the most effective ways to turn clients into customers. How do you do this though? Ringostat is an intelligent call tracking and end-to-end analytics tracking platform with features to optimize CRM and marketing. Ringostat is more than just a telemarketing tool.

Ringostat includes features that cover three main aspects: analytics, communication, and sales. Ringostat helps businesses identify their best places for customers through call tracking. This data can give valuable insight on where to invest depending on the gains.

Ringostat: Features
1. Call Tracking
2. End-to-End Analysis
3. Virtual PBX
Ringostat: Pricing
Ringostat: Is it Worth it?
Ringostat: Conclusion
Ringostat: FAQs

Ringostat: Features

Ringostat is aimed at businesses that receive at least 50% or more of their client responses via phone. It has features curated to analyze and sort out these calls. Ringostat’s features are priced so you only pay for features you need. This popular pricing approach is often the best, especially when it comes to trying out a service. The primary features of Ringostat are:

1. Call Tracking

Having a direct conversation through the phone is a great way to build customer relationships. Ringostat provides the user with different phone numbers for various places of advertising. Once the calls start coming in, it displays all the analytics including the specific ad in a dedicated dashboard. This is great for businesses as they understand what advertisements are doing better by taking a glimpse of the analytics graph. Knowing the right places to invest always helps and this is no different.

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2. End-to-End Analysis

Besides tracking calls, Ringostat does a good job in analysis. Statistics for most clicked ads, session data about calls, and periodic reports are available. It collects data from the very beginning of customer engagement. These reports help in optimizing the expenses and avoiding unnecessary advertisements. Information about specific keywords in a call can reveal the customer’s view of the product. Using Google Analytics they claim up to 97% accuracy. This feature is not entirely perfect but it works for the most part as long as the user is concerned.

Ringostat - Example of generated report

3. Virtual PBX

A Private Branch Exchange or PBX is an internal network within an organization to handle internal and external calls. Ringostat offers a virtual PBX which doesn’t need any local hardware. It is a cloud-based solution and a better alternative to traditional PBX. Calls made by users go through the PBX for tracking. Activities like call forwarding and interlinking are managed by the platform automatically. Users and call center employees get to have a conversation easier due to virtual PBX.

Besides these features, it includes cloud-based call recording, Ringostat Smart Phone for receiving calls in your browser, and a messenger. Furthermore, it provides a dedicated CRM dashboard and widgets for ease of access. There is also a callback feature and voicemail box for the authentic phone experience. These features work great when combined but also stand up for themselves if purchased individually.

Ringostat: Pricing

Each feature can be bought separately to suit the needs of an organization. These features can also be integrated with comparable third-party apps. A free trial period of 14 days is available if you just wish to try out the service. The features are priced as follows:

  • Call Tracking - $49/month
  • Virtual PBX - $33/month
  • Analytics - $33/month
  • Ringostat Smart Phone - $33/month
  • Callback - $33/month

The prices although subject to changes are mostly stable throughout the year. The services are priced to be affordable to both small businesses and large enterprises. Third-party integrations work well and the platform itself works with Google Analytics.

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Ringostat: Is it Worth it?

As stated on the company website, if your business does indeed receive 50% or more traffic in the form of phone calls, Ringostat can be a great platform. Even if it’s just the PBX their services are great compared to traditional PBX solutions. Priced affordably these services can step up your marketing game and make new customers. The UI can seem complicated at first glance but this is backed up by their highly-rated support team. Ringostat offer 24/7 technical support for all services. In a survey it was revealed that 86% of people want to ask questions in person before buying a product. In today’s automated digital world, perhaps investing in human interaction will make a change. Ringostat just makes the process easier with reports and analytical data.

If your business gets more sales just from clicks and website traffic then there is no need for a telephone platform. The use of a service depends on the business and if the criteria are met it’s something worth trying.

Ringostat: Conclusion

Having a dedicated case study page on their website, Ringostat claims to have boosted sales of businesses along the lines of real estate, startups, and food products. The platform has done well in the past with high ratings among advertisers, media industries, and telemarketing firms. If having a good CRM and investing in the right sources is something that you want to do, Ringostat can do more than just track calls for you. The platform can indeed bring in an influx of customers if used efficiently regardless of the service you chose to go with.

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Ringostat: FAQs

What is Ringostat?

Ringostat is an intelligent call tracking and end-to-end analytics tracking platform with features to optimize CRM and marketing.

Who is the founder of Ringostat?

Ringostat was founded by Oleksandr Maksimeniuk, a web analyst in 2014.

What are the features of Ringostat?

The primary features of Ringostat are - Call Tracking, End to End Analysis and Virtual Private Branch Exchange (PBX).

What are the prices of the features provided by Ringostat?

Call Tracking - $49/month, Virtual PBX - $33/month, Analytics - $33/month, Ringostat Smart Phone - $33/month, Callback - $33/month.

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