How to Generate Leads With The WhatsApp Chat Widget on a Website?

How to Generate Leads With The WhatsApp Chat Widget on a Website?

WhatsApp is no longer only a tool for chatting. It is the most widely used messaging platform globally. Over 2 billion people use it regularly. And that number keeps rising.

WhatsApp is a powerful tool for communicating with and building connections with your consumers. It's quite widespread, far faster than email, and simple to use. WhatsApp is now being used as one of the primary customer communication mediums by an increasing number of businesses, both online and offline.

But only a few businesses are fully utilizing WhatsApp's potential for lead generation and acquisition, despite the fact that it is increasingly being incorporated into customer service channels. Here's how to implement WhatsApp chat to boost your website's overall conversion rates and generate more leads.

5 Benefits of Integrating WhatsApp Chat on Your Website
How to Add WhatsApp to Your Website?
How WhatsApp Web Chat can Help Your Business

5 Benefits of Integrating WhatsApp Chat on Your Website

The advantages of integrating WhatsApp into your website and marketing plan rely on how well you implement the messaging service. The following are some typical benefits.

Easy to Connect With Customers

Since customers prefer engaging in a chat over speaking with a customer support representative, chat has a significant impact on sales. Customers can now chat with your brand more easily than ever when you incorporate WhatsApp into your website.

Communicate With Website Visitors

You won't be able to get in touch with a website visitor who uses live chat after they leave the website. A visitor who contacts you over WhatsApp can be easily contacted again without having to wait on your website for a response.

Even if your clients aren't online, you can still communicate with them. You may send them broadcasts with information on promotional coupons, new releases, and other important news after they add your number to their contact lists.

Provides Personalized Experience

WhatsApp is an app that we all use daily to communicate with our friends and family. You naturally develop a more close connection with your consumer by integrating your company into that setting.

Especially if you can respond quickly and informally. Incorporating WhatsApp on your website might increase your chances of connecting with users through one of their preferred mobile messaging services.

Increases Sales

To encourage more individuals to buy, WhatsApp can present helpful information about your offerings. Overall, WhatsApp chat enables greater conversion and quicker customer connection.

Automated Responses Provide Instant Replies

Customers that prefer to chat frequently don't want to wait for a response. Their demands are well-served by automated answers. Customers can be guided through steps for making purchases, confirming reservations, checking the status of their purchases, and completing other frequent actions using automated answers with WhatsApp.

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How to Add WhatsApp to Your Website?

There are numerous ways to incorporate WhatsApp into your website, and we'll examine 3 of them in this post so you can pick the simplest one to start with.

Chat Widget

An Example- The website Wati uses Whatsapp chat widget
An Example- The website Wati uses Whatsapp chat widget

Similar to other assistance options like Live Chat, which we frequently encounter online, a chat widget is the best way to include a WhatsApp button on your website. In addition to directing all traffic produced into the instant messaging channels of their choosing, this will enable website visitors to start a chat with only one click.

When it comes to customer trust, businesses that offer a WhatsApp chat button typically have the upper hand. The reasonable explanation for this is that customers can contact companies by simply clicking on the WhatsApp Button symbol on their website, which launches a WhatsApp dialogue window.

You must first choose the best chat widget provider of your choice, create your account, construct your own widget in a few steps, and then put it on your website using either WordPress or Google Tag Manager. The widget may be configured to appear on both desktop and mobile devices, or both.

The widget will then show up on the bottom edge of your website's pages (you can choose to have it appear on the right or left of the screen), giving your website visitors the option to contact you by tapping on the WhatsApp button.


An Example- The website Kommo has a click-to-chat feature on its website which then opens up  another window
An Example- The website Kommo has a click-to-chat feature on its website which then opens up another window

With WhatsApp's click-to-chat functionality, users may click a URL to begin a conversation with a specific person or company. You can do this without saving any phone numbers on your phone. You can open a conversation by clicking the link and begin typing. Both WhatsApp Web and the smartphone app are compatible with this.

You could use this capability to attach phrases like "Chat with us!" to WhatsApp. Your phone number can also be typed out and linked. If you want to provide WhatsApp throughout your whole online customer service experience, it becomes a little more challenging to give a click-and-chat link on your contact page. Your website would seem cluttered if you have to share this link on every page.

You must update this URL,[WhatsAppNumber], to create a click-to-chat link. The phone number you want to use should be entered in place of the "WhatsApp number."

QR Code

An Example- the website CM uses Whatsapp QR code on its website
An Example- the website CM uses Whatsapp QR code on its website

Presently, QR codes are more popular and widely used in the modern world. Customers may find it tedious to have to add a mobile number to their contacts list to begin a WhatsApp communication. This isn't a practical method, especially if you intend to provide this channel as a business.

By adding your company's phone number to a customer's contact list, a QR code helps automate the procedure. To launch WhatsApp and enter your number, all your users need to do is scan their smartphone to the display. It's simple and obvious, just what your clients want and needs.

You must first establish a click-to-chat link before creating a QR code. Through tools like QR Code Generator, this click-to-chat link can then be converted into a QR code.

How WhatsApp Web Chat can Help Your Business?

WhatsApp users worldwide
WhatsApp users worldwide

Hereโ€™s how WhatsApp chat on your website can help you capture leads and increase your overall conversion rates.

Personalized Customer Support

WhatsApp is a highly useful tool to implement into your system, and it also helps make customer service more personalized. You could have several customer service representatives that visitors can choose from when contacting you through your website by using the WhatsApp widget. Your customers will have better customer service thanks to this quick and efficient communication system, which will increase their likelihood of making purchases from you and regularly visiting the website.

Marketing and Sales

You can add a conversational aspect to the online presence by including a WhatsApp chat on your website. In a friendly and casual setting, it helps your staff to gather leads, recommend items, and even complete transactions.

By removing the requirement for manual data collecting, WhatsApp webchat enables you to get more leads. You will instantly receive the names and phone numbers of leads who start a WhatsApp web chat. The customer can still continue the chat on WhatsApp after leaving the website. This is a significant advantage of WhatsApp over standard live chat.

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To interact with current and potential customers, you can still prefer email and the phone. WhatsApp, however, brings a lot of exciting opportunities. It helps you to transform what is typically a one-way conversation into one that's simultaneous and entirely at the convenience of the customers, encouraging customer engagement and loyalty.

When using WhatsApp for sales, marketing, and customer support, real-time data sharing and processing is possible. To increase your lead generation and sales closing rates, you can utilize WhatsApp differently. However, the magic lies in how effortless it is for you to introduce your marketing message into the routines of potential leads with WhatsApp.


When was WhatsApp launched?

WhatsApp was launched in January 2009.

Who is the current CEO of WhatsApp?

Will Cathcart is the CEO of WhatsApp since 2019.

How many users use WhatsApp daily?

Over 2 billion people use WhatsApp regularly worldwide.

Which country has the most WhatsApp users?

India has the most WhatsApp users in the world.

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