Why did Thailand ban Meme coin (Dogecoin), NFTs, and other exchange tokens?

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Jun 15, 2021 4 min read
Why did Thailand ban Meme coin (Dogecoin), NFTs, and other exchange tokens?

The cryptocurrencies have been receiving a lot of regulations. A lot of Government’s has been banning certain digital coins are a certain type of transaction with the latest news being from China. The most recent news is from Thailand where the government has banned a set of digital coins introducing a new regulation for the cryptocurrency market. Let’s look at the reason why Thailand banned meme coin and other NFT's.

Thailand Dogecoin Ban– Latest News
What is the the Law laid by Thailand regarding crypto exchanges
Reason Why Thailand banned Dogecoin and other Crypto exchange
Other norms laid by Thailand

Thailand Dogecoin Ban– Latest News

Thailand had conveyed that they have introduced a selective ban on the cryptocurrency market which focuses on meme coins, Fan tokens and Non-Fungible Tokens. The Securities and Exchange Commission Board has set a prohibition for the exchanges dealing with the digital assets from providing the services related to these assets.

On 9 June 2021, there was a meeting held by the Securities and Exchange Commission where the new resolution was passed. The new law that was passed was under the Rules, Conditions and Procedures for undertaking Digital Asset Business as per SEC Secretary General Ruenvadee Suwanmongkol.

The new law had been come into effect from 11 June 2021 following the publication in the Government Gazette.

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What is the the Law laid by Thailand regarding crypto exchanges

The new law has laid down restrictions regarding the crypto exchanges in the country from listing the Utility Tokens and certain types of cryptocurrencies on the exchange. This will include the meme coins, Fan tokens, Non-Fungible tokens and Digital Tokens.

The new law will be effective from 11 June 2021 and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand directed the Digital Asset exchanges to remove the listing of such currencies within the time period of 30 days.

Number of Dogecoin transactions
Number of Dogecoin Transactions

Reason Why Thailand banned Dogecoin and other Crypto exchange

The new regulation is focused to protect the interest of the cryptocurrency or digital asset traders as stated by the Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC of Thailand had conveyed that the Meme coin has no specific objective or an underlying principle and added that the price of the coin is entirely dependent on the hype created on the social media platforms.

The price fluctuates according to the trend on the social media platforms. Some of the famous examples of meme coins include Dogecoin, Shiba Inu Coin and SafeMoon.

The SEC of Thailand has also conveyed that Fan tokens are just based on the influence of certain influencers in the society and considered them to be unfit for the traders.

The Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission had also mentioned that they have banned the Non-Fungible Tokens that are issued by the Cryptocurrency exchanges or Digital Asset exchanges and also from the related persons known to the traders as exchange tokens.

Non-Fungible Tokens act as a certificate of ownership for the unique Digital art and exchange tokens are offered by the cryptocurrency exchanges to the traders or their users for further investments or transactions.

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Other norms laid by Thailand

The Thai SEC had also defined another Norm where the there is a requirement that is imposed in the event that digital tokens that are issued by their own exchange or related persons are listed on the stock exchange.

It was also mentioned that any issuer of the token who would fail to comply with the white paper and the relevant rules will have their tokens being removed from the listed token in the exchange.

As mentioned earlier Thailand is one of the earliest countries to have been laid down regulation on the cryptocurrency market. Earlier China had laid down a set of regulations into the digital asset market which was specifically targeted on cryptocurrency mining which focused on bitcoin.


However, it is seen that the Government of different countries has taken their efforts to tackle down on the cryptocurrencies with a lot of cases coming up against the digital assets. The blockchain technology on the other hand has proved to be really effective and useful for the Governments’. We will have to look forward to knowing what the future holds for these digital assets.


Why did Thailand ban Dogecoin and other NFT's?

Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission stated that they have imposed a ban to protect the interest of the cryptocurrency or Digital Asset exchanges.

Who is the owner of Dogecoin?

The popular meme coin dogecoin was created by Billy Markus, he claimed that he created the crypto in just two hours.

Why is dogecoin called a meme coin?

Dogecoin is often referred as meme coin because it was created as a meme on the popular meme dog Shiba Inu.

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