Best Work From Home Job Portals

Best Work From Home Job Portals

Being a teenager in the Covid times is the most frustrating thing ever. We get it, all your plans of earning and being financially free were masked due to the pandemic. However, let's get real, things have been going a bit easier than the beginning of the year and nows the time to get back on track.

If you're a teenager or an adult looking for an internship or a job and are aiming to outdo your own expectations here’s a personalized list of work from home job search portals that helped us get satisfactory jobs.

Work from home job search portals are not as easy as they sound. Currently, Millions of people are applying on all of the job search portals available on the internet no matter which language, crowd, or country they cater and for you to stand apart it's extremely important for you to have a well-drafted resume. You can use several tools to draft a classy resume that makes your recruiter call you. Use tools like Canva or Google docs’s simple templates.

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If you're looking for getting experience and an internship for your side expenses, Internshala is perfect for you. Its recommended for teenagers who are stepping into the real world. Internshala also helps you draft a resume and uses that resume to suggest recruiters.

You can personally choose your preferences and chat with recruiters. Having a good fresher resume will eventually get you amazing opportunities to start out. Internshala is an amazing place for you to start your journey and explore more things that might interest you. The website also offers paid courses in case you're interested to expand your skillset.

Benefits Of Remote Working
Benefits Of Remote Working

Draft resume, give your keyword preferences and that’s another quality work from home job search portal for you, only if you're willing to work hard. Alright so, is also an amazing job portal for serious jobs. The website recommends you jobs according to the keyword that you set. Here though, you have to upload your own drafted resume and just fill in your personal details.

The job portal displays your search appearances and recruiter actions taken on your profile. The job portal allows you to save or star mark the jobs you like and apply to them at your own convenience. The work from home job search portal notifies you if a recruiter wishes to connect with you. You can also view his/her past referrals and you can connect with them.


Facebook for Professionals. That's Linkedin for you in a nutshell. Having a LinkedIn profile is quite necessary these days. It keeps a professional record of you and helps you grow each day. You can follow your friends, relatives, teachers and even your idols and be in touch with them professionally.

Pro-tip, if you're a beginner optimize your Linkedin the best you can since most employers will definitely ask for your Linkedin profile link, and leaving the space empty is a straight no. You can save alerts for your favorite companies and preferred job options. Recruiters to connect with potential employees on Linkedin.


Glassdoor is one such work from home job search portal that values transparency, quality employees appreciate when they’re looking for potential employers. Glassdoor helps you get satisfactory information about the company’s ratings, salaries.

Amazingly, the website also sheds light on a company’s hiring process. Sign up for Glassdoor’s emails to get daily updates about jobs that are suitable for you to get financially free.

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FlexJobs is a popular work from home job portal. The website requires you to get a membership to keep your resume in the highlights. The membership can be easily purchased on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Flex jobs does flex the number of days since the posting of the job so that you can be well acquainted with your time of submission. Having one of the largest databases, Flex jobs cater to people searching for part-time and full-time jobs seeking audience. Unlimited access to the website costs $14.95 a month however, fresh members can get a discounted price.

Industries That Work From Home
Industries That Work From Home

Sara Sutton, the founder and CEO of Flex jobs also founded Remote. co. Remote. co focus its attention solely on work from home opportunities and doesn’t show much need for locations or telecommunication as the jobs simply work from home, jobs which have no need for your physical presence. Data entry, teaching, healthcare etc are some jobs that are made easy to find on remote. co. One can add personalized listings on the job search portal according to difficulty and pay levels.

We Work Remotely

With more than 2.5 million monthly visitors, We Work Remotely claims to be one of the largest job search portals in the world. Unlike some work from home job portals, We Work Remotely is referred by high-end companies such as Google, Amazon, and Basecamp.

This site doesn't have a fancy interface and that makes searching convenient for remote jobs. The site also provides a number of work resources which include a list of companies and a job title of the top 100 remote companies which are currently hiring.

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Elance and oDesk merged together to form the work from home job portal called Upwork. Both the parent websites were quite famous in the freelancing arena. Now, Upwork claims itself to be the world's largest freelance talent marketplace. Freelancers looking for jobs at Upwork create profiles which highlight their skillset and experience along with their portfolios and job history.

Upwork connects clients and freelancers by allowing the clients to post job listings ie. the type of work they want to be done. They can view freelancer’s profiles and choose a freelancer that they think will get their work done. Freelancers here can work online and get paid once the commission is done without any offline communication.


If you're a freelancer, this website should be your go-to. If you looking out to build your portfolio or starting out to gain some experience and earn while doing so Fiverr can be great for you! Most jobs or assignments on Fiverr cost around 5$ or in increments of 5$.

Fiverr is an absolute banger work from home job portal as it helps you meet potential clients from literally all fields. Here, the potential clients might post several jobs with the title “Edit my food advertisement” if you're an editor looking for editing gigs your freelancer version would say “Will edit a food advertisement”. This work from home job portal focuses more on gigs and freelancing.

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