Auric: 100% Natural Ayurvedic Drinks for Millennials!

Auric: 100% Natural Ayurvedic Drinks for Millennials!
Ayurvedic Brand - Auric

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Auric is a Direct to Consumer (D2C) brand that is creating innovative and convenient lifestyle products by blending Ayurveda with the benefits of modern sciences. Deepak Agarwal founded Auric to bring Ayurveda closer to Millennials! The USP of Auric's beverages lies in formulation - No preservatives, No added sugar, 100% natural & low calories.

StartupTalky interviewed Mr. Deepak Agarwal (Founder, Auric) to get insights into the startup story and roadmap of the organization. Let's discover more about Auric in this article -

Auric - Company Highlights

Startup Name Auric
Founder Deepak Agarwal
Headquarters New Delhi
Founded 2018
Industry D2C Ayurveda

Auric - About and Vision
Auric - Market/Industry Details
Auric - Founder
Auric - Startup Story
Auric - Idea & Inspiration
Auric - Products Offered
Auric - Ideology behind Name & Logo
Auric - Business Model
Auric - Revenue Model
Auric - Marketing Strategies
Auric - Growth
Auric - Funding and Investors
Auric - Tools used to run startup
Auric - Recognition/Achievements
Auric - Future Plans

Auric - About and Vision

Auric is essentially a novel and aspirational Direct To Consumer (D2C) brand creating innovative and convenient lifestyle products by blending Ayurveda with the benefits of modern sciences. It aims to break the lucrative $5 billion worth Ayurveda & Supplements industry by championing a scintillating array of world-class consumer products.

Auric operates in the mass-premium segment at the crossroads of Consumer Goods & Supplements. It has a unique range of Ayurveda-inspired, Coconut-water based drinks for Beauty & Wellness drinks for healthy skin, Balanced Weight & Stronger Hair being some of the examples. The company has also launched Ayurveda-based Hot Beverages such as - Moringa Masala Tea, Turmeric Coffee & Ashwagandha Hot Chocolate.

The long-term vision of Auric is to bring Ayurveda closer to Millennials - products. If Millennials prefer Turmeric Latte over Haldi Doodh then Auric is former than later. Auric wants to become part of the daily lifestyle of Millennials.

Auric - Market/Industry Details

There are broadly three themes where Auric is trying to own space -

a) Premiumisation: Aspirational shift from Haldi Doodh to Turmeric Latte

b) Convenience: From Ready-to-Make To Ready-to-Drink (Aloe Amla Juice vs Aloe Amla Drink)

c) Newness: Same Benefits, Different Formats (Glowing Skin Drink and Glowing Skin Tablet)

Globally, Ayurveda is a $5Bn market while Yoga is a $100B economy. Ayurveda essentially needs to address this gap through various form factors including beverages. Foods & Beverages as an industry is moving towards nutraceuticals through fortification and Ayurveda due to its credibility is turning out to be a driver of that fortification.

Ayurveda is an Ancient Wisdom and the wisdom has been carried over generations in multiple shapes & forms. Let's look at beverages, for example, the Ayurvedic Beverages market is going to be an intersection of the $10B beverages market and $1B nutraceuticals market.

At-home rituals such as Lemon water or Concentrates like Apple Cider Vinegar or Traditional choices such as Kadak Masala Tea & Buttermilk are rooted in ancient wisdom. The non-alcoholic drinking occasions market is replete with examples in packaged/branded and unpackaged/unbranded categories. Amla Juice is an example of the former while Haldi doodh is an example of the latter. As health and wellness rise, Ayurveda will find relevance in every drinking occasion of the multi-billion dollar beverage market.

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Auric - Founder

Deepak Agarwal is the Founder & the CEO of the company Auric.

Deepak Agarwal

Deepak Agarwal is the Founder & CEO of the company. He is a Fitness & Food enthusiast. The founder of Auric is quite passionate about the consumer brands of India! At Hindustan Unilever Ltd, he began his career as a summer intern and then joined the company as a Business Leadership Trainee. With every passing day, he got a higher position in the company. Currently, he is the founder & CEO of Auric. He is a graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Deepak completed his schooling from Apeejay School.

Deepak Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Auric

Auric - Startup Story

Deepak always dreamed of starting his own startup! After almost 10 long years in a corporate sector, he realized and founded his own Ayurveda drinks focussed startup. Since he belonged to a family of businessmen and chartered accountants, he too wanted to go in the same field. But from his college days, he was unable to find out in which sector he should start his business. For a long period of time, he was trying to find out the answer to his question and one fine day he got the answer from himself.

He used to be a sportsperson during his school days. But, unfortunately, he met with an accident during a football game which was conducted in his college. Deepak was the goalkeeper and during the game, a striker struck his knee which resulted in a number of fractures and so on. After this, he was totally off sports! This led him to ayurveda and he found his answer to the question. Soon after his corporate life ended, he started off with his new business idea.

Auric - Idea & Inspiration

A backbone fracture in University-led Deepak Agarwal, the Founder of Auric, to Yoga after Physiotherapy did not work for him. Yoga made Deepak a strong advocate of Ancient Wisdom which led him on the path to learn & experiment with Ayurveda.

Auric Founder
Deepak Agarwal - Founder of Auric

While convincing friends and family to adopt Ayurveda, he observed reasons of Millennials to not consume Ayurveda - poor sensorial, a little trust, or absence of aspiration. Since Millennials are going to carry the flag of Ayurveda in the future, Deepak decided to Build Auric - Ayurveda for Millennials. Wellness, Natural Living, and Going back to Roots are some of the strong drivers for Ayurveda to become a daily lifestyle for India going forward. Auric is at the helm of the same.

"We did our own little research starting with Herbal Juices. We found that almost every single Amla Juice & Aloe Vera Juice selling in the market was Junk" - says Deepak.

Millennials believe in Clean labels and 100% Natural Nutrition. "If you cannot feed the same products to your children, you may not as well sell to others", should be the wisdom of FMCG entrepreneurs. Also, most Ayurvedic products in the market do not mention basic details on calories, sugar, the fiber in the form of a nutrition table on the back of the pack. How else will we count the calories & sugar intake?

Auric - Products Offered

Coconut Water-based Ayurvedic Drinks and Ayurveda-inspired Hot Beverages are the product lines of Auric. Its highest selling products include Drinks for Glowing Skin & Sexual Wellness and Moringa Masala Tea.

The Auric beverages are made keeping in mind the traditional formulations from Charaka Samhita as well as recommended Daily Intake as prescribed by Ayurveda Pharmacopeia of India. Each bottle of Auric contains 25% of recommended daily intake of essential herbs for wellness and beauty.

Auric Products

The best part is, they do not add any preservatives or chemicals. Auric drinks are 100% natural, made with premium herbs, tender coconut water, and refreshing fruit juice - to deliver the benefits of Ayurveda with the convenience of a beverage. Auric doesn't allow any junk in its products. The team has distilled the goodness of 5 Ayurvedic herbs in each bottle of Auric and mixed it with coconut water.

Auric is a purpose-led brand with Ayurveda for Millennials. The purpose is to help make better choices for a better lifestyle whether it is Better Skin or Better Sexual Wellness or Better Tea for example. On other hand, a Millennial Ayurveda brand should make Ayurveda part of Millennial pop culture i.e. making Ayurveda trendy, relatable, and part of the lifestyle.

Auric (Awe-rik) is Inspired by the words Aura and Aurora that describe the mystical beauty of nature & its divinity.

Auric Logo

The name Auric also hints at the chemical name of Gold in Latin. It depicts the 'trivalent form' of Gold (meaning formed of 3 atoms) - depicting Body, Mind & Soul. The attributes of Gold further go on to inspire the personality of the three variants - Skin Radiance, Body Defence, and Mind Rejuvenation. On repetition, ‘Auric’ sounds like ‘Aur Ek’ which colloquially means “one more”, mentally conditioning the patrons to get another one.

The Logo Symbol represents an artistic version of the Celtic Symbol of the ‘Tree of Life’. Being nature-inspired, Auric strongly communicates Ayurvedic Science and many facets of it. Smart internal divisions create 5 leaf-like forms symbolizing 5 human senses. The interplay of the positive and negative space produces a life-like form sitting in a meditative posture while subtly creating the likeliness of a lotus. The custom-created Typeface has curved terminals and sharp edges denoting the Brand Personality to be bold & edgy, yet friendly & empathetic.

The typography is inspired by nature, which is subtly cued by the leaf-like terminals of the letters. The color of the Symbol is derived from the Brand Name and is thus an amalgamation of multiple shades of Gold. The Golden Symbol and the Black Wordmark complement each other well, as they are in perfect contrast; giving each other adequate visual space, whilst also navigating attention. The Symbol and the Wordmark harmoniously create a strong Visual Identity of the brand - a modern spin to the ancient art of Ayurveda.

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Auric - Business Model

Millennials today discover new brands online and hence, Auric is a 100% D2C online brand available pan India. Auric is essentially a novel and aspirational Direct To Consumer (D2C) brand creating innovative and convenient lifestyle products by blending Ayurveda with the benefits of modern sciences.

Auric operates in the mass-premium segment at the crossroads of Consumer Goods & Supplements. It has a unique range of Ayurveda-inspired, Coconut-water based drinks for Beauty & Wellness drinks for healthy skin, Balanced Weight & Stronger Hair being some of the examples.

Auric - Revenue Model

The revenue model of Auric is quite simple! Auric offers exotic discounts to its consumers almost everyday. Initially, there was an introductory offer which was only available for the first thousand consumers. Customers got free delivery all across the country. Auric till now tries to introduce different offers to its users because this benefits the company a lot. The company also provides a 10% discount on every drink purchased. Lifetime membership plan is also available at only Rs 500/- which is quite reasonable and after availing this, the users get a discount of 53% for the rest of the life.

Auric - Marketing Strategies

Auric's marketing strategy is well balanced across all three funnels - Top, Middle, and Bottom. Creating content in collaboration with social media influencers helps at the top while Facebook/Google helps at the bottom. A strong community of 120,000 Instagram followers does the job in the middle. Retention is a less talked about marketing plan but it is often a key element for the longevity of a brand.

Auric has worked out its email marketing strategy with Klaviyo and also, developed proprietary conversation technology to enable WhatsApp convenience for existing customers

Auric Marketing Strategies
Auric Marketing Funnel

The most successful marketing campaign has been Memes - A little cheeky & a little below the belt but On point Messaging with Humour.

Auric Marketing Strategy
Auric's Meme Marketing

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Auric - Growth

Auric is doing over 25,000 orders every month fully online in India. The startup has strong retention and NPS. Here is how Auric's website users have grown in the last 3 years -

Auric Growth
Growth of Auric's Website Users

Auric - Funding and Investors

Date Stage Amount Investors
June Quarter Pre-series A USD 2Mn Cactus Venture Partners, Venture Catalysts, 9Unicorns

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Auric - Tools used to run startup

Auric uses Google Analytics, Microsoft Excel, Whatsapp, and Facebook Analytics. It started on the Wix platform and has transitioned to Shopify in November 2021.

Auric - Recognition/Achievements

Auric was recently featured in the hottest 30 D2C startups in Inc42 Plus ’30 Startups to Watch.

Auric - Future Plans

Auric's vision is to make Better Life for Millennials with Ayurveda. On the brand side, Auric will use the power of content-community-commerce to become part of the attention and conversation of millennials. On the product side, Auric will bring Ayurveda Wellness in foods you eat as well as personal products you apply

Auric - FAQs

What is Auric?

Auric is a Direct to Consumer (D2C) brand that is creating innovative and convenient lifestyle products by blending Ayurveda with the benefits of modern sciences.

Who founded Auric?

Deepak Agarwal is the founder of Auric.

Is Auric an Indian brand?

Yes. Auric is an Indian startup headquartered in New Delhi.

How does Auric make money?

Auric is an online D2C ayurveda brand. It earns money by selling a variety of products like Coconut Water-based Ayurvedic Drinks, Ayurveda-inspired Hot Beverages, and more.

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