Azah - Taking Feminine Hygiene to the Next Level

Azah - Highlights

StartupName Azah
HeadQuarter Gurugram
Founder Shashwat Diesh & Aqib Mohammad
Sector Feminine Hygiene
Founding year 2018

Feminine hygiene in India was not considered as something important till a few years back. But with women becoming more and more educated and financially independent, they are becoming more aware of the need of personal hygiene. The need for products related to feminine hygiene is increasing. But at the same time the market is flooded with low quality products. Taking this problem in view, two energetic youth from Gurgaon has started a venture - Azah.

We are interviewing Azah founder Mr. Aqib Mohammad to learn about the growth and future plan of the company.

Azah - Vision and mission

In India, even in this 21st century, feminine and menstrual hygiene is a subject of ‘taboo’. There are many women who are still compromising with their health by using substandard products for menstrual hygiene. Keeping this concern in view Azah was started with a view to innovate, improve and deliver products that genuinely solves hygiene related problems faced by Indian women.

The company’s long term mission is to be a one stop solution for premium quality feminine hygiene products.

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Azah - Industry details

The feminine hygiene industry is growing fast in India, with women becoming more educated, financially independent and more aware about personal hygiene.

Revenue in the Feminine Hygiene segment amounts to US$105 Mn in 2019. The market is expected to grow annually by 6.7% (CAGR 2019-2021).

Azah - The idea

Menstruation and Menstrual problems are rarely discussed because of the social stigma associated with it. In this scenario it is a matter of courage for two boys to startup a company for manufacturing sanitary pads.

It all started with a casual conversation. Sometime around May 2018, our sister during a casual conversation mentioned that she faces the problem of rashes and itchiness because of the conventional sanitary pads available in the market. This problem made us curious enough to start researching on sanitary pads in general. End of May 2018, we did a survey related to this problem and got a response from 285 women validating the fact that rashes and itchiness are problems that 1 in 2 women face. On the 1st of June 2018, we left our prior commitments and started working on Azah full time. On October 28th 2018 we launched our product in the Indian Market”

Without support from family and friends it would have been very tough to startup a company to produce sanitary pads considering the taboo associated with it. - Said Aqib

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Azah is a hebrew name for a girl meaning strong and bright. The brand name is inspired by the immense strength a woman carries within herself and consequently as a brand, aims to lend the same qualities to its product line.

Azah Logo

Azah - Product

Currently Azah is manufacturing Ultra-soft organic sanitary pads, which are available in 2 types of boxes -  Box of 12 and 30 pads. Azah is committed to manufacturing premium quality product and like many mass produced pads, they do not use cheap raw materials like plastic and harmful synthetics. Azah pads are made ensuring premium quality at every stage of the production process.

The top layer of Azah pads is made with the finest organic cotton that leaves an ultra-soft surface.The core consists of a biodegradable superabsorbent which ensures a dry feeling even after several hours.

Azah is also one of the first companies in India to ensure that their pads meet approval of US FDA, one of the most reputed and strictest quality certification bodies in the world.

Azah Pads

Azah - Customer acquisition

It’s extremely hard to develop and design a product that you yourself can't use - Aquib

While the company got its first set of customers from friends and family, the biggest factor that helped the company scale to 5,000 customers in a matter of 90 days has been an overwhelmingly positive word of mouth.

The company also runs social media campaigns to promote its products.

Azah - Funding

The company was initiated with personal savings. Currently, the company is bootstrapped. However, it is already in talks with prominent angel investors in the country.

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Azah - Major challenges

According to the founder, Aqib Mohammad, brand stickiness is very high in this segment. There is very little consumer awareness and women just prefer using whatever brand they were introduced to, in the beginning by their mother or sister. So it's always a challenge for an upcoming brand to convince the customers to switch from their existing brands, which in some cases they've been using for as long as a decade.

Azah - Achievements

The company has achieved quite a lot during a short time. It has sold more than 100,000 pads within 90 days of launch. The company has successfully served customers in over 1308 pincodes across India, and it delivers effectively across the country, the average delivery time being 2.5 days.

The company has a retention rate of 90% and Net promoter score (NPS) +65.

Azah – Founders

The two young enthusiastic entrepreneurs who founded these company are Aqib Mohammad and Sashwat Diesh. Shashwat and Aqib met while they were working with Snapdeal and both came together to start Azah.

Aqib Mohammad

Aqib graduated from IIT Roorkee in 2015. He worked with Snapdeal and Co-founded Edtech startup, which got acquired in Oct 2016.

Shashwat Diesh

Shahwat graduated from R.V College of Engineering in 2012 and he has worked earlier with Ola and Snapdeal.

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Azah - Work culture

We are friends first then colleagues - said Aqib Mohammad.

The biggest motivation for every single member of the Azah team is the positive impact that is created through the work that they do throughout the day.

Azah - Competitors

The company has tough competition from international market leaders in feminine hygiene like P&G and Johnson & Johnson. But the company has been successful in carving its niche in the market and earn trust of consumers.

Azah - Future plans

The company’s future plan is to be a one stop solution for all premium feminine hygiene products. The company aims to serve 20,000 customer per month before the end of the quarter January-2019 - March 2019.

Azah - Advisors and mentors

The company is growing under the expert guidance of Mr. Mehmood Khan who served in Global leader innovation process, Unilever from 1990-2009.

Azah - Founders advice

Don’t be afraid of taking risks. More importantly don’t be afraid of failure. - Aquib

Website - Azah

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