How Can Edtech Startups Generate Leads?

How Can Edtech Startups Generate Leads?
How can edtech startups generate leads?

Every visit has the potential to generate a lead. To build a connection and convert casual visitors into qualified leads, you must provide current and relevant information while encouraging interaction with the material on your website. It would be ideal if you tried to meet prospects' needs in every buying process.
Customers that visit your website will thank you for your efforts by providing you with their contact information if you do it correctly. Making visitors into sales-ready leads involves a multi-pronged strategy that utilizes a variety of formats and platforms across several channels.

Through marketing activities focused on brand development, growing product awareness, earning customer trust, and establishing your position as an industry expert, we can generate a lead.

Continue to produce content that piques people's curiosity while also offering answers, and your warm leads will become hot leads. So, what exactly is the content?

Lead Generation Strategies That Work for Edtech Startups

Getting Marketing Qualified Leads Into the Sales Process

Lead Generation Strategies That Work for Edtech Startups

Blog Posts

Blog Posts for generating leads for edtech Startup
Blog Posts for generating leads for edtech Startup

The way you create and position your blog material will become more important as search engine optimization evolves. It is no longer enough to use keywords with high search traffic merely. You'll attract leads seeking particular solutions if you use a topic cluster - which involves identifying the main issue in your company and selecting 8-20 subtopics using relevant search phrases - to organize your content.
As an ed-tech firm, you can be certain that your prospects are well-educated. As a result, you want to deliver articles that provide a solution to their issue and provide answers to particular concerns they may have. Please use internal linkages to redirect readers to more related pages and route them to a pillar page with more in-depth information. We'll go into further detail about this in 7.

Live Chat

Live Chat for generating leads for Edtech Startup
Live Chat for generating leads for edtech Startup

A chatbot allows visitors to connect with your brand while maintaining their privacy. A website visitor may have questions, but they may not be ready to speak with a salesperson immediately.

Although your sales representatives are really helpful, many casual browsers are put off by the prospect of establishing human contact, especially when they are in the early phases of decision-making. In certain cases, an online discussion might allow a long-term relationship to develop.

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Posts on Social Media Platforms

Continue to follow education leaders to stay on top of issues in the sector and generate material to address those issues. Product announcements and other news relevant to your market should be sent out through Twitter. Take advantage of hashtags to ensure that your target market can discover you.
This industry has highly qualified individuals. A LinkedIn marketing campaign is one of the most successful methods accessible to edtech companies for locating new consumers. Even while Facebook is less formal, it still enables you to use eye-catching photos of your product in action to draw attention to it. Facebook is also an excellent location to publish photographs and videos that others can share.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos for generating leads for Edtech Startup
Explainer Videos for generating leads for Edtech Startup

Identify subjects in your area of expertise that may be highlighted by a video presentation and make a list of them; rather than selling, attempt to educate. When people watch television, they are bombarded with advertising.
Explainer videos simplify complicated concepts or business news into digestible chunks that anybody can understand. For example, when selling school administration software, you could wish to target your market with a video that describes changes to the state's teacher evaluation measures.


Podcasts for generating leads for Edtech Startup
Podcasts for generating leads for Edtech Startup

Set up an educational technology podcast series to address difficulties or analyze developments in your particular section of the tech industry. Podcasts appeal to professionals who desire a hands-free approach to keeping up with the latest developments in their sector or learning something completely new.
Expert interviews, educator profiles, and sneak peeks at the newest advancements in educational technology are all possible topics for podcasts to cover.


Webinars for generating leads for Edtech Startup
Webinars for generating leads for Edtech Startup

Provide free training, insights into new technologies, and methods to education professionals in exchange for their time. Please include a link to a slide deck that can be downloaded to improve the likelihood that your webinar or sections will be shared with others.

Pillar Pages

Long-form material that focuses on a primary subject relevant to your products or services is a pillar page. By creating a series of blog entries focused on subtopics that your audience is interested in, you will have the material necessary to create a pillar page that is both instructional and attractive to your audience. Even though pillar sites are not gated, you may provide visitors with a PDF to download, generating leads.

Media Coverage

Identify and cultivate connections with education reporters in local and national news sources, and provide interviews, insights, and responses to current events that impact education. Identify well-known blogs in your sector and offer to guest write on their sites.

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Getting Marketing Qualified Leads Into the Sales Process

In the marketing funnel, prospects connect with your company at various phases. They arrive at your website with varying degrees of curiosity. Your digital marketing plan must include a mechanism for recognizing this and serving visitors with material relevant to their current requirements.

Depending on the prospect, some may be interested in your product but not quite ready to buy, while others may be ready to talk with someone from your sales department. A page-hijacking form requesting an email address, phone number, and "best time to call" will result in the marginally interested visitor departing your website without ever looking at it.

Another option is to send the lead to a sales representative if a contact has subscribed to your newsletter, downloaded marketing literature, and enquired about price through your chatbot. It is known as being at the bottom of the funnel. An automated marketing platform will assign a score to each step a lead performs.
The lead will be transferred to your customer relationship management software when a tipping point is achieved.


Delivering the appropriate information to the right person at the right time is essential when it comes to lead generation and turning those leads into sales. You can turn your website into a lead-generating engine if you have a complete digital marketing plan in place and a method to gather and qualify data.


How can Edtech Startups generate leads?

Edtech startups can generate leads by using these lead generation strategies:

  • Blog Posts
  • Live Chat
  • Posts on Social Media Platforms
  • Explainer Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Pillar Pages
  • Media Coverage

Which are the top Edtech Startups in India?

Some of the top Edtech Startups in India are:

  • Byju's
  • Unacademy
  • UpGrad
  • Vedantu
  • Toppr
  • Coursera
  • Cuemath

How big is the EdTech industry?

The global EdTech market size was valued at USD 106 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 127 billion in 2022.

How to market for EdTech Startups?

Marketing strategies for Edtech Startups are:

  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Ads

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