Interview with Gaurav Arora, Founder RedKnot

Shubham Kumar Shubham Kumar
Jan 23, 2020 2 min read
Interview with Gaurav Arora, Founder RedKnot

1. What is Redknot Marketing Solutions and what services does it provide to the industry?

Redknot is the specialist in corporate and institutional events. We provide full-service event management right from concept building, strategizing the objectives, facilitating comprehensive communication flow to creating genuine brand experiences and integrating valuable technology throughout the event development process.
We are passionate and our services are wide ranged from event management to experiential marketing.

2. What is the vision behind the inception of RedKnot?

The vision with which RedKnot entered the market was to dream up and organize exciting and inspiring experience. We wanted to leave an impact on the ecosystem of marketing that is experience oriented and consumer led. Today after 8 years of operations, RedKnot envisions to get rid of the box instead of thinking out of the box. Our vision is to exceed the expectation on every delivery that we make. RedKnot’s value proposition is quality over quantity. We aim to identify the problem with a current scenario and suggest a solution correspondingly.

3. Which clients does RedKnot service and how do these services add value?

The company’s proficiency in the marketing and event management domain has led it to gain multiple prestigious clients like Coca Cola, HTC, ICICI Prudential and Mahindra Two Wheelers among others. RedKnot has supported these and many other global brands in conceptualising the themes of events, strategizing the execution and then finally generating large consumer impact from the events. These are all subsets of the BTL campaigns that RedKnot supports in executing for the clients.
These services add value to the business because they generate impact by gauging the attention of the audience.

4. Looking at the ecosystem of marketing, how do you think RedKnot can support the brands in reaching out to consumers better?

I believe that consumer remembers a brand that has the passion to come to them in a larger-than-life manner. This we commonly call as ‘User Experience’. At RedKnot, we want to create such an experience through every event we conceptualise.
We believe that listening is as important as talking. This perspective has helped us in understanding our clients and their needs at a molecular level. This understanding has led to RedKnot’s ability to create ideas, conceptualise the theme and service the deliveries for clients.

5. Do you as a B2B brand, rely on technology in creating experience for your clients? If yes, how much of it is future proof ?

Managing events is by large a complex process. As a service provider, we operate pan India, organizing events for our clients. Accessibility, affordability and accuracy becomes a challenge sometimes. However, with the advent of emerging technologies like Analytics tools, big data and AI, there is a blooming potential for Event and Experiential Marketing ecosystem to diversify. We rely on technology for our data management, daily operations and reporting. This reliance however is subjective in nature to the extent to which user experience has to be made available.
The technology used today would incrementally grow in future which is why I believe that it is future-proof to a major extent. Although there is some amount of obsoletion that it (Technology) suffers from, however the emerging technologies are by large immune to the future dynamics.

6. What is the business growth strategy that RedKnot is looking at?

We are passionate about what we do. This is our core strength and hence we always want to expand our reach in the industry. Our vision is to set a benchmark of state-of-the-art service delivery to our clients. We want to diversify into new verticals while attaining excellence in what we are doing. Our objective is to expand both vertically and horizontally.

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