How to Check for Backlinks of a Website?

How to Check for Backlinks of a Website?
Checking Backlinks

Backlinks add credibility to your web page, and act as a vote of confidence, by the other websites which have backlinks to your website. This means that the higher the number of backlinks other websites have for your websites, the better the search engine ranks your site in the search results. This is why having more backlinks to your website gives it an edge over others in a similar domain.

Spending on SEO is a good practice, only until it helps you rank better. If you have any bad links to/on your website, the overall search ranking of your website is highly affected. This is where backlink searching tools come in handy. Moreover, it is extremely important to evade link-based penalties, that are easily avoidable with Backlink searching applications. It also helps escape de-indexing of your website and saves it from negative SEO.

Sometimes it is necessary and unavoidable to perform a backlink analysis of your competitors, to see where you lag, and in what area or domain, the audience is driven by your competitors. By doing this, you can assess the competition in the industry that you're part of, and analyze what makes others rank better than you. You can also identify the strong backlinks that your competitors use to drive more audience and earn their search ranking, which you can later use on your website.

  • Make a list of your competitors from the industry or domain. You can use various tools including Alexa's Audience Overlap tool to do this.
  • Mark the number of backlinks for each competitor. You can do this using various site comparison tools.
  • Make note of the page authority of the linking sites, since the sites with a higher page authority contribute more and a greater value.
  • Analyze the linking sites to identify which of them are driving higher traffic to your competitor's websites. You can also link to common backlink websites using the saved list.
  • Save the sites which you find are of higher value in backlinking and prepare a link building plan to link with the same.

Various tools help you find backlinks to a particular site or a page and analyze page authority and perform backlink analysis. Here we compare 5 Backlink Checker and Analysis tools, which help you look for backlinks and can help you grow organic traffic on your site using backlink analysis.

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Moz Pro
Ahrefs Backlink Checker

Moz Pro

Moz Pro Backlink

Moz Pro offers a complete analysis of the URL of a website that you need to check for backlinks, and all you need to do is sign up. Get the Page Authority, Domain Authority, inbound links, and much more to know why your website ranks what it does. It also allows you to monitor where your competitors earn their links and helps you fix broken links to your site, improving the quality. Moz Pro can do more than just check for backlinks, including researching for quality content and analyzing other SEO elements.

Features Offered by Moz Pro

  • Moz Pro helps you detect spam links to your sites and hence improve the quality of backlinks for better SEO.
  • Analyze full anchor text and see how other websites are linking to your website, and also check domain authority, page authority, and spam with a spam checker.
  • Analyze links in real-time and find when your website is gaining and losing links, and also discover who links with your competitors.
  • Research top performers, your competitors and compare your content to see how you can rank better in SEO, and google search.
  • For finding backlinks, Moz Pro has a very simple interface where all you need to do is signup and enter the URL that you need to check the backlinks for.
  • Create a Moz account to access and utilize SEO tools and verify your email.
  • Enter the URL of the website or the page that you wish to search for backlinks.
  • Get complete URL analysis with not just the backlinks, but also other SEO data.


SEMRush is a tool that offers quality backlinks and also helps you check for them along with enhancing your SEO ranking. It helps you build SEO friendly links and improve outreach, and is an acclaimed tool for that matter. SEMRush also flaunts the world's largest Backlink Index, with public updates every 2 days. Moreover, it offers you Backlink Analytics, Gaps, and Audit with a unique suite and a lot more functionality than other Backlink searching tools.

Features Offered by SEMRush

  • The Backlink Analytics provides you with research and insights into your competitions along with backlink opportunities and a clean link profile.
  • Compare backlink profiles with the Backlink Gap tool and benchmark backlink profiles of different domains and assess your situation.
  • SEMRush also offers to audit your backlink profile, and helps you get rid of toxic links with backlink monitoring and analysis.
  • SEMRush allows you to brand, schedule, and white-label your data and also build custom pdf reports.
  • Search for backlinks, filter them, identify toxic backlinks with markers, and use other backlink filters and integrations.
Ahrefs Backlink Checker

Ahrefs Backlink Checker is an all in one SEO analysis tool which offers a powerful and robust backlink checker. It possesses the most powerful web crawler with an accumulation of 24.71 trillion links and 170 million unique domains, seconded only by Google. It helps you monitor your backlink profiles, analyse the target backlink profile, along with organic traffic associated with each linking page. You also get other SEO tools such as site and keyword explorer, site audit and rank tracker.

  • Ahrefs Backlink Checker lets you analyse domain and page-level metrics, such as referring domains, backlinks, domain rating and Ahrefs rank.
  • Get real-time analysis of the growth and decline of backlinks, as well as insights within the target backlink profile.
  • Ahrefs Backlink Checker also allows you to sort and filter backlinks by language, type, platform, domain range and URL rating.
  • You can also view and analyze estimated traffic in each linking page and referring domain along with insights into the website or page.
  • It also allows you to track websites linking to your target with metrics including domain ratings, referring domains, and estimated organic traffic among other parameters.

To check for backlinks, all you need to do is paste the URL into the backlink checker, and voila, all the information you need is right in front of you.


LinkMiner, a powerful backlink checking tool as suggested by the name, helps you find backlinks of competitors, and evaluate their SEO potential. With its robust and efficient interface, it lets you preview the referring website or page in the tool itself, and search for the anchor placement. It also allows you to save relevant URLs so you can link with them in the future. Moreover, LinkMiner flaunts a database of over 9.5 trillion backlinks and about 2.5 trillion unique URLs, to check against.

Features Offered by LinkMiner

  • LinkMiner lets you find powerful backlinks and also allows for backlink analysis with categories.
  • It also allows you to evaluate the strength of backlinks using link metrics with citation flow, external links and trust flow among others.
  • You can also view the live preview of backlinks to evaluate their potential along with a highlighted anchor and basic characteristics.
  • It further allows you to save backlinks to a Favorite list, which you can use to link in the future. You can also remove previously replicated backlinks.
  • LinkMiner allows you to do some advanced backlink analysis and lets you find your competitors' domain when doing keyword research.


BuzzSumo lets you find and monitor backlinks with competitive intelligence and build a content strategy. It helps you analyze your competitor's content and activity and notifies you and helps you make the right choice. BuzzSumo also helps you look for content and filter relevant stories which are fit for your audience. Moreover, with the Crisis Alerting of BuzzSumo, you have a better chance of responding to risks and opportunities.

Features Offered by BuzzSumo

  • Discover new content and get relevant ideas with the keyword generation tool that offers search trends and full insights.
  • With great content filtered through billions of articles online, deploy data-driven content and succeed in competitive benchmarking with volumes of data.
  • Identify and find authors and influencers on social media to recognize the winning strategy, and search influencers based on the content they share.
  • With the help of BuzzSumo, you can track your competitors and brand mentions with updates. Alerts with keywords and topics keep you informed.
  • With powerful APIs, BuzzSumo allows you to build internal reporting tools, client dashboards, enhance web applications and a lot more.


A Backlink is a great way to increase traffic to the website. It is a form of indication, in which someone talking about a topic related to you, your service, or your product wishes to refer to your website. This helps people gain more knowledge regarding the topic they are searching for and also makes it very easy to gather information.

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