Top 5 Backlink Checker Tools Every Marketer Must Use in 2022

Bhoraniya Huda Hifzur Rehman Bhoraniya Huda Hifzur Rehman
Feb 14, 2022 6 min read
Top 5 Backlink Checker Tools Every Marketer Must Use in 2022

Creating a website is easy, but maintaining it is a big responsibility. Each website is assigned its own Google ranks by certain criteria. One of such criteria is to have a backlink.

Backlinks are nothing special, they are just the links directing users from other websites or web pages to particular webpages. This can be done by an external backlink, which means a link directing to one particular webpage from any other website.

An internal backlink stands for the method of directing users to different web pages of the same website. Backlinks are easy to understand, but the work they perform and the importance they provide is quite a special and essential part of each web page.

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To create and manage the record of backlinks, there is another term called a backlink profile. It is the total history of backlinks attached with one particular website availing the benefits of detailed information about backlinks attached with a web page.

These backlinks can be of two types, they can be do-follow or no-follow backlinks. A do-follow backlink is profitable to a webpage only if it is coming from a reputed source. And no-follow backlink creates no difference in Google search ranking. Hence maintaining and keeping a count of backlinks is an essential task. Here we have listed some of the best backlink checkers tools.

1. Google Search Console
2. Semrush
3. Rankwatch
4. SEO SpyGlass
5. Ahrefs

1. Google Search Console

Google offers many tools for many purposes. One of such tools offered by Google is its search console. It is a free service mainly used by marketers and SEO managers. Even though Google Search Console is not a backlink-based tool. But it does provide easy management of backlink profiles along with good monitoring of the web page activity.

The Google Search Console is a free platform enabling its users to avail themselves of the services free of cost.

Some of the top features of Google Search Console are:

  • Assessing site performance.
  • Following backlink profile.
  • Monitoring well-performing pages.
  • Provides the information about the rank of the page as per Google and the number of views.

2. Semrush

Semrush Backlink Tool
Semrush Backlink Tool

SEMRush is an incredible tool for the purpose of backlink checking. It has many services available for a content marketer to use from. Unlike the above-given backlink checker tool, Google Search Console, SEMRush is not free you have to pay to access its services.

SEMRush is quite an expensive tool. Yet it can be considered as a quality for money product. SEMRush provides the results from the database of more than 160 billion backlinks. The pricing of SEMRush starts from $119.95 per month.

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Some of the top features of Semrush are:

  • Allows the comparison between the backlink profile of multiple pages.
  • Enables the user with the service of domain-specific ranking-based keywords.
  • Helps in keyword research.
  • Allows easy access to the backlink profile and its management.

3. Rankwatch

Rankwatch Backlink Checker Tool
Rankwatch Backlink Checker Tool

Rankwatch is another great backlink checker tool. It has a detailed report for any of your submitted URLs. The user needs to just enter the URL and the detailed report on the backlink profile will appear. This includes things like no-follow and do-follow backlinks, anchor text backlinks, etc. However, Rankwatch is not a free tool.

Rankwatch does provide 14 days free trial service to its new users. Once the trial period ends, the user needs to pay for the tool and assessing services. In general, their pricing starts from $29 per month.

Some of the top features of Rankwatch are:

  • Allows competitors' analysis reports.
  • Provides daily fresh ranking status.
  • Provides complete services related to backlink analysis.

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4. SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass Backlink Checker Tool
SEO SpyGlass Backlink Checker Tool

The SEO SpyGlass tool is known to provide detailed reports of backlink profiles with much additional information. The time taken by the SEO SpyGlass backlink checker tool is also less than many other tools.

SEO SpyGlass backlink checker tool has two different versions. The normal version is available for free with unlimited access. The con of using that version is that limited services are available. Another option provided by SEO SpyGlass is the paid version. There are also many different options available with different rates and services. The pricing starts from $8.25 per month.

Some of the top features of SEO SpyGlass are:

  • Rank Tracker.
  • Competitors analysis.
  • Generates a detailed report of each backlink and its source.
  • Provides customized software for a backlink.

5. Ahrefs

Ahrefs Backlink Checker Tool
Ahrefs Backlink Checker Tool

Ahrefs is a big database platform mostly famous for its all-in-one tool. Ahrefs has a huge index of live backlinks. It enables the user with the facility of providing them with a complete backlink profile in a few seconds.

Ahrefs backlink checker is a premium tool not available for free of cost. They don't have the option of purchasing a single tool. Instead, the whole toolset is available at a single price. Ahrefs free backlink checking tool is limited to some limit. The pricing plan starts from $99 per month.

Some of the top features of Ahrefs are:

  • Monitoring the growth and declination of backlink profiles.
  • Allows the user with the option of getting detailed breakdown reports on targeted competitors' backlink profiles.
  • Allows the user with a keyword searching facility.
  • Also enables the user with the facility of a website authority checker.

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Backlinks are an essential component of SEO Management. Backlinks are one of the important factors of SEO. Having a good backlink enables the website to achieve a higher rank in SERPs. And attaching a webpage with a spammy backlink decreases the rank.

It is essential to manage and analyze backlink profiles. There are many ways one can analyze backlink profiles but some of the best backlink checking tools are listed above.


SEO SpyGlass, Google Search Console, Seobility, Ahrefs, and SEMrush are some free backlink checker tools.

SE Ranking, Sitechecker, RankActive, Ahrefs,, and BuzzSumo are some of the best tools for finding backlinks.

A ranking of 60 to 100 is a good number of backlinks that can help you rank on Google SERPs.

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