Top 6 Free Online Competitor Analysis Tools

Sushree Sangeeta Behera Sushree Sangeeta Behera
May 13, 2022 7 min read
Top 6 Free Online Competitor Analysis Tools

The competition in today's market is increasing at a faster pace. In such a world, keeping an eye on competitors has become the foremost point. To stand out among competitors, it is always important to perform better than competitors.

However, you might be pondering about how competitor analysis is done. The number of online competitors analysis tools is increasing at a faster rate. However, there are some best ones which one you use. They are not only free but also have great efficiency.

These online competitor analyses are a boon when you desire to sneak peek into your competitor's strategies. However, be

Competitor Analysis Tools
Crayon Intel Free
Talkwalker Free Social Search

Competitor Analysis Tools

In today's world of cutthroat competition, each one of us wants to succeed. Getting ahead of our competitors is the only key to success. However, not all of us stand out successfully from amongst our competitors. This is because we lack the proper strategy and tools. Lack of either of these may shorten our chances of surpassing our competitor.

However, with proper analysis, we can keep an eye on the activities and progress of our competitors. In business, you can use certain tools for this purpose. These tools are known as online competitor analysis tools. They can help you in having a detailed analysis of the growth of your competitors. Using this analytical information, one can move ahead to plan the proper strategy.

Competitor Analysis guide


AdSpyder competitive analysis tool

AdSpyder is a Competitor Analysis Tool to Spy on your competitor’s ads. It is an intelligence tool that helps in analysing how the competitors are trending, understanding from where the audience bounced back, and getting all the analytical insights of your competitor's advertising strategies. The insights help in innovating the marketing plans and implementing them accordingly to achieve a better conversion rate, secure new leads, and boost sales.

AdSpyder Features:
1. Facebook Ads Spy
2. Google Ads Spy
3. Youtube Ads Spy
4. Instagram Ads Spy
5. Yahoo Ads spy
6. Bing Ads Spy
7. Shopping Ads Spy


Semrush- Free online Competitor Analysis Tools

Keywords are the most important weapon one can use to compete. With proper keywords, you can make a sharp rise in the audience reach of their business. SEMrush is the tool where you can easily know about the top-ranking keywords. You can even get the backlinks of various top-ranking resources.

Within one dashboard, various information about the site can be collected. It can even help you in finding the problems hindering the growth of their website. It displays a detailed analysis of the organic domains where the article is searched. It even allows you to have an analysis of the anchor links, landing page, and other minute details of the website.

Apart from keywords, it even offers SEO, SMM, content marketing, PR, campaign management. It is one of the most widely used free online competitor analysis tools which is costless.

SEMrush Free Features:

1. Keyword Research
2. Content Creation and Distribution
3. Competitor Analysis
4. Content Marketing
5. Local SEO
6. On-page SEO
7. PPC Keyword Research
8. Rank Tracking
9. Social Media Management
10. Competitor PR Monitoring
11. Competitor SEO Analysis
12. Content Optimization
13. Link Building
14. Content Marketing Analytics
15. Market Analysis
16. Website Monetization

Give Me 10 Minutes, You Will Know Everything About SEMrush Social Media Toolkit
SEMrush social media toolkit will make your social media routine and analysis easier. you can handle your workflow on social media from creating posts to checking the performance.

Crayon Intel Free

Crayon- Free Online Competitor Analysis Tools

Many things don't fall within the reach of your business. However, they affect your business and its growth. Crayon Intel Free can help you in tracking such details. It can help you in getting the details about the strategy and content of competitors.

Along with strategies, you can keep a track of every type of content posted by competitors. You can even gain ideas by keeping a record of various popular and inspirational brands. The daily insights feature which you can easily get on your mail makes the task easy.

You can even have an eye on the five most powerful tools required for the marketing of content. The data is available in a chronological manner which helps you in tracking the changes in competitors' moves. It is an intelligence tool that can be beneficial in planning proper marketing strategies. In addition to this, you can even figure out the steps and decisions taken by the competitors. You can easily monitor and maintain records of many companies.

Crayon Intel Free Features:

1. Feed about the marketing practices of competitors
2. Provides insights from different sources
3. Provides feeds according to company type
4. Easily sharable and exportable data

Talkwalker- Free Online Competitor Analysis Tools

Social media is again a powerful instrument. It is even helpful in getting you clients from across the globe. With Talkwalker’s Free Social Search, one can have a look at the strategies used by competitors during the campaign.

It provides detailed data about your live audience. In your marketing or business, you can use it to generate the social friendliness of their strategies and campaigns. The performance of campaigns can even be analyzed properly. It even uses special AI Β tools by which you can analyze the demand of the audience. With this tool, you can create strategies and content which have the potential to go viral. It even targets the hashtags which add an extra edge to posts and social media content.

It even generates data about the competitor's audience. It is a search engine associated with social media where you can search unlimitedly about their business. It is used for checking the reach of posts and campaigns on social media. The data generated is real and free of cost.

Talkwalker’s Free Social Search Features :

1. Free toolkit for successful marketing
2. Proper insights on highly engaging posts
3. Filtering the social brands for the company
4. Proper SEO Analysis
5. Keyword Research & Monitoring


Spyfu- Free Online Competitor Analysis Tools

The name of this tool itself suggests that you would be spying over your competitor's secret keywords. It can help you in gaining knowledge about the SEO strategies used by competitors. It is the tool that can help you in getting a maximums audience in a campaign.

Apart from the top-ranking keywords, one can even have a look at the ads and revenue generated from those keywords. It helps in conducting proper domain research. Various campaigns on various social media platforms can even be monitored thoroughly. Β The most important feature of this tool is the recommendations provided by it. Yes, it provides recommendations which can help one in gaining more click rate.

It contains a proper database of nearly 13 years of search analysis of popular search engines. The keywords are even divided specifically depending on whether they are organic or paid. With this tool, you can gain a lot of advantages related to SEO and PPC.

Spyfu Features:

1. In-Depth Reports on SEO
2. Keyword Searches
3. Organic Keywords
4. Unlimited research on Backlinks
5. Backlinks Searches


Wappalyzer- Free Online Competitor Analysis Tools

If you ever wished to peep into the framework of your competitor's website, then it's the tool. It lets you have a look at the CMS of the competitor's website. Not just this, it even elaborates other details of the competitor's website such as the JavaScript library. With one single click, you can have the framework of your competitor's company simplified before you.

Wappalyzer Features :

  1. Offline Access
  2. Access to CMS of competitor's website
  3. Real-Time Analytics
  4. API Access Management
  5. Access to JavaScript libraries


We have discussed the set of tools that one can use as their free online competitor analysis tool. However, after getting the statistics and figures, you also need to focus on improving your strategies and services. First of all, focus on competitors of similar size. After this, you can go for competing with the big players in your field.

After getting the analysis from these tools, you should focus more on working on the data. You should realize your website's or business's weaknesses. You should even work on those. The more information revealed the more effort you should put into it. This can pave the path to your success.


What features should one consider during deciding free online competitor analysis tool?

The tool one chooses should be easy to use. It should produce efficient keywords and backlinks. A comparison of the performance of various keywords should also be considered.

How do I spot my competitors?

Competitors refer to the people and brands working in your niche. You need to find out those brands and people with their content. Some of the online competitor analysis tools even help you in spotting your competitors.

How much should I use these online competitor analysis tools?

You can use these tools as much as you want. But generally, after 2 months of analysis, you can gain enough information to work accordingly.

What parameters should I analyze?

You should analyze your presence in search engines. You can do this by analyzing keywords, traffic sources, and backlinks. SEO, PPC, SEM are the most important parameters you should focus on.

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