MediaFire - Managing, Storing And Uploading Files Is Easier Now

Purbalee Dutta Purbalee Dutta
Dec 22, 2020 5 min read
MediaFire - Managing, Storing And Uploading Files Is Easier Now

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Your phone's storage is turning full? Don't know where to keep your files? Running out of space? Need a specifically designed host and a proper backup? Want a synchronisation process too? Adding, changing, deleting is no more an issue here.

MediaFire is a file hosting, synchronisation and cloud storage services. Now, it's easier to upload all files like videos, documents, photos and audios and is super accessible. Customers can access them from anywhere using phones, tablets, etc. It is simple yet an efficient file storage service. It is an online solution. Read the MediaFire success story below.

MediaFire - Company Highlights

Company Name MediaFire
Headquarters Shenandoah, Texas, US
Sector Cloud Storage, File Hosting and File Synchronisation
Founders Derek Labian and Tom Langridge
Founded August 2006

MediaFire - About
MediaFire - Startup Story
MediaFire - Founders And Team
MediaFire - Logo
Mediafire - Business Model
MediaFire - Revenue Model
MediaFire - Funding And Investors
MediaFire - Growth
MediaFire - Competitors

MediaFire - About

MediaFire is a cloud storage service that helps consumers to organize, share data and store via the Internet. It offers secure, unlimited and free cloud storage so that customers can share and store data with their friends, family members and colleagues.

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MediaFire - Startup Story

A group of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts were having a difficult time with sending large files and emails. Together they all decided to create a site where customers of all ages could feel safe and happily share their large files or emails. They created one and it slowly continued to grow. More and more features got added as well as invented. Ultimately now it is providing unlimited cloud storage and also enabling users to share files with family, friends, etc with branding tools.

MediaFire - Founders And Team

Derek Labian and Tom Langridge are the founders of the company MediaFire.

  • Derek Labian is a Network, Software Engineer, Architect, Advisor and an Investor. He is currently the co-founder and CEO at 2 companies. One is Fast Technologies, Inc and the other one is He was also the Technology Principal at IntoMobile for 7 years. He was the founder and CEO at
  • Tom Langridge is also currently the co-founder of 2 companies. Those are Fast Technologies, Inc and He was the co-founder at IntoMobile. He began his career as a Lead UI Designer at He completed his education from The University of California, Davis.
Derek Labian and Tom Langridge (left to right), co-founders, MediaFire
Logo, MediaFire

Mediafire - Business Model

MediaFire allows its users to store and share various sizes of files. It is available for Android, iPhone, Web and Windows. It is the only storage solution that offers unlimited downloads all for free. MediaFire provides clients software for Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Blackberry and Linux. In 2014, it declared public access to its platform. They have a public forum and have released SDKs for JavaScript, Java, etc. Storage starts at 10GB and can be increased up to 40GB. The company's features include up to 50GB of storage.

Know All About MediaFire And Its Business Model
MediaFire is an online storage and collaborations company which focuses onproviding the world an easy to use solution for managing their digital stuffonline and on the go. MediaFire is available for iPhone, Android, OSX, Windowsand Web and is the only online storage solution that offers unlimited…

MediaFire - Revenue Model

MediaFire has got 43 million registered users. Also, the company attracted around 1.3 billion unique visitors to its sphere in 2012. MediaFire has got more than 150 million people using the application every month to store the professional data quickly and safely in the cloud. It has got different plans -

  • Basic plan - 10GB = Free
  • Pro plan - 1 TB (1000 GB) = $4.99 a month
  • Business plan - Up to 100 TB = $49.99 a month

Hence, there are 2 subscriptions levels - Pro and Business plan and the Basic plan is free. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any point of time without any obligations.

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MediaFire - Funding And Investors

Date Transaction Name Money Raised Lead Investor
April 2020 Debt $150,000 - $350,000 U.S. Small Business Administration
October 2008 Self $2.5 million -

MediaFire hasn't made any investments till date.

MediaFire - Growth

Reports say that MediaFire has progressed a lot in terms of growth. It has also become the fastest growing site on the web with 100% yearly growth. As it is allowing unlimited downloads and uploads it is gaining more customers. Every day the group of developers and designers are working to progress and advance the sharing interest to make it best for its customers.

MediaFire - Competitors

The top competitors of the company are Onehub, Tresorit and ArchiverFS.

  • Onehub is a secured file sharing and storage service built for various businesses. It has a role-based permission structure which means the user can control whoever is accessing his/her content and can also share business files with confidence.
  • Tresorit is an ultra-secure platform. It has got an end to end encrypted file sync & sharing subscription model. It is accessible to its users anywhere and at any point of time.
  • ArchiverFS provides file archiving solutions to its customers. It features a tiny footprint on the host system.

MediaFire handles all the file needs. It has made the storage issue easier now. It has got powerful features which can't be found anywhere else. It simplifies the workflow.

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