Success Story of Namita Thapar - The Phar'Maa' of Shark Tank India

Success Story of Namita Thapar - The Phar'Maa' of Shark Tank India

Namita Thapar is a well-known figure, especially when it comes to progressive women in business in India. She is an inspiration and has contributed to the health business as Emcure Pharmaceuticals' Executive Director, India Business. Her presence on the Indian television show Shark Tank has brought her a lot of attention and the spotlight. Many ambitious entrepreneurs find her on-screen presence engaging and inspirational. She is also an investor in the show and has made some wise selections to support the ambitions of a few contestants.

Namita's life story is tremendously encouraging for all aspiring entrepreneurs throughout the world, regardless of gender. She has mastered the business files and expanded her scope of work beyond where she began. Her decision of community service distinguishes her from other successful people in the profession. She recognises her responsibility as a responsible citizen and has always preferred to help new and aspiring company aspirations. She has always believed in women's health standards and has demonstrated her ideals and opinions via her profession.

Read this article further, to learn about the journey of Namita Thapar starting from her early life, her education, her career, and much more.

Namita Thapar - Biography

Name Namita Thapar
Born March 21, 1977
Birthplace Pune, Maharashtra, India
Education Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Duke's Fuqua School of Business
Position Executive Director, India Business, Emcure Pharmaceuticals
Net Worth INR 600 Crore

Namita Thapar - Early Life and Education
Namita Thapar - Family
Namita Thapar - Career
Namita Thapar - Emcure Pharmaceuticals
Namita Thapar - GoI Initiatives
Namita Thapar - Shark Tank India
Namita Thapar - Journey So Far
Namita Thapar - Investments
Namita Thapar - Awards, and Recognition

The Story of Namita Thapar

Namita Thapar - Early Life and Education

Namita Thapar was born in Pune on March 21, 1977. Namita Thapar is Satish Mehta's daughter. Satish Mehta, the founder of Emcure Pharmaceuticals in Pune, is the first person in his family to establish a business. Namita Thapar grew up in Pune and finished her primary and secondary schooling there. Following that, Namita Thapar earned a Chartered Accountant degree from ICAI. Namita later earned an MBA degree from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.

Namita Thapar - Family

Namita Thapar was born in Pune in 1977 to Satish and Bhavna Mehta. She was raised in Pune and acquired her earlier schooling there.

Namita Thapar is married to Vikas Thapar, a key member of the Emcure management team for the past 15 years. He was initially in charge of Business Development, but his responsibilities grew over time and currently include Corporate Strategy and Finance. Namita Thapar has two sons, Jai and Vir Thapar.

Namita Thapar - Career

After earning her MBA from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business in Durham, North Carolina, Namita Thapar was hired as a Business Finance Lead in the financial planning department of Guidant Corporation (now Abbott), an American medical device firm.

For six years, Namita worked relentlessly for Guidant Corporation in the United States of America. She afterwards opted to work as the Chief Financial Officer or CFO at Emcure Pharmaceuticals. Her work trajectory has shifted upward since then. For starters, she took over management of the Indian division of the corporation. As a result, reliance on her increased, as did her obligations. She made the most of the management portion of her professional course. In a short period of time, she was named Executive Director of the company's Indian business.

Thapar is a member of the Regional Advisory Board for Fuqua School of Business India, in addition to working as an acclaimed businesswoman at Emcure Pharmaceuticals' Indian Business and being a judge on Shark Tank India. She also owns Incredible Ventures Limited, which offers business education to children aged 11 to 18 years. She is also an active member of the Young Presidents Organization. She is also a trustee on the TiE Mumbai Board of Trustees, which furthers her goal of encouraging fledgling businesses and ambitious business professionals.

She has been selected to lecture on several occasions at major venues, including the Economic Times Women's Forum Conference, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, Harvard Business School in Boston, and more. She was quite active during the pandemic through her YouTube series Uncondition Yourself with Namita Thapar, which educates viewers on women's health.

Namita Thapar - Emcure Pharmaceuticals

Emcure Pharmaceuticals Website
Emcure Pharmaceuticals Website

The company's CEO and Managing Director (MD), Satish Mehta, is a first-generation businessman and visionary who founded Emcure Pharmaceuticals in 1981 with the goal of offering patients access to high-quality, inexpensive healthcare that would substantially enhance their lives. Satish Mehta's daughter is Namita Thapar. She decided to take a position as Emcure Pharmaceuticals' Chief Financial Officer (CFO). She began by taking over the company's Indian division's management. As a result, she was relied upon more and had more responsibilities. She quickly attained the position of Executive Director for the company's Indian division.

She promotes a good work culture, plans the "Top Gun: Maverick" screening for 200 Emcure workers, and disseminates leadership advice as a pharma leader.

Namita Thapar - GoI Initiatives

In support of efforts of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, such as the Digital Health Task Force, NITI Aayog's Women Entrepreneurship Platform, and Champions of Change, Namita Thapar has actively partnered with the Government of India (GOI).

Namita Thapar - Shark Tank India

Namita Thapar - Shark Tank India
Namita Thapar - Shark Tank India

Namita is one of India's leading businesswomen and a keen investor. Her investing strategies and knowledge caught the limelight when she appeared on the show Shark Tank India as one of the sharks along with other entrepreneurs like Aman Gupta, Peyush Bansal, Ashneer Grover, Vineeta Singh, Anupam Mittal, and Ghazal Alagh.

Namita Thapar, noted for her catchphrase, "Ye meri expertise nahi hai, toh I am out," on the show, is the entrepreneur who has consistently been on trend due to the humorous memes, flowcharts, and videos made around her comments and other episodes of the show. She can now also be seen as a shark in the show's second season.

Startups that came on the show funded by Namita Thapar are as follows :

  • Bummer
  • Skippi Pops
  • Menstrupedia
  • Altor
  • Nuutjob
  • Farda
  • Auli Lifestyle
  • Annie
  • The Renal Project
  • Cocofit
  • Beyond Water
  • Find Your Kicks India
  • Aas Vidyalaya
  • InACan
  • Sunfox Technologies (Spandan)
  • Rare Planet
  • Watt Technovations
  • Wakao Foods
  • Kabaddi Adda
  • Colour Me Mad
  • Nomad Food Project
  • TagZ Foods
  • Sneakare
  • Store My Goods

Namita Thapar Funded Startups in Shark Tank India
Namita Thapar encourages budding entrepreneurs by investing in their startups. Here is a list of 25 startups funded by Namita Thapar.

Namita Thapar - Journey So Far

Particularly when we examine the rise of women in business in India, Namita Thapar is a very well-known name. She is a motivator and has donated to the healthcare sector as the Executive Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals' India Business. Her recent appearance on the television programme Shark Tank India has exposed too much of her. Her presence on television is endearing and motivating to those who have their hearts set on being businesswomen. She also plays a financier in the series and has made some wise investments to support the ambitions of a few competitors.

She returned to India in 2007 after resigning from her job in the United States. She joined her father's business, Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited, after moving to India. She started out as Emcure's CFO, overseeing the company's financial portfolio, and has subsequently held significant positions in M&A, IT, global compliance, HR, and domestic marketing. She is a member of the Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited Executive Board and now oversees Emcure's operations in India, where she is in charge of more than 4000 medical spokeswomen spread over 15 important healing regions.

In addition to this, Namita Thapar is the proprietor of Young Entrepreneurs Academy, which instructs young people between the ages of 11 and 18 in the principles of business in India's six largest cities—Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, and Ahmedabad since last year. Namita is also a board member of the Fuqua School of Business' India Regional Advisory Board. She is on the board of Finolex Cables and is actively involved with the Young Presidents' Organization (Pune).

The Indian businesswoman and entrepreneur Namita Thapar has a net worth that is around INR 600 crore as per Mint.

Namita Thapar - Investments

Some of the popular investments made by Namita Thapar are listed below:

Date Organization Name Round Amount
Feb 3, 2022 The Renal Project Seed Round ₹50 lakh
Jan 27, 2022 TagZ Food Venture Round -
Jan 6, 2022 Thinkerbell Labs Seed Round ₹50 lakh
Dec 29, 2021 Bummer Angel Round ₹37.5 lakh
Dec 28, 2021 Skippi ice pops Seed Round ₹20 lakh

Namita Thapar - Awards, and Recognition

  • Barclays Hurun Next Gen Leader Recognition
  • The Economic Times ‘40 under 40 Award
  • World Women Leadership Congress Super Achiever Award
  • The Economic Times 2017 Women Ahead List


Who is Namita Thapar?

Namita Thapar is the Executive Director, India Business, of Emcure Pharmaceuticals. She is also popularly known for being a shark on the show, Shark Tank India.

What is the net worth of Namita Thapar?

Namita Thapar's net worth is estimated to be around INR 600 crore.

What is the qualification of Namita Thapar?

Namita Thapar completed her CA course at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). She then earned her Master's degree in Business Administration from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.

Namita Thapar is the daughter of Satish Mehta, the founder, CEO, and MD of Emcure Pharmaceuticals, one of India's leading pharmaceutical companies.

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