Netflix: All You Need To Know About Free StreamFest Weekend

Tanusha Verma Tanusha Verma
Nov 25, 2020 3 min read
Netflix: All You Need To Know About Free StreamFest Weekend

'Netflix Binge' is set to acquire a whole new meaning as the company prepares to offer free streaming for everyone starting from December 5 in India. However, good things do not last much longer and the StreamFest will end at 11:59 PM on December 6th, tempting viewers to cancel all plans for the upcoming weekend.

As OTT platforms try to bring in fresh content and a blend of variety to attract more users, Netflix is going all out this time with a StreamFest, unlocking all award-winning movies, series, and documentaries.

According to Netflix, "Anyone in India" can watch any movie, series, or documentary for free during this fest.

Neflix StreamFest
Neflix StreamFest
“Any individual who signs in during StreamFest gets one stream in standard definition along these lines. Nobody else can utilize the equivalent login data to stream… Also, to ensure every individual who comes in gets the best insight, we should restrict StreamFest watchers’ quantity," Netflix India Vice President (Content) Monika Shergill said in a blog.

"Along these lines, during StreamFest, in the event that you see a message saying “StreamFest is at the limit,” don’t stress. We’ll tell you when you can begin streaming,” she added.

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But there is a catch. These users might come across the message "StreamFest is at capacity" which can possibly limit the screen time. Netflix will however notify once the coast is clear and one can resume streaming again.

This move by Netflix is expected to lure new viewers to the stage that contends with players like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and Zee5 in the flourishing OTT (over the top) market in India.

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How to join the Streamfest aka Netflix-binging fest:

1) Visit (or download the Android app), sign up with your email ID or name or phone number. You can set a reminder that will notify you once the StreamFest is live.

2) No credit or debit card or payment is needed. PS: Netflix says it only requires user attention for the weekend.

3) Anyone who signs in during StreamFest gets one stream in standard definition — so, no one else can use the same login information to stream.

4) Users can access and enjoy every feature that current members use including My List, User Profile, Top 10 list, Smart Downloads, and so on.

5) The fest will end after 48 hours and users can continue watching by subscribing to the required package.

OTT platform Netflix has over 195.15 million paid endorsers worldwide as of the second from the last quarter of 2020. The organization doesn’t share nation explicit client numbers.

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