Ozonetel: Disrupting The Cloud Telephony Market Through AI

The internet has showered us with myriad useful tools, cloud communication being one of them. Cloud telephony is all about internet-based voice and data communication where telecommunication applications, switching, and storage are hosted by a third-party that falls outside the organization using these. Cloud telephony is among the latest tech that moves your business phone system to the cloud, allowing you to manage your business calls without compromising on quality and cost. An emerging player in this domain is Ozonetel Communications—a cloud software solution that replaces your conventional business telephone setup with their VoIP services and widgets.

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Startup Name Ozonetel
Headquarters Hyderabad
Founders CSN Murthy, Atul Sharma, and Chokkareddy Chaitanya
Sector Cloud Telephony
Founded 2007
Website Ozontel.com
Parent Organization Ozonetel Communications Pte. ltd.

Ozonetel Communications - About
Ozonetel Communications - Founders
Ozonetel Communications - Vision And Mission
Ozonetel Communications - How It Began
Ozonetel Communications - Name And Logo
Ozonetel Communications - Startup Launch
Ozonetel Communications - Revenue Model
Ozonetel Communications - Funding
Ozonetel Communications - User Acquisition And Growth
Ozonetel Communications - Startup Challenges
Ozonetel Communications - Competitors
Ozonetel Communications - Mergers And Acquisitions
Ozonetel Communications - Growth

Ozonetel Communications - About

Ozonetel is a pioneer in providing on-demand cloud communication services in India. The solutions offered by Ozonetel are KooKoo CloudAgent and KooKoo Interactive Assistant.

KOOKOO CloudAgent is a call center software solution functioning as an inbound and outbound call center. CloudAgent shifts a company’s entire contact center and related setup into a single browser, making it easier for the workforce to monitor, track and make critical decisions. Equipped with business intelligence, the KOOKOO CloudAgent ensures that businesses provides world class experience to their customers. It provides a platform for them to engage with their customers through multiple channels such as voice, email, chat, SMS, and social media.

Ozonetel's inbound call center solution is bundled with the following features:

  • CRM Integration.
  • IVR flexibility: the KOOKOO speech API lets users speak to the IVR instead of punching numbers.
  • ACD software distributes calls, sms, emails and social media messages based on customer needs and agent skill set.
  • Queue Monitoring.

The Outbound call center solution comes with interesting features:

  • Clients can choose from multiple power dialers as per their business needs.
  • Remote dialing.
  • Easy integration with third party solutions.
  • Data to be dialed can be prioritized based on various parameters.
  • Supervisors can monitor the agents on a real-time basis.
  • Outbound IVR lets send personalized automated messages to a large database.

Ozonetel provides more than 70 reports that give a detailed picture of the call center operations.

KOOKOO Interactive Assistant (KIA) by Ozonetel, a first-of-its-kind widget, enables customer service help desks to run voice calls and chat sessions in parallel. The KIA widget integrates with Zendesk, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, and all other CRM solutions to automatically capture lead details.

By integrating the Kookoo interactive assistant with its website, a company gets the following benefits:

  • Customers browsing the company's site can instantly contact agents through a click.
  • On call agents can send critical details to the customer through the live chat window.
  • Visual IVR lets customers connect to agents in the right department.
  • It automatically captures customers details in the CRM.

Ozonetel Communications - Founders

Ozonotel Communications - Founders
Ozonetel Communications

CSN Murthy, Atul Sharma and Chokkareddy Chaitanya are the team behind Ozonetel.

CSN Murthy is the Director of Ozonetel. He is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of industry experience, out of which 21 years were vested in starting his own initiatives in the software, hardware, semiconductor, systems spanning networking, security, telecom, embedded systems, and applications segments.

Atul Sharma is the CTO of Ozonetel. He is responsible for the strategic direction, architecture design, development, and management of the Ozonetel Global cloud communication platform.

Chaitanya Chokkareddy is the CIO of Ozonetel. Starting off as a Principal Architect, he shouldered the responsibility of architecting KooKoo, India's first cloud telephony platform . The platform has so far handled more than 600 million calls. Chaitanya has been an integral part of designing the communication framework for cloud based call centers.

Ozonetel Communications - Vision And Mission

Ozonetel Communications provides a cloud communication software suite as a service to their customers.The company envisions making business communication seamless, intelligent, cost efficient and easily available. Its mission is to provide scalable multi-channel communication platform on cloud to enterprises & entrepreneurs on the OPEX/ transaction model, enabling them to provide value added communication services to their customers.

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Ozonetel Communications - How It Began

CSN Murthy, Atul Sharma and Chokkareddy Chaitanya had come back from the US and wanted to get their hands dirty in entrepreneurship. They recognized that when businesses were in the initial stages of setup, they'd be extremely serious about the company website but would rarely focus setting up the right business phone system. In fact, many businesses did not even have a proper business phone system. The trio realized that it was happening because setting up a business phone system wasn't as easy as ABC. They then decided to make the process of "setting up a business phone system" as convenient as "setting up a business website". With that in mind, Ozonetel Communications first launched the KOOKOO cloud telephony platform followed by CloudAgent, the world’s first cloud contact center solution.

Ozonetel Communications - Name And Logo

Ozonetel wanted to be a layer around telephony, thus the amalgamation of Ozone(layer)  and tel(telephony). The name KOOKOO was conjured in a jiffy (the team wanted a name with lots of vowels, like Yahoo!).

Ozonotel Communications
Ozonetel Logo

Ozonetel Communications - Startup Launch

CSN Murthy, Atul Sharma and Chokkareddy Chaitanya launched their product at the Unplugged conference. Their marketing strategy at the time revolved around blogging and networking at startup events. Word of mouth feedback from satisfied customers played a major role.

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Ozonetel Communications - Revenue Model

Ozonetel Communications is a SaaS company and has a "per agent/per month" revenue model.

Ozonetel Communications - Funding

Ozonetel has not raised any funding till date.

Ozonetel Communications - User Acquisition And Growth

Ozonetel's only hack has been customer happiness. Interestingly, the company does not spend anything on marketing. Most of its leads are generated through blogs and word of mouth publicity.

With over 1000 enterprise clients across geographies, Ozonetel’s KOOKOO platform supports over 50,000 live agents and has handled over 3 billion calls.

Ozonetel Communications currently serves in India, U.S.A, U.A.E, and South East Asia. Reputed brands like Big Basket, Healthcare at home, and Zomato are some of its top clientele.

Ozonetel Communications - Startup Challenges

The major challenge Ozonetel faced early on its journey was technical in nature. It couldn't guarantee on call quality with the store bought PRI cards; it overcome this obstacle by designing custom PRI card hardware.

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Ozonetel Communications - Competitors

Ozonetel considers US based Twilio as a source of inspiration aside from competition. The venture tries to stay ahead in its segment through innovation. Ozonetel launched the world’s first cloud contact center product and is now bolstering its existing solutions by incorporating AI.

Ozonetel Communications - Mergers And Acquisitions

Ozonetel acquired Yantrasoft, a speech technology company, in 2014.

Ozonetel Communications - Growth

Ozonetel is looking forward to disrupt the contact center industry through AI based techniques.

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