Pixelixe: Create Stunning Graphics Within Minutes

Dev Kumar Padhy Dev Kumar Padhy
Feb 15, 2021 5 min read
Pixelixe: Create Stunning Graphics Within Minutes

Creating unique and engaging graphics is time-consuming. If you’re in marketing then you must know how important it is to the overall marketing strategy.

You need to hire a graphic artist who understands the message you’re trying to convey and create visuals that can align with your brand goals. The process consumes a lot of time, effort, and money.

Meet Pixelixe.

Pixelixe allows users to design graphics, create and edit images
Pixelixe allows users to design graphics, create and edit images

An extraordinary tool that offers a graphic and image creation platform that lets you design unique graphics as efficiently as possible!

Featuring a white-labeled integrated editor, editing tools, and design automation that lets you create amazing designs. You can launch your social media campaigns by hiring a graphic artist or agency and save a lot of time. The best thing about Pixelixe is that you don’t require any technical knowledge whatsoever.

Pixelixe offers its users a collection of more than a million images, thousands of icons, and fonts. You can even drop and edit your own images and download them easily.

Pixelixe - Features
Pixelixe - Pricing
Pixelixe - FAQ’s

Pixelixe - Features

Edit Image

Get started by accessing Pixelixe’s amazing collection of images and templates. With the image editor, you can easily design your own graphics or choose a pre-designed template for your project. You can even customize these designs for your business or your clients.

Pixelixe includes a high-quality Image Editing API that allows you to manipulate and transform images within minutes. You have a variety of options like flip, resize, opacity, crop, filter, rotate, blur, bright, and invert

Embed graphics easily

Pixelixe makes it easy for you to embed customizable graphics, PDF editor, or images on your website. You can easily integrate Pixelixe on your existing website.

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User Experience

Pixelixe lets you add your own assets, design your logo and assign colors to your website for a smooth user experience. Once you finish editing your site, Pixelixe’s rest API will create in it real-time in the URL of your choice.


If you’re new to marketing then you can use Pixelixe to automate Image creation, and create new templates.

Each design that is saved is considered a template. Pixelixe has the ability to generate unlimited variations of designs or images based on those templates. To integrate Image automation API into your website, all you need to do is to follow along with the API documentation and benefit from ready to use code snippets.

Automate image creation in Pixelixe
Automate image creation in Pixelixe

All the text and images in a template become objects you can modify and get the image generated for you by Pixelixe.

You can generate multiple variations of any template so that your clients or team can reuse, modify or edit them anytime.

Pixelixe - Pricing


  • 6 downloads per month
    (PNG or JPEG)
  • +300 Fonts
  • Access 700.000 stock photos
  • 10 Photo Effects
  • No account required
  • No Multi-format resize
    Automatic Resize (From Instagram post to Banner Ads for example)
  • No saving feature
  • No import/Export
  • No transparent background

No account needed

Pixelixe Pro - 8.99/month or 6.99/billed annually

  • Unlimited downloads
  • +900 Fonts
  • Access 1.000.000+ stock photos
  • 40+ Photo Effects
  • Organize your photos with folders
  • Multi-format resize
    Automatic Resize (From Instagram post to Banner Ads for example)
  • Save graphics in the cloud
    (Unlimited Storage)
  • Import/Export graphics on your hard drive
  • Save templates from your creation
  • Download with transparent background

Pixelixe API - 49.99/month or 39.99/month (billed annually)

  • White label Editor for your app - API
  • Your logo, colors, assets etc..
  • Can be integrated in your domain.
  • Save graphics created by your users
  • Automated Image Generation - API
  • Generate variations of any graphic
  • Every text and image can be modified
  • Industrialize content creation for product catalog, banners, social media graphic, etc..)
  • Image Manipulation & Processing - API
  • High Quality & Ultra-fast
  • Resize, Scale, Rotate, Blur, etc..
  • Crop, Flip, Contrast, Opacify, etc..
  • + All features from the PRO plan
  • From 25.000 API Calls/mo
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Pixelixe - FAQ’s

With the White-label editor, can I access designs created by my customers?

Yes, Pixelixe’s API will push graphics edited by your users in real-time on your server endpoint (URL of your choice). This way, you remain in full control over the user experience. For example, you can decide to ask for payment before downloading the output. You can decide to publish or share graphics online or whatever best suits your needs.

Is it possible to integrate and test the white-label editor in our development, staging, and production environment?

Yes, with the API plan, you will be able to integrate the editor in all your environments (development, staging, and production). You will get one API key, but it is possible to "programmatically" change the integration settings for each platform.

For example, if you want to change the endpoint on your side in which our API will push designs created by your users, you can overwrite the URL when calling this API on your dev or staging environment.

Ex: outputURL=https://staging.yourwebsite.com/URI_OF_YOUR_CHOICE/

This way, you can make sure everything is running smoothly before releasing the final solution in production.

How many users can we have with one API key?

Unlimited. As per Pixelixe’s business model for the White-label editor, it is based on page views (1 editor view = 1 API call to our platform), it does not matter how many users you have, the editor can be opened, for example, 25.000 times by the same users or one time by 25.000 different users, it won’t impact the pricing.

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