About Social Media Scheduling | How to Create Social Media Schedule? - A Guide

Aniket Mandal Aniket Mandal
Dec 22, 2021 8 min read
About Social Media Scheduling | How to Create Social Media Schedule? - A Guide

A schedule plays a very important role in keeping our lives in symmetry. The perfect division of the 24 hours makes it a lot easier for any individual to be productive in whatever they do. This would provide a beforehand knowledge of what works are to be done and get a head-start in efficiently completing that work.

Now coming to the importance of social media schedule in the life of an individual. It is no different from normal people’s lives, but it plays a more serious role. We shall know more about an influencer’s social media schedule in the following pool of words.

What is Social Media Scheduling?
Importance Of Social Media Schedule
Tools And Apps To Make Social Media Schedule
Steps To Create A Social Media Schedule


How to create social media Schedule? | Social Media Tools

What is Social Media Scheduling?

‌Nothing different from as the word suggests a social media schedule is a sort of personal planner that keeps track of all your social media accounts. In an influencer’s life, social media is the best platform to polish their influencing skills, be it a beginner or a pro. Hence, meeting the public’s demand is a tough as well as a necessary task to accomplish if one wants to increase the reach of one’s account.

‌‌Maintaining a social media schedule would make one aware of the content one has been posting and also provide an idea about what needs to be posted in the near future. The schedule makes it easier to fill the viewers' newsfeed with new and catchy content. To meet the demand of a variety of content, the schedule plays its role by giving an overview to the account holder of what is needed to be posted next. The schedule also keeps the risk of posting repetitive content at bay, giving the respective account boosted reach and views.

Importance Of Social Media Schedule

Social Media Schedule
Social Media Schedule

‌Most of us don’t maintain a timely routine to post on our social media handles. We just randomly come across a good picture and act on the thought of posting it. Or sometimes we go on a trip and post the pictures that come out of it. However, for an influencer, this wouldn’t work at all. The ability to post frequently with good content would keep the individual’s account in the constant limelight of the platform as well as the viewers.

This schedule would greatly help in planning what should fall in line with the content list in the future. Also, try with new variations. This would increase the magnetic field of the posts and attract a large number of viewers. Other than that, a knock of important events or dates to post the content would also be there with the individual. Consistency, creativity, variations, entertainment, and reach are many things that get a boost when merged with a proper social media schedule.

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Tools And Apps To Make Social Media Schedule

‌‌Producing a social media calendar is nothing serious task to perform. At the same time, it is not similar to making a normal daily routine. There are certain factors and tools required to complete this task. Just a pen and paper would not produce the intended objective.

Starting with the infamous google sheets. The tool has gained its use during this lockdown. Google sheets would provide an easy, smooth go-through with your schedule and recent posts. Just one click and all your social media activities would reflect in the eyes.

Another quite interesting feature that stands before google sheets is the Hootsuite planner. It is a next-level record keeper of your online posts. It can take up the toll of calculating the records of multiple accounts—the dates, future posts, recent posts, and the time of every post. On top of it, one can directly upload the content from the calendar itself prior to or at the scheduled time. These features give a slight tilt towards Hootsuite as a better option than google sheets.

Some best tools to make social media schedule


CoSchedule - Social Media Scheduling Tool
CoSchedule - Social Media Scheduling Tool

This smart tool merged with the company's website to schedule your posts. The most powerful feature, which makes it different is that the tool provides the performance of the top content. The report can be analyzed to reciprocate the improvement. It automatically rescheduled the important message to keep the brand feeds effective, which is rare in scheduling tools.


SocialPilot - Social Media Scheduling Tool
SocialPilot - Social Media Scheduling Tool

Socialpilot allows you to be active over several social media websites, almost every popular site. It has one of the simplest interfaces and offers easy scheduling features. Along with creating customized posts, socialpilot has powerful collaboration features. It is considered as the tool to create the quickest white label report.


Sendible - Social Media Scheduling Tool
Sendible - Social Media Scheduling Tool

This social media scheduler tool masters in automation and provides sentimental analysis. Your custom report can be sent to your team members for detailed analysis. It smoothly manages social media marketing for multiple consumers. Sendible has a dedicated dashboard for conversation, or messages.


ContentStudio - Social Media Scheduling Tool
ContentStudio - Social Media Scheduling Tool

ContentStudio helps small businesses and agencies in creating and scheduling content on different social media platforms. This social media scheduling tool helps to categorize social media content at predefined posting time to gain audience attention. This relieves large teams from daily scheduling.


SocialBee - Social Media Scheduling Tool
SocialBee - Social Media Scheduling Tool

Using SocialBee, you can set schedule posts for each social media platform separately. It offers category selecting options while posting and scheduling to make the process even faster. SocialBee has a dedicated content library to keep records of your previous post along with the social media site on which it is published.

Try SocialBee for Social Media Scheduling


Missinglettr - Social Media Scheduling Tool
Missinglettr - Social Media Scheduling Tool

Missinglettr is a fast and easy social media scheduler tool best for busy business people. Missinglettr comes with calendar tool support, which is a perfect schedule for campaigns. It has powerful analyzing tools to trace essential metrics of your social media campaigns.

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Steps To Create A Social Media Schedule

‌Coming down to the final step of preparing one's own social media schedule. This involves a bit of analysis. But in the end, it would come out in the face of the best social media content for an individual.

  • The foremost one can be picking the right social media platform. After being sure of the niche one is going to be on, one has to monitor which platform has the most viewers or surfers in that particular niche. This may include assessing the importance of one’s content in that particular platform. If not, then a switch to the next platform may be needed. Be it meta, Twitter, or YouTube. After that, the prime focus should be on that platform. Rest can be secondary handles. With a broad audience, the handle would get a good hype.
  • Following that, keeping track of the base from where the handle started would also help in growing the channel. Bringing in new variations would get a lot easier with this record. Apart from that, an analysis of how the handle is growing also stands in the essentials section. This includes the most liked post, most commented post, the one who got the most likes in very little time, and so on.
  • After that, planning a review pattern comes into action. Whatever activities have been performed, reviewing them helps to fill in the lacuna that prevails in the content. The missed events, updates, posts will be revealed by this review.
  • At last, keeping information about other handles gets an individual to learn many things that could fuel the viewer's number on the particular handle. Learning things from other influencers would result in growth as well.

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After all this while, coming up with a social media schedule might seem quite achievable now. Starting from the bottom, choosing one's niche and platform till investing in the growth of the social media handle. Along with that, all the tricks, tips, and tools would accompany creating a perfect social media schedule. If followed precisely, all these things would definitely add up to producing a healthy schedule that would give a social media handle the type of recognition it needs.

The old-school trend of posting updates and stories in accordance with the picture quality is long gone. The audience demands new, entertaining content. This old-school trend would not stand a chance to be a proper influencer or social media influencer. Thus the schedule to maintain a professional influencer’s account.


What is a good social media schedule?‌

A good Social media schedule on different social media platform as researched is found to be as below:

  • Facebook: 1-2 Posts per day
  • Twitter: 3-10 Tweets per day
  • Instagram: 1-3 posts per day
  • Instagram Stories: 2-5 times per day
  • Pinterest: 3-20 posts per day
  • LinkedIn: 1-2 posts per week

What are the top Social media scheduling tools?

Some of the top Social media scheduling tools are:

  • Sprout Social
  • Hootsuite
  • CoSchedule
  • Agora Pulse
  • Later
  • TweetDeck
  • Buffer
  • Socialoomph

What is a social media calendar?

A social media calendar is an overview of your upcoming social media post on different social media platforms.

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