Case Study: The Story of SoftBank and its Vision Fund

Devashish Shrivastava Devashish Shrivastava
May 10, 2021 10 min read
Case Study: The Story of SoftBank and its Vision Fund

SoftBank Group Corp. is a Japanese global conglomerate headquartered in Tokyo. The SoftBank Group has launched SoftBank Vision Fund, the world's biggest innovation-centered investment finance, with over $100 billion in the capital. In this article, we have discussed SoftBank, Its Vision, Its Stakes Possession, SoftBank Vision Fund, SoftBank's Vision for India, Its Marketing Strategy, etc.

SoftBank - About & Vision
SoftBank - Softbank Vision Fund
SoftBank - Name, Logo & Tagline
SoftBank - Marketing Strategy
SoftBank - Stakes Possession
SoftBank - Growth
SoftBank - Yahoo Japan Story
SoftBank - Vision for India
SoftBank - FAQ's
SoftBank - Conclusion

SoftBank - About & Vision

SoftBank Group Corp. is a Japanese global conglomerate headquartered in Tokyo. SoftBank was positioned in the Forbes Global 2000 list as the 36th biggest open organization in the world, and the second biggest organization to be traded in Japan's open market after Toyota. The organization possesses stakes in top technology companies like Softbank Corporation, Softbank Vision Fund, Arm Holdings, Fortress Investment Group, Sprint, Alibaba, Uber, and many more.

SoftBank - Softbank Vision Fund

Softbank Vision Fund is the world's biggest innovation-centered investment finance, with over $100 billion in the capital. The organization is known for its initiative backed by originator Masayoshi Son. The Fund presently has its fingers in broadband, fixed-line broadcast communications, web-based businesses, innovation administrations, media and advertising, and other domains.

Softbank Vision Fund

SoftBank Vision Fund is a subsidiary of the conglomerate Softbank Group. The company is specialized in growth capital and social impact investments that revolve mostly around software companies. Mostly, the funds are invested in latest technology sectors such as IoT, AI, Robotics, Communications Infrastructure, Telecoms, Computational biology, Biotech, Cloud Technologies and Software, Consumer Internet Businesses, FinTech, and Mobile Apps. The Fund is designed in such a way that it'll be a catalyst for technology progress in anticipation that it will expand SoftBank's capabilities, accelerating progress towards SoftBank 2.0.

It also aims to invest in businesses and foundational platforms that SoftBank believes to revolutionize and innovate the world tomorrow.

SoftBank - Name, Logo & Tagline

The SoftBank logo derives from Kaientai, a maritime exchanging organization that existed during the end of the Tokugawa shogunate.

Softbank Corporation Logo

SoftBank - Marketing Strategy

The Softbank group uses an effective and smart “4P” marketing strategy to carry out its business across multinational market places. Here's a description of the 4P model used by SoftBank:

Products & Services

SoftBank deals in money, broadband, semiconductor structures, innovative administrations, broadband and what not. Softbank also has prominent wind power plants, sun based power plants, and other energy generation sources. It is a conspicuous player in the residential telecom showcase in Japan which incorporates closeout of mobiles, repaired line telephone utilities, and information correspondence.

It additionally furnishes benefits in relationship with Yahoo Japan and "IBM Watson", a cell phone application grown together with IBM Japan. As an internet provider, Softbank offers different choices, for example, web through optical strands. Softbank Air is a popular web information administration service offered by the behemoth. Before the dispatch of iPhone 4s, SoftBank was the main iPhone bearer in Japan.

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SoftBank offers a different worth which includes evaluating arrangements to serve its purchasers the best. Softbank has a wide extension to utilize these strategies exceptionally, particularly in the telecom and web advertisement domains where it has different contenders like NTT and AU. Since Softbank faces escalated rivalry from its rivals, its valuing relies on relative market evaluation. Softbank uses packaging techniques to value its administrations higher. This concentrates the vast majority of the purchaser's excess. It likewise uses worth estimating and has presented worth packs that are charged for the value conveyed.


SoftBank works through wholesalers and retailers far-reaching the nation over. Through its wide chain of selective stores in shopping centers and commercial spaces, it draws in a wide range of buyers. Being a multi-year old organization, Softbank has a huge shopper base. It reaches its customers through online store and cell phone applications. Softbank additionally finds certain stores on its site that use staff proficient in English for engaging with its global clients.


SoftBank has top-notch advancement systems in its advertising mix to connect with buyers, particularly those concerning mobiles. It gives complimentary wireless internet at different bistros and railroad stations to expand its perception and image in the market. It gives enormous accentuation on ads distributed in papers, magazines, online networking, and TV.

Here are the other Ps to make it the promoting blend of Softbank.


The Softbank gathering is profoundly reliant on its workers since they are the main impetus of the organization. They have utilized 69154 representatives since 2016. The essential spotlight is on worker commitment. And this in turn ensures client satisfaction. Since the well-being and security of the workers legitimately impact their exhibition, the organization guarantees the equivalent.


Procedures in Softbank are completed in the most transparent manner. The website helps clients purchase the administrations they are interested in. The point-by-point guidance makes it simpler to perform the purchase procedure. Moreover, client care services assist the client with all sorts of questions and challenges.

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SoftBank - Stakes Possession

                SoftBank's Stakes Possession
Company Name Total Shares Hold(in %) Company Name Total Shares Hold (in %)
Ola 30 Slack Technologies 5
Renren 42.9 WeWork 80
InMobi 45 Zhongan Online P & C Insurance 5
Hike 25.8 Compass 22
SnapDeal 30 AUTO1 Group 20
Fanatics 22 Wag 45
Improbable Worlds 50 Katerra 28
Paytm 20 Cruise Automation 19.6
Oyo 42 Ping An Insurance 7.41

SoftBank - Growth

SoftBank had a solid beginning to the 2020 budgetary year, accomplishing income increments over the entirety of its portions and including Yahoo Japan as a combined backup to its business. This brought its income to about ¥1.16 trillion.

The buyer section i.e. the center business of SoftBank, expanded its income to around ¥658 billion, an expansion of over ¥22 billion. The portion's telecom administration incomes expanded by 6.2% year on year to ¥528 billion. Inside its telecom administration incomes, versatile interchanges income expanded by ¥23 multi-year on year to ¥423 billion, with the addition essentially credited to increments in cell phone supporters and a decline in the month to month limits for its Ultra Giga Monster Plus plan. This plan isolates handset installment and administration charges.

Softbank's Growth Over The Years

SoftBank revealed it had 22.5 million shopper cell phone supporters during Q1 2020 compared to 20.7 million in the same quarter of 2019. Its venture fragment went from winning ¥148 billion to ¥154.5 billion in income year on year. This included versatile income which expanded by 4% to ¥68 billion, fixed-line income which diminished by 6% to nearly ¥49 billion, and other income that expanded by around 24% to ¥37.5 billion.

The increments in the portable and business arrangements incomes were because of bounces in cell phone endorsers and deals from cloud administrations. Fixed-line incomes diminished because of the unit cost of telephone utilities became cheaper. The endeavor portion's working pay was ¥28 billion, a 17.7% expansion.

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SoftBank - Yahoo Japan Story

Yahoo Japan, the new section that was solidified into SoftBank budgetary outcomes, had its income bounce from ¥226 billion to ¥235 billion, a 3.3% expansion year on year. Of this, trade income expanded by 4.8% year on year to ¥165 billion, media income stayed relentless at around ¥72 billion, and other income diminished by 13% year on year to around ¥1.4 billion.

The expansion in trade income was predominantly because of an elevation in income-related with an increment in exchange, an incentive in business administrations. While Yahoo Japan's income expanded over the previous year, its working salary dropped 8% because of ventures geared towards growing its online installments stage.

The purpose of making Yahoo Japan a solidified backup, SoftBank stated, was to reinforce its association with Yahoo Japan in the making of such new organizations. "The two organizations will upgrade the administration assets designation dependent on a coordinated methodology that empowers them to expand cooperative energies," it said.

Its appropriation fragment—which offers items and administrations essentially tending to ICT, cloud administrations, and IoT arrangements—hopped from ¥92 billion to ¥116 billion, up by 26% year on year. This was for the most part due to firm offers of existing items, for example, PCs and servers, notwithstanding an expansion in the number of licenses for cloud administrations. The conveyance section's working salary was nearly ¥5.3 billion, an expansion of 32% year on year.

Altogether, SoftBank's working salary was ¥269 billion, up by 22% from the year-earlier.

The expansion was fundamental because the Japanese combination was encountering relentless development in its different telecom organizations; the working pay of its telecom organizations over the Consumer, Enterprise, and Distribution sections was expanding by over ¥20 billion altogether. With another solid execution in its Q1 2019 outcomes, the Japanese aggregate proceeds with its upward direction, having expanded its working pay by 81% for FY 2018 contrasted with FY 2017. The gigantic bounce was driven by the SoftBank Vision and Delta Funds which dramatically multiplied the working pay.

SoftBank likewise declared a second SoftBank Vision Fund a month ago, comprising of $108 billion (¥11.7 trillion) in reserves.

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SoftBank - Vision for India

SoftBank Vision reserve was set up in 2017 with an all-out corpus of $100 bn. The majority of this vision reserve was raised from Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. The organization has put around $10B so far in Indian new businesses.

Softbank's Vision For India

SoftBank has seen an 80% year-on-year development in its working pay for FY 2019. The Son-driven organization ascribed this development to an unrealized addition of about $12.5B from its interests in ride-hailing organization Uber, Indian accommodation organization OYO, and other portfolio organizations. In general, its interests in Flipkart and OYO were responsible for an addition of $2.7B, split among acknowledged and unrealized increases.

The closeout of SoftBank's offer in the Indian web-based business goliath Flipkart brought about the addition of $1.3Bn for the Japanese organization. Flipkart was purchased by Walmart for $16B in August 2018. OYO's valuation has expanded to $1.4bn in FY 2019. SoftBank's other key interests in India include Ola, OYO, Hike, Paytm, FirstCry, Grofers, Delhivery, and Paytm Mall. Not long ago, SoftBank was said to be pondering on the first stock sale of its $100B SoftBank Vision Fund.

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SoftBank - FAQ's

Is SoftBank a bank?

SoftBank Group Corp. started out in 1981 as a distributor of computer software. As software is called “soft” in Japanese, the name “SoftBank” literally means “a bank of software.”  The word “bank” was chosen based on the company's grand aspiration to be a key source of infrastructure for the information society.

Who owns SoftBank?

SoftBank's founder and CEO, Masayoshi Son, is the third-richest person in Japan, with a $20.6 billion personal fortune. He owns $45 million worth of real estate in Tokyo as well as a $117.5 million estate in Silicon Valley.

What is SoftBank Vision Fund?

Softbank Vision Fund is the world's biggest innovation-centered investment finance, with over $100 billion in the capital.

What Marketing Strategy does SoftBank follow?

The Softbank group uses an effective and smart “4P” marketing strategy to carry out its business across multinational market places.

SoftBank - Conclusion

SoftBank Vision Fund is a part of the multi-national conglomerate Softbank Group. The company is specialized in growth capital and social impact investments that revolve mostly around software companies. It also aims to invest in businesses and foundational platforms that SoftBank believes to revolutionize and innovate the world tomorrow.

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