StudentKare - Makes Back To School Shopping Hassle Free and Fun

Remember the excitement of going back to school after vacations all decked up in everything new, starting from books, bag and shoes? Gift a child his favorite superhero school bag and see the delight on his face. Adequate and good quality school supplies are a necessary part of good education and help to keep students motivated and happy. StudentKare, a Mumbai based startup is here to take care of all the supplies students need for education and play, so that parents and guardians can provide their children with good quality school supplies effortlessly.

StudetKare Startup Success Story

Startup Name
Headquarter Mumbai
Founder Rustom Kerawalla
Sector E-commerce
Founded 2018
Parent Organization Kare Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.

About StudentKare
Schools Supplies Industry Details
Founder & CEO of StudentKare
How was StudentKare Started
StudentKare - Name and Logo
What is StudentKare
StudentKare - Revenue Model
StudentKare - User Acquisition
StudentKare - Funding and Investors
StudentKare - Startup Challenges
StudentKare - Competitors
StudentKare - Growth

About StudentKare is India’s first of its kind, comprehensive e-commerce platform dedicated to fulfilling the end-to-end requirement of students – at school and play. It is a one-stop-shop for every little need related to education and hobbies for a student. aims to make the parents' life easy by making the process of selection simpler and also offering home delivery across 20,000 pin codes. is the e-commerce arm of Kare Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. Kare is a 14-year-old leading firm that specializes in office and school supplies. At present, it has B2B tie-ups with over 100 enterprises for supplying products ranging from uniforms to technology products to notebooks giving us the first-hand experience, knowledge & understanding about the size of the market and growth patterns

School Supplies Industry Details

According to industry reports, India has nearly 260 million students studying in the K12 segment who require uniform, textbooks, notebooks, bags, shoes and other stationery material. The market is estimated to be Rs 55,000 crores  p.a. and is currently not too organized.

Education as a sector is immune to any negative impact on the economy of a country. We believe that with the advent of technology backed ventures, the otherwise unorganized sector will witness growth towards organized retailing. We expect the market to grow in double digits every year.

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Founder and CEO of StudentKare

Rustom Kerawalla is the founder of the parent company Kare Enterprise. Kare Enterprises services over 100 institutions under its B2B business model and its core competencies lie in school supply chain management: procurement, stocking, direct-to-home distribution and retail operations.

Starting, a B2C model was a natural extension to make the best use of the 14 years of experience and expertise in the school and office supplies space. However, adapting and creating something from the parents perspective needed different skill sets from the B2B space.

Kurien Pothen is the CEO of Kare. He joined in 2017, to drive the launch of the e-commerce business - With over three decades of experience across FMCG, consumer durables and retail domain Kurien had earlier stints at Nerolac Paints, VIP Luggage, Reliance Communication and Grasim Industries.

With his vast experience in building brands and bridging need gaps, Kurien was quick to recognize the business potential of using technology to help ‘organize’ the student supplies sector.  

How was StudentKare Started

The parent company Kare Enterprises services over 100 institutions under its B2B business model and its core competencies lie in school supply chain management: procurement, stocking, direct-to-home distribution and retail operations. Starting, a B2C model was a natural extension for Kare Enterprises to make the best use of the 14 years of experience and expertise in the school and office supplies space.

StudentKare was launched in 2018, while the website went live in 2019.

As per market research by StudentKare, a student in any class between KG to 12th grade requires more than 15 different products on a regular day. These products include school bags, textbooks, reference books, shoes (sports and regular), etc. Each of these products is typically sold by different merchants. A parent has to make multiple trips to different school vendors to get all the supplies needed, which is inconvenient & time-consuming. Additionally, the merchants also have a limited brand/product range.

To solve this issue, provides curated products needed for school and play under one umbrella, any time of the day

The brand name StudentKare is an amalgamation of our target customers(student) and our parent brand, Kare.

StudentKare Logo

What is StudentKare

StudentKare platform is a technology-led, integrated platform that allows a parent to shop anytime, anywhere. Backed by efficient back-end logistics that ensure products are delivered within 3 working days. All the products on the site are listed according to age/interest/price range, etc. This makes it easier and faster for a parent to search for specific products or even discover relevant products on the site. For repeat customers, the platform also has wish lists & multiple payment options for faster checkout.  

StudentKare has a wide range of education and sports-related products, like uniform, books, footwear, bags, stationery, accessories, toys and games and many sports and technology related products like football, basketball, cricket set, keyboards, mouse, speaker, headphones, etc.  

Our promise to our customers/parents is simple- access to curated merchandise related to education and play activities such as sports, throughout the year, at the click of a button. Simplicity, Convenience and Quality assurance are our three core values.

StudentKare - Revenue Model

StudentKare has a very simple revenue model. It has different categories of products having different price ranges with a strong focus on being price competitive. StudentKare provides a wide range of brands choices for the customer. It has direct tie-ups with brands which ensure that it has better quality products at fair prices. The company rolls out seasonal schemes which offer value for larger purchases. It also offers free delivery for orders above Rs 500.

As an online retailer, we strongly believe in avoiding the deep-discounting/hidden pricing approach and focus on fair pricing for sustainable business growth.  

StudentKare - User Acquisition

Online marketing worked well for StudentKare and it was able to reach the 100th transaction mark much faster than initially projected.

StudentKare’s marketing budgets are currently focused on building a strong brand presence with the parents' community, helping them discover value with the platform & develop a long term seller-buyer relationship. It is also focusing on improving its own systems & processes. The company is currently focusing on leveraging its existing customer base employing digital marketing & BTL channels for targeted campaigns. The company has plans to invest more in marketing with further growth.

An interesting insight that StudentKare had was traffic& transactions from tier-ii and tier-iii cities across India. While the company expected transactions from the metro cities only,  but they realized that tier-ii and tier-iii cities are under-served in terms of brand choices at local stores. This encouraged StudentKare to change its communication focus to these cities and soon enough started seeing transactions pouring in from the tier-ii and tier-iii markets.

We have parents from Guwahati who buy Amar Chitra Katha comics and pay more for delivery charges than the cost of the book! We have customers from Sonepat / Tuticorin buying robotics kits. While we thought that metro cities would be the main markets, we realized that smaller cities are also a substantial market

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StudentKare - Funding and Investors

StudentKare is currently bootstrapped.

StudentKare - Startup Challenges

As a new portal, gaining the trust of the customers is a major challenge that StudentKare faces.

In the first few months, we reached out to our captive customer base with focused products offerings, though we were able to receive a few orders and service them, we had some curious customers reaching out to our contact center to ask who owns/runs the portal! Trust is an important criterion if a parent is buying school books, etc. online.

The company overcame this challenge by creating more awareness about its credentials among its target customers. StudentKare now boasts of a set of loyal customers who have transacted several times with it and have provided positive feedback!  

StudentKare - Competitors

E-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal, etc also have the education and sports-related products enlisted on their websites and hence pose competition for StudentKare. Besides websites like Schoolkart and School Super Mart, which are dedicated platforms for education and sports-related goods are also some competitors of StudentKare.

StudentKare stands out from the competitors as it has the advantage of being a part of a larger set-up. It leveraged the existing relationships of Kare with large brands to provide high-quality products at reasonable rates.

According to Kurien, the parent-child centric focus has been the USP of Other aspects of the platform are process-focused order processing, regular customer communication & standard marketing incentivizes like discounts, cash-backs, etc.

One of the shopping platforms that we believe has revolutionized its market segment is Nykaa. It was a common perception that there is no online market for cosmetics and other beauty products in India. It was believed people will need to ‘touch and feel’ these products. Convenience, Education and quality assurance has worked in favor of changing the mindset of people. We are working to achieve the same with the online education/ toy supplies market which is largely unorganized and grossly underserved.  

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StudentKare - Growth

StudentKare has started operating just a few months back and has been able to make a mark in this very short span. The company attracts 50,000 hits on its website every month. StudentKare delivers to over 20,000 pincodes across India. Besides the company has been able to grab the attention of buyers both from metro cities and tier-ii,tier-iii cities which is a good achievement.  

In the long-term,  the plan is to make the default platform for product discovery and purchase for education and hobby/shopping needs of a child. StudentKare is also planning to build a community of parents who share their experiences with each other and make the site place for both buying and community bonding.

Parenting should be less stressful and more joyful. As schools upgrade, the demands on parents increase. Parents have to get school books, shoes, etc. within stipulated timelines. They also choose to invest in the child's all-round development by exposing him/her to the right books, hobbies, games. It is not necessary that parents get all the supplies for school in one trip and hence they may make multiple trips for say the prescribed books. Similarly, for toys, there are options for buying toys/books online or offline, the key difference is our curation which makes parents life simpler by offering selected merchandise of the best of brands.            
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