Top 8 Alternatives of Bit.Ly in 2023

Top 8 Alternatives of Bit.Ly in 2023 is a popular link management platform and URL-shortening assistance created in the year 2008. Since then it has reached the target of shortening around 600 million links every single month for its applications in email, SMS, and social networking. It also keeps the trace of your click data, and link customization for both, MSMEs and hefty companies. offers a free plan which allows building only 50 links per month. That's why, nowadays, people are experiencing some issues with such as its high pricing and time taking integrations. It makes them switch to other popular options for link shortening for their MSMEs.

We have brought you the top 8 alternatives to replace in 2023. The following mentioned platform can either reduce or replace your technical issues with link shortening and link data analysis. Let us dive in to find out what these alternatives are.


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Rating 4.5/5
Cuelink URL Shortener and affiliate earner
Cuelink URL Shortener and affiliate earner

Cuelinks is an efficient tool in the market right now. Since its inception, it has been an excellent tool for link tracking. Cuelinks' user experience is smoother than other tools in the market. It has a great dashboard, where you can see your EPC, conversion rates, etc on a single panel.

The Cuelinks has the following significant features:

  • Once you sign up in the Cuelinks, you will have Java codes that will automatically start converting your links into affiliate links, as soon as you paste Java codes into the website's footer.
  • The best thing about Cuelinks is that it covers almost every famous brand deal and they work with most of the affiliate networks. It also keeps a good track record of earnings.
  • Cuelinks provide lifetime link management, which means publisher need not change broken links manually, instead, Cuelinks does it automatically for the customer.


Rating 4.6/5
Rebrandly URL shortener
Rebrandly URL shortener

Rebrandly is another leading link-building platform to share, track, and brand URLs and shortens them into a particular custom domain. You can keep the trace, integrate, collaborate, promote, scale, and optimize links and domains.

You can fast redirects, link search, custom URL slugs, editable destination URLs, branded link export, link tags, QR codes, high volume links, bulk link edit or creation, and link expiration assistance along with Rebrandly.

From training routing to its training and support, Rebrandly offers the following features:

  • It provides enterprise tool integration, decent engineer support, direct training, account management, link importing, email support, video tutorials, and a knowledge base.
  • It also allows collaboration with activity audit logs, single sign-on, two-factor authentication, multiple access levels, workspaces, and team-mates.
  • It furnishes custom SSL, 404 redirect management, main domain redirect, HTTPS, and multiple domain names.
  • It offers server click analysis, logo in reports, custom report builder, aggregated reports, public or private reports, GDPR privacy, UTM builder, and link analytics.
  • In the case of traffic routing, Rebrandly offers links with emojis, mobile deep linking, link retargeting, open graph control, parameter forwarding, and 301 SEO redirect.

Pricing For Rebrandly:

Pricing & Features Free $0 Essential $24/month Professional $75/month Teams $415/month
Clicks tracked per month 5,000 25,000 150,000 1,500,000
Total branded links 500 5,000 15,000 150,000
Custom domain names 1 5 5 20
Custom reports per month - - - 31
Active teammates - - - 10

Rating 4.7/5
Website URL shortener URL shortener boasts of being the most secure platform for building short links. The top enterprises such as Marqeta, Mercari, Open AI, Impossible, snowflake, Blex, FreshBooks, and GitHub benefit from the productive links of

Its three main link formats in the address bar include go/drive, go/zoom, and go/GitHub. It furnishes keyword-oriented links with several tags to make it convenient for users to reach and explore resources.

The other features of include:

  • It furnishes secured links to cloud service and industry standards.
  • Single sign-on with a bunch of options such as custom SAML, Ping, Azure, auto provisioning, OneLogin, and OKTA.
  • Allows migration of data and existing links conveniently.
  • Facilitates sharing links among every single domain of your company.
  • Contains SOC 2 Type 1 which supports transportation, collection, and data storage.

Pricing for

Plan Free For teams Starter Pro Enterprise
Price (monthly) $0 $2 $4 Custom

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Rating 4.4/5
Website URL shortener URL shortener

Another effective custom domain URL shortener is It furnishes its link-shortening services in your own domain. It is popular because of its quick customer support and affordable prices. Moreover, furnishes detailed statistics for domain and short links.

It provides statistics such as top countries, top browsers, devices in the run, social referrers, top referrers, click statistics, data range, unique clicks, total clicks, etc.

The features of includes:

  • It facilitates geo-targeting. It divides users on the basis of demographics such as location and region.
  • It then directs users to that particular webpage which implies that two users in two different areas experience different web pages.
  • Allows adding UTM parameters for link shortening or campaign tracking.
  • It also has password protection which implies that a secured link is only open to users who have its password.
  • For further shortening, contains QR which ultimately leads users to the desired link.

Pricing of

Plan Free Personal Team Enterprise
Monthly Free $0 $16 $43 $121
Annually Free $0 $158 $424 $1210


Rating 4.4/5
TinyURL URL shortener
TinyURL URL shortener

TinyURL is a link-shortening services platform for businesses, markets, and small to hefty brands for the last 18 years. This URL shortener boasts of being experienced, reliable, and convenient. There are both paid and free versions of TinyURL.

Its premium account allows customers to create, track, grow and manage their brands through link campaigns of every detailing present in TinyURL.

The exclusive features of TinyURL include:

  • Links that perfectly fit your brand domain.
  • Detailed analytics about the consumers of campaigns.
  • Provides the data based on referrer, frequent times, devices, and locations.
  • Gives customizable reports and QR scanners along with shortened links.

Pricing for TinyURL

Plan Free Pro Pro 5K Pro 50K Bulk 100K,250K, 750K, 1.5M and 3M
Price (monthly) $0 Starting at $9.99 $29.00 $199.00 $99.00, $149, $299, $499, and $899 respectively.


Rating 4.5/5
BL.INK URL shortener
BL.INK URL shortener

BL.INK is a software that supports link management by shortening, tracking, branding, and controlling URLs. For calculating the user's data, BL.INK includes vanity keywords, measures engagement, and uses charts and graphs dependent on demographics. BL.INK integrates with the most popular tools of the time such as Zapier, Sprinklr, and Khoros for better performance.

The exclusive features of BL.INK includes:

  • Provides detailed analytics of link management significant data.
  • The links created are scalable, interoperable, and growth-oriented
  • It allows customization in pricing as you have to pay only for the features you are using.
  • It offers flexible plans and expert teams of 1 to over 15 users.
Price $48/month $99/month $299/month $599/month Custom
Redirects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Active Links 10,000 50,000 250,000 500,000 Custom
Clicked/tracked links 7,500 15,000 30,000 60,000 Custom
Users 3 15 25 50 Custom
Domains 15 30 60 100 Custom
Domain Links - 250 500 1000 Custom
GDPR Compliance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Rating 4.5/5
Website URL shortener URL shortener

The last in the list, but not the least, is another ultimate URL shortener for tracking and shortening links. Established in 1995, allows customers to personalize links using custom text for human reading.

The list of features of include:

  • Contains multiple domains to build links to every field.
  • Furnishes detailed link analytics.
  • Supports integrations.

Pricing for

Price: $85.00 per month to $250 per month
Free Trial Not Available


Rating 4.6/5
Pricing Not available
YOURLS URL shortener
YOURLS URL shortener

YOURLS here signifies Your Own URL Shortener. It allows you to operate your own URL shortening assistance with the help of small groups of PHP scripts. It never lets you depend upon third-party integrations for link building and analysis.

The YOURLS has the following significant features:

  • It is an open-source and free-of-cost software platform.
  • It allows both public and private link short links building.
  • From visitor's geolocation, and referrers tracking, to historical click reports, YOURLS furnishes almost every stat related to link creation and analysis.
  • It contains convenient bookmarklets to share and shorten links easily.
  • It has a friendly installer for accessible induction.
  • Allows third-party integrations along with API with several other applications.
  • It furnishes sample files for public interface operation.

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Hence this was all about the top 8 alternatives of in the year 2023. Due to a few issues such as affordability, link counting restrictions, and technical glitches, often annoys its users while hanging. You can go for any of the above-mentioned alternatives of to ensure smooth functioning.


Is there a free alternative to

Yes, there are many free versions of URL shorteners available in the market like TinyURL,, etc.

Does Google have a URL shortener?

Yes, Google had a URL shortener named "".Which was discontinued by Google on March 30, 2019.

How do I choose a URL shortener?

You should keep a few things in your mind while choosing a URL shortener are:

  • Must have tracking and analytics option with a good link management system.
  • A great and easy dashboard to use.
  • Compare the features of all shorteners and choose the best fit for you.

Using the right and trusted link shorteners are always a good idea. Otherwise, Criminals do use this to do scams and crimes.

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