Top 7 Best Content Marketing Tools Every Marketer Needs in 2022

Bhoraniya Huda Hifzur Rehman Bhoraniya Huda Hifzur Rehman
Jan 14, 2022 6 min read
Top 7 Best Content Marketing Tools Every Marketer Needs in 2022

Content marketing is a well-known resource used by many firms. Content marketing stands for the indirect marketing of products by the means of editing, publishing, and drafting content through different mediums to attract a targeted audience towards it.

Content marketing is awesomely done with the help of online marketing tools and human effort. Content marketing tools available in the market are made to ease and sort human work.

There are several tools available from multiple sources for one to take help from. However, if you are on this topic for the first time and don’t know which tool to select. We have made it easier for you by combining the tools with the content marketing essential steps.

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To have good content marketing, a few essential things are required. We will look together for the tools to ease out content marketing steps. Let us have the list of all required steps for content marketing:

  • Knowing the audience
  • Creating High-Quality Content
  • Running A/B test
  • Knowing about competitor’s analysis
  • Selecting a suitable content format
  • Choosing a content management system
  • Measuring content performance

The above-given steps are among the most essential steps required in content marketing. For the betterment of your knowledge, each step is associated with the most recommended tool available.

SurveyMonkey - Knowing the Audience
Evernote - Creating High-Quality Content
Google Analytics Experiment - Running A/B Test
SEMrush - Knowing about Competitor’s Analysis
Google Docs - Selecting a Suitable Content Format
WordPress - Choosing a Content Management System
HubSpot - Measuring Content Performance

SurveyMonkey - Knowing the Audience

SurveyMonkey Website Interface

SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular and free survey-taking platforms. Using this tool to capture and ask questions to your target audience can get you a good amount of knowledge for a better understanding of your audience. It can allow one to acknowledge and drive deeper in knowing the potential points related to your target audience. SurveyMonkey is also one of the preferred platforms for running the A/B test.

Evernote - Creating High-Quality Content

Evernote Website Interface

Creating high-quality content has several steps included in it. This is one of the major steps requiring much amount of human work. There are many various tools available to look out for this work but on different platforms. This work itself is divided into many people is a group is working.

One of the best tools one can imagine using is Evernote. Evernote allows multiple services within one platform. It allows its user to take notes, organize tasks, Create and manage schedules, tasks management, etc. All of its features are quite useful in handling and sorting out multiple works especially while working in a team.

Try Evernote Now

Google Analytics Experiment - Running A/B Test

Google Analytics Website Interface

A/B testing is done to determine which web page or application has a better experience. It is performed between two web pages or applications to determine the better one. To run the A/B test, the Google Analytics experiment offers the best services to content marketers. Through a Google Analytics experiment, the A/B test can be performed easily with the facility of getting an email notification every time there is a change in result. It can also allow one to keep track of their improvements and all possible changes.

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SEMrush - Knowing about Competitor’s Analysis

SEMRUSH Website Interface

Stepping into any new field needs you to learn about it before. The best way to learn something is by knowing about your competitors. In content marketing, the most important factor playing the ranking role is more about keywords. SEMrush is one total platform that can be used for planning a perfect content strategy. It is known to collect data from different sources and then allow its users with some of the most well-known keywords. By using SEMrush, one can get the idea of what all is happening in the market along with allowing all to be on the same page.

Step Up Your Content Marketing Strategy with Semrush

Google Docs - Selecting a Suitable Content Format

Google Docs Website Interface

Selecting the appropriate format for content is one of the simple yet essential points to consider. For this thing, no other platform can be better than Google Docs. Google Docs are known to provide the user with the ability of editing, drafting and create documents either in the form of sheets, presentations, text documents, etc. It also has several templates already saved in it. By the use of Google Docs, one can imagine reducing the working time by taking help from the best-developed tool.

WordPress - Choosing a Content Management System

WordPress Website Interface

Choosing a single content management system is like picking up a single flower from a garden full of flowers. There are ample content management system tools available on the web. However, WordPress is one of the widely used content management systems providing the complete service required by the marketer.

WordPress is a content management system allowing its users to host and build websites. It also allows them with the complete package of buying domains, selecting appropriate templates, providing security packages to the websites, etc.

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HubSpot - Measuring Content Performance

HubSpot Website Interface

Just making content and posting it is not the only work to do. Continuous performance measuring should also be included in the to-do list. This step can be achieved with prenamed tools also such as SEMrush, Google Analytics Experiment, etc. Hubspot is another exceptional tool availing its user with the record site trafficking and also enabling them to directly link social media posts with the site. It is one of those tools, which can help its user to take the decision of either working with the same topic or to look for a new one. It also allows the user to create a link with SEO research and content creation. HubSpot is one of the must tool for content marketing.

Measure Your Campaign Performance with Hubspot Now

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Content marketing is an important part of the business strategy. Technology is now at the most advanced level with developing regularly. At such time, there are many different ready-to-use tools available for one to look at and to start with. Even with the best team, mistakes cant be eliminated. However, with the use of available tools and human power in coordination, these mistakes can be minimized with the additional advantage of less possible time.


What is the best form of Content Marketing?

The best form of content marketing is Blog posts, eBooks, Videos, Case studies, Checklists, Infographics, etc.

What is a Content Marketing toolkit?

Optimize your content marketing approach by using a variety of tools to generate personal profiles, outreach strategies, and content calendars.

What are the five marketing tools?

The top 5 essential marketing tools are Planning, Social media advertising, Display advertising tools, Content marketing, Email marketing.

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