Urban Company Marketing Strategy - How it Became Asia's Largest Home Services Platform

Muskaan Kapoor Muskaan Kapoor
Dec 28, 2021 5 min read
Urban Company Marketing Strategy - How it Became Asia's Largest Home Services Platform

The service industry got swooned away with the entrance of Urban Company in the market. It came and created a huge place for itself in the business world.

It came into people’s life no less than like a genie. People wanted to enjoy services like beauty, the spa at home. So, Urban Company came like a genie and granted this wish.

The company has grown well and gained great success for itself. The reasons for its success are its planned business model and great marketing strategy.

Today the competition in the startup industry is increasing. Urban Company has earned huge popularity in no time. One thing that plays a major role in making it popular is its marketing techniques.

About Urban Company
Importance of Marketing Strategy
Urban Company Marketing Strategies
Urban Company Covid19 Marketing Strategy

About Urban Company

Urban Company Logo
Urban Company Logo

It was not too long ago that this startup came into existence in 2014. The unique idea helped to get the customer’s attention and proper planning made it grow.

The Urban Company came with the idea of providing various services at home. It started with a few services. But with great customer response, soon the company introduced many more services. Its services include beauty, spa, educators, electricians, etc.

The company is like a bridge that connected the customers with service providers. It made the whole process easy, affordable, and reliable.

The startup has turned out to be a great success in the past seven years. In recent June, the company raised a $255 Million Series F round and turned into a Unicorn with a valuation of $2.1 billion.

Importance of Marketing Strategy

Marketing Startegy is a process that helps a company use its resources in the best way to increase its sales. In simple words, it is a strategy to promote and sell goods and services.

The process of marketing is the most important in any business. In this competitive world, it is the marketing strategy that helps a business to stand out.

Various startups become big in the industry because of their good strategic management. Startups like Urban Company, Nykaa, are growing and glowing with their strategic marketing. Their strategies of marketing help them to sell and promote their products and services so well.

Hence, having a good strategy for marketing is essential for any business to flourish.

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Urban Company Marketing Strategies

Every company needs the right marketing techniques to be successful. Β The following are the strategies followed by Urban company:

Television Commercials

One of the best ways to attract Indian audiences is through television commercials. If anyone wants to promote something, place an ad on the television. This is what the Urban company did.

They have made television ads showcasing how easily one can bring services at home. To make the ads even more attractive, they have featured Bollywood celebrities in them.

In an ad, Kriti Sanon is seen hiring salon services at home. In another, Ayushman Khurrana shows how easy it is to get your repair and cleaning done with the Urban company app.

These ads created a great impression on the audience about the company being reliable and affordable.

Google and Facebook Ads

Urban company has also dived into to sea of digital marketing. To keep up with the market trends and technologies, the Urban company knows its way for sure.

It runs both Google and Facebook ads. The platforms are a huge hub of the Indian audience. If someone searches for the company or visits the website, soon they will spot its ads around Google.

The ads on Facebook help the brand reach the target audience. These ads by the Urban company is a great strategy to increase their online presence and gain potential customers.

Influencer Marketing

The audiences consider a brand more conceivable when they see others using it. Considering this and the social media reach, the Urban company has also opted for influencer marketing.

It is one of the most successful strategies for marketing nowadays. The company gets to promote its services by leveraging the influencer’s audience.

In this way, the Urban company has made itself super popular among the customers. The influencers promoting the brand include Gauahar Khan, Shivangi Joshi, Mallika Dua, etc.

This strategy helps the company to generate great traffic and attract more users.

Email and SMS Marketing

To attract customers is one thing and to retain them is important as well. Urban company doesn’t like to forget their customers after the services are done. So, it tries to retain its customers with email and SMS marketing.

A customer adds a phone number to register on the app. In this way, the Urban company can send them messages. It helps to inform customers of new offers and discounts. It is a great strategy to market and develops trust among the users.

SEO Strategy

It is important for an online brand to attract traffic for its growth. The urban company uses simple keywords like massage services near me, yoga teacher, etc. This helps them to bring organic traffic.

Urban company’s SEO strategy is strong enough to gain the audience for itself. It generates search traffic of 61.26%.

Advertisements With Regional Touch

Urban Company Marketing Strategy
Urban Company Marketing Strategy

The company is born in India. So, they use a great strategy to gain popularity among different regions. The brand has made ads celebrating regional festivals in regional languages. This marketing strategy has helped the company to develop a bond with the audience.

There are a few other strategies followed by the Urban company for its marketing. These include PR strategies, Campaigns, sponsorship, (sponsored IPL in 2020).

Urban Company Covid-19 Marketing Strategy

The company played an amazing marketing strategy with a message. They created a gap in their logo that displayed the importance of social distancing. The company paid great attention to the trends. They started posting DIYs for beauty to help their customers.

It also took live sessions on social media to connect with its audience. In this way, the Urban Company maintained its online presence during the pandemic.

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Urban Company has come up as a leader in the service industry. It has used technology to bridge the gap between customers and service providers.

The company has made a strong online recognition for itself. It has now become an essential app for many metropolitan cities.

It has made use of various marketing strategies to earn great popularity. It has indulged in digital marketing, SEO, PR strategies, social media, and more. All this with proper planning and analysis has made the company grow so well.


What is the marketing strategy employed by Urban Company?

Urban Company promotes its services using television commercials, email marketing, and PR strategy.

Who is the founder of Urban Company?

Abhiraj Singh Bhal, Varun Khaitan, and Raghav Chandra are the founders of Urban Company.

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