Pharmeasy Marketing Strategy That Made It Lead the Online Pharmacy Market

Muskaan Kapoor Muskaan Kapoor
Mar 26, 2022 6 min read
Pharmeasy Marketing Strategy That Made It Lead the Online Pharmacy Market

Modern technology made great advancements in the medical industry. Now, this technology is making the reach of various medicines even easier.

The times when we had to roam around the market to find a particular medicine are gone. At present, we can find any medicine and get it delivered to our doorstep. This has been made possible with PharmEasy, the Indian online medicine delivery platform. We can use this app to order medicines and healthcare online.

PharmEasy has made great progress with its idea of making medicine delivery easy. It has gained huge popularity among the customers with its advertising and marketing. They have even made campaigns addressing customers’ concerns in a creative way.

About PharmEasy - India’s Leading Medicine Delivery App
Founders of PharmEasy
How does PharmEasy Work?
Marketing Strategies of PharmEasy
PharmEasy Covid-19 Marketing Strategy

About PharmEasy - India’s Leading Medicine Delivery App

PharmEasy is India’s health tech startup of online pharmacy and diagnostics. PharmEasy's acquisition of Medlife has made it the biggest online pharmacy platform. After the acquisition, it aimed to serve 2 million customers a month.

In 2021, it also acquired Thyrocare technologies and Aknamed. The platform offers services of medicine delivery, diagnostic test sample collection, and teleconsultations. With its various partner vendors, it offers services to over 710 cities covering Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, etc. The company covers 98% of pin codes in the nation to deliver medicine.

Founders of PharmEasy

Dhaval Shah and Dharmil Sheth
Dhaval Shah and Dharmil Sheth

PharmEasy is the healthcare startup that came into existence in 2014. Its co-founders include Siddharth Shah, Dhaval Shah, Dharmil Seth, Harsh Parekh, and Hardik Dedhia. The startup began with the idea of making healthcare in India easily accessible. API Holdings Private Limited is the parent organization of PharmEasy.

How does PharmEasy Work?

It is an e-commerce platform where one can buy medicines and other healthcare equipment. A person uploads an image of the prescription on the app or website. This prescription is then sent to a medical store in your area and the order is packed.

Once the order is ready, a delivery agent comes to pick it up. The order then gets delivered to your home. It is as simple as its ads make it look.

Marketing Strategies of PharmEasy

Marketing is super important for any business to grow. When it comes to startup, it becomes even more important. To make a startup stand out in the market, strategic marketing is essential.

PharmEasy opts for various strategies for marketing. It tries to gain the customers' attention through online marketing as well as tv commercials.

The following are some of the marketing strategies of PharmEasy:

Television Commercials

PharmEasy is an Indian company. The best way to get the attention of the Indian audience is through TV ads. PharmEasy’s TV ad was a successful marketing strategy that gained great popularity.

The company made a music track for its ad. The track was a version of the popular Bollywood song, ‘Urvashi’. They created their slogan in the tune of it. The slogan said ‘PharmEasy, PharmEasy, Take it easy PharmEasy’. Every time this soundtrack played on the television; it got the viewers' attention.

When viewers find something interesting, they like to know more about it. In this way, this strategy by the brand got successful. This ad made the app and its services popular among the customers.

Meme Marketing

PharmEasy Instagram Marketing
PharmEasy Instagram Marketing

PharmEasy is a new-age startup. The brand knows how to keep up with the latest trends. With the increasing popularity of memes over social media, PharmEasy took a dip in this strategy.

The company posts memes on its Instagram handle. This catches the customer's attention in a creative and quirky way. For example- They made a meme on weekend working and attached its slogan #TakeItEasy, its tagline to it. There are several other memes that the company keeps on making according to the trends.

This meme marketing strategy is the latest trend. PharmEasy is surely taking the advantage of it to market itself.

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SMS, Email Marketing

Once a person signs up on the PharmEasy app or website, the role of this strategy begins. The company uses technology to send automated messages or emails to its customers.

These messages include the information of new offers or discounts that the company has to offer. This is a great strategy by the company to gather up the customers' attention.


The PharmEasy startup was not popular right from its birth. It had to create a space and trust for itself in the market. One of the most successful strategies by PharmEasy in its early years was cricket sponsorship.

PharmEasy Cricket Sponsorship
PharmEasy Cricket Sponsorship

After investing in cricket, people began to associate PharmEasy with cricket. Most of the Indian audience watches the world cup. An ad between the match gets the viewers’ attention and help develop a level of trust.

PharmEasy earned huge popularity through this marketing strategy. People now consider it a reliable brand in the e-pharmacy industry.

Influencer Marketing

We all are aware of the power of social media nowadays. Influencers and bloggers over various channels are getting more and more popular. They also have a large audience.

So, PharmEasy has also opted for influencer marketing. In this way, it can promote itself at the leverage of the influencer’s audience. For example- PharmEasy has indulged in making reels. You can see Viraj Ghelani, Digital Creator, and Sapan Verma, Comedian in the PharmEasy reels.

Traffic Sources of PharmEasy

The traffic generated by PharmEasy is 63.39% from search. Besides, there is 30.97% direct traffic, 0.72% from social media, 3.29% from display, 0.66% from emails and 0.97% from referrals.

PharmEasy Covid-19 Marketing Strategy

PharmEasy Covid-19 Marketing Strategy
PharmEasy Covid-19 Marketing Strategy

Every brand advertised itself in association with the pandemic. So, PharmEasy too made ads related to covid-19. They decided to take a witty and sarcastic road for their advertisement.

The company has used a statement that is very common among the Indian audience. It is ‘Sab uparwale ke hath mein hai.’ So, taking a sarcastic take, the company used the actual uparwala i.e, the neighbour living up to promote their brand.

Another popular ad of PharmEasy was the 'WFH' campaign. This ad was focused on lockdown, as people were confined in their homes. The advertisement showcases while everything changed, one thing that didn't change was getting medicines with ease.

PharmEasy has given a simple and sensible message to the people with their ads. It is to not leave everything up to fate. People need to understand that they have to take care of their health. The ad shows that to take care of medicine and healthcare, PharmEasy is always there.

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PharmEasy, India’s largest e-pharmacy came as a boon. It made the process of medicine buying easy, accessible, and reliable. During the pandemic, when people could not go out and find their medicines, PharmEasy has been a great help.

It is safe to say that PharmEasy gained great popularity with its marketing strategies. It has always kept its ads short, catchy and relatable. All such strategies helped PharmEasy to gain trust and popularity among the customers.


Is PharmEasy a profitable company?

Yes, PharmEasy reported revenue of ₹2360 crore in the financial year 2021.

Is PharmEasy a unicorn?

PharmEasy achieved unicorn status with a valuation of $1.5 billion.

Who is the founder of PharmEasy?

Dhaval Shah and Dharmil Sheth are the founders of PharmEasy.

Who are the competitors of Pharmeasy?

Some top competitors of Pharmeasy are:

  • Netmeds
  • Apollopharmacy
  • Medplusmart
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