6 Best Homework Writing Services American Students Love

6 Best Homework Writing Services American Students Love

Sometimes situations occur when you don’t want to or can’t do your homework. Certainly, you can pay someone to do your homework. But whom? Nobody wants to entrust writing his homework to the first stranger.

You depend on the writer. Will he do everything precisely and send the work on time? Will your expectations meet the result? It’s all very controversial. Besides, the monetary issue troubles young people badly. Is the work worth the money you paid for it? Won’t you regret the decision?

Taking into account all possible nuisances, we’ve picked out the 6 best homework writing services.

  • Paperhelp
  • WriteMyEssays
  • CheapPaperWriting
  • MyAdmissionEssay
  • EvolutionWriters
  • ExtraEssay

How did we choose the best online homework services?

First of all, we have conducted a special investigation. We have visited different sites and forums, studied reviews, and so on. As a result, we’ve allocated several features that distinguish a reliable essay service.

Here are the main criteria we based on selecting the best essay writing services.


Websites that write essays for you should not be very cheap and very expensive. No specialist will agree to spend hours working for two dollars. At the same time, nobody will waste hundreds of dollars on a simple paper. It would be better to settle on a golden mean.


All papers should meet your expectations.  They must be easy to read, reliable, and compliant.

The quality of work depends on the order. Make your order precise, so the result will be better than ever.

Time frames

Of course, we should not leave the waiting time without attention. All works must come on time, without delays and other supporting problems.


All team writers should be: 1) well-educated, 2) experienced, 3) punctual.

First of all, we look at the qualifications of staff members. The more diversified the team is, the better the homework writing service is. Saying diversified, we mean the company should consist of specialists from different fields.

Secondly, writers should have a degree. The higher the degree is, the more professional the author is.

Finally, writers should be active specialists. Rules stop working as a year passes. Ideas change, as well as the format of writing. So, specialists should keep their eye on the ball to keep pace with these changes.


Last but not least, paper writing service reviews. Only users that have experienced the platform themselves can give us an understanding of what the platform is like. Thanks to their opinion, we’ve completed the list of top homework writing services.

Top 6 Homework Writing Services

Paying attention to all nuisances we’ve encountered, we picked out the best paper writing services.

Meet the list of 6 the best essay writing services that are worth visiting.

1. PaperHelp

PaperHelp is the most popular essay service used by American students. It has gained an audience of 105000 students that appreciate the quality of PaperHelp’s work. By the moment, the platform can boast a rich portfolio of 658000 paper samples and low prices for homework writing.

The gallery of services is very diversified. Here you can order any paper type you like. From bibliography to the dissertation. You can order proofreading, typing, rewriting, and even resume. Moreover, you can get help from experienced writers that will guide you on your coursework, term paper, or research paper.

As for the PaperHelp staff, it consists of experienced and checked writers. To become a member of the team, they have passed grammar and writing tests, online interviews, and 1 month of a test drive. There are three levels of PaperHelp writers:

  • Basic writers take general orders without extra charge. Each of them has at least 3 years of writing experience in different fields.
  • Advanced writers focus on their subjects and constantly study them. Their rating is not lower than 4 stars out of 5.
  • Top writers are native English speakers that have the highest rating and the best reviews.

You can get acquainted with the list of authors in the “Our writers” section. There is a list of top writers with their ratings and reviews.

The prices for homework writing are average. Of course, they depend on your current academic level, deadline, number of pages, and paper type. But still, the prices are justified.

The minimum cost of the easiest essay is $12. The waiting time starts from 3 hours, so the platform suits urgent orders. The company guarantees 100% anonymity and refund of money if you are not satisfied with the work.

Besides the low prices, there are different PaperHelp bonuses. Being a newcomer, you can claim a 20% bonus for the first order. It is the most generous welcoming offer we’ve come across searching for candidates. Besides, you can get extra discounts for further orders based on the loyalty program provided for permanent clients.

Finally, we’ve scrolled through PaperHelp reviews given by American students. Most of them are very positive that encourages us to place this essay service in the first place among other platforms.

We appreciate PaperHelp as the best essay writing service and highly recommend it.

American students like

American students dislike

Average price

No choice of authors when ordering a paper

Bonuses and loyalty program

Experienced team 

Wide range of services

24/7 support

2. WriteMyEssays

WriteMyEssays occupies second place in the rating of essay services loved by American students. It is younger than PaperHelp but managed to attract a good audience and retain users. As a result, over 580 college students stick to these services and choose the best homework writing help. The team is not large, but it has written over 647 papers during 3 years of work.

The choice of options is also sufficient. Here you can order any type of essay on any topic you like. Argumentative, law, and chemistry, history, etc. Also, you can order term papers, lab, and book reports, even research papers. WriteMyEssays offers all types of writing you may require.

Its team contains young and enthusiastic specialists that are ready to help students with any issue they have. All of them have a degree and English proficiency. They know well how to communicate with customers and work with tasks. Besides, the company strictly monitors their behavior and punishes any violations. As a result, there are no delays or cases of plagiarism.

The quality of work is at a high level. All texts are unique and come on time. The reason is that the platform practiced a personalized approach. With such assistance, you will receive work that meets your requirements. The small team plays into the hand here. It allows writers to concentrate on the customer and his wishes.

The price is about the same as the prices of PaperHelp. The minimum cost for a paper is $12. It varies depending on your academic level, paper type, number of pages, and deadline. The waiting time starts from 3 hours, so WriteMyEssays is one of the best urgent essay writing services.

As for WritMyEssays reviews, they are good. American students enjoy this platform and recommend it to others.

We advise you to try WriteMyEssays for it is a reliable essay writing service worth visiting.

American students like

American students dislike

Affordable prices

Absence of bonuses

Variety of topics and papers

Communication with authors

Quality of work

WriteMyEssays Homepage

3. CheapPaperWriting

CheapPaperWriting is another interesting essay service widely spread among American students. Now, briefly about all features that distinguish this company from the others.

Firstly, low prices. The minimum cost starts from $12 similar to the previous platforms. The price varies depending on the academic level you choose, the time frames you set, and the number of pages you require. Nevertheless, the prices remain average on the market.

Besides general offers, the company offers some free benefits that reduce the initial sum.

As you know, some people recommend excluding from your order bibliography, formatting, and other options like that. They say, thus, you can reduce the sum you pay for homework writing. Of course, it can work on other essay writing websites. But CheapPaperWriting has envisaged these nuisances and provided them for free. So, you can receive a full paper with all the components cheaper than on other platforms. Not to be unfounded, the company has placed the statistics of their price in comparison with other websites. According to it, you can save up to 41% with CheapPaperWriting.

Also, there are special bonuses for newcomers. From the very beginning, you can claim a 10% bonus with the promo “cheappaper10off” and save money for the next order.

As for the gallery of paper types provided by the company, there are plenty of them. Here you can order over 30 types of writing on any topic you like. Coursework, case study, term paper, etc. The list is far from complete.

The quality of work is also at a good level. The CheapPaperWriting team consists of experienced writers. All of them have certificates and diplomas in various fields. They improve their skills constantly by passing tests and advanced training courses regularly. Hence, they are always up to date with novelties and remain competitive.

American students appreciate this platform for the quality of work, bonuses, and free benefits.

So, we recommend CheapPaperWriting as the cheapest essay writing service among reliable platforms.

American students like

American students dislike

Good prices

One way of communication with authors

Free benefits 

The splendid choice of services

Qualified staff

CheapPaperWriting Homepage

4. MyAdmissionEssay

MyAdmissionEssay is another platform cherished by American students.

The company has over 21 thousand referred clients. Over 31 thousand clients returned to the company. And over 141 thousand orders are fulfilled by the moment. The indicators are impressive. Then, what benefits does the company offer its users?

To start with, the monetary issue. The minimum price is $11. According to the MyAdmissionEssay data, you save up to $49 on this platform. The saved sum is significant, especially if we speak about students.

The range of paper types is rich. From homework to research papers. The gallery of topics is limitless.

As for bonuses, there are not so many. The welcoming offer for newcomers is 5% for the first order you make. But this does not detract from its reliability and convenience.

The staff is numerous and multiple, consisting of 3754 authors. All of them refer to 3 different categories depending on the level of work they take.

  • Basic writers have an advanced level of English and splendid writing skills. They know everything about academic standards. If you need a specialist with a higher qualification, you are free to request another author.
  • Advanced writers specialize in a specific area of science. So, you can ask one of the experienced writers to help you with your research in a particular field.
  • Top writers are the best of the best. You can choose any top writer you like taking into account his specialization and ratings.

American students choose this company for the diversity of writers and democratic prices.

To sum up, we recommend MyAdmissionEssay as the most professional essay writing service.

American students like

American students dislike

The rich choice of authors 

Not so many bonuses 

Skillful team

Democratic prices

Good choice of paper types

MyAdmissionEssay Homepage

5. EvolutionWriters

EvolutionWriters stands in the fifth position after the titans of the homework writing world. It has been working for 10 years and has gained the popularity of a trustworthy site. Over 105000 American students enjoy its help and advice other users to try EvolutionWriters.

By the moment, the company has finished over 324000 papers and developed a rich range of services. With EvolutionWriters, you can order any type of paper. From simple movie reviews to coursework and lab reports.

The price of EvolutionWriters is lower in comparison with the previous platforms. Its range starts from $10 for the easiest paper. The price depends on the paper type, the number of pages, deadline, and academic level you require.

Besides, you can claim a welcoming offer valued at 15% for the first order you make. Also, you can grab a 5% discount and a 10% bonus for the next order by entering the promo GRAB15.

The EvolutionWriters team is experienced. Each member of the team has strong writing skills and advanced English. Also, they have a professional background and knowledge of academic requirements. If one of the components is missing, high-quality execution of the task is impossible.

As for American students, they like this site for bonuses and low prices that we see in their reviews.

All in all, we can advise EvolutionWriters as an affordable essay writing service sufficient for ordering papers.

American students like

American students dislike

Tracking of the progress 

Sometimes the quality of work fails

Plagiarism report for free 

Big bonuses and promos

Experienced team

EvolutionWriters Homepage

6. ExtraEssay

ExtraEssay completes the parade of the best paper writing services. Over 36000 users stick to the company. What are its advantages?

Let’s start with the prices. The minimum sum for the essay starts from $9 which is lower than the average price. Of course, it depends on the academic level you choose. Also, time frames and the number of pages influence the indicator.

Being a newcomer, you can claim a 10% bonus for the first order. Besides, ExtraEssay offers several loyalty program discounts available to regular users. It is a pleasant gift for customers.

The range of services is good. Here you can order coursework, dissertation, report, review, case study, term paper, and so on. This is more than enough for such a service. Besides, ExtraEssay provides creating titles and bibliography, formatting, and revision for free. This brings ExtraEssay closer to CheapPaperWriting.

The staff of ExtraEssay company is not inferior to its competitors.  All members of the team are experienced and have high-valued certificates and diplomas.

American students like this platform for low prices, bonuses, and free benefits.

So, we recommend ExtraEssay as a good online essay writing service worth visiting.

American students like

American students dislike

Low prices

The interface is not very convenient 

Free benefits



ExtraEssay Homepage


  1. What are the main principles for choosing the top writing service?

First of all, pay attention to users’ opinions. Their assessments influence the company’s rating and show how it works. Read reviews and decide what platform suits you more.

As you’ve studied users’ reviews, visit the essay websites you liked most. Look at their design and navigation. Check the gallery of paper types and prices.

  1. Is the homework writing service legal?

It is legal to order papers, so you can visit essay websites without any fear of being caught red-handed. All platforms mentioned in our review are trustworthy and legal.

Also, homework writing services provide keeping personal information secret. No one will know neither about your identity nor about your card details.

  1. How can I entrust my homework to these companies?

Each of the platforms we’ve described above hires only proven and successful authors. They vouch for these writers and severely punish the slightest non-compliance with the contract. If you were dissatisfied with the work, the company guarantees a money refund.

Anyway, you can do the task yourself relying on the general principles of writing essays.

  1. What things influence the price?

The price depends on your academic level, the number of pages you order, paper type, and deadline. The most urgent tasks are the most expensive.

  1. How can I reduce the price?

There are different ways to lower the sum you pay for the order.

Firstly, you can choose the cheapest service ever seen on the market. Of course, you will get the text, but it is unlikely to be of high quality.  Furthermore, it’s not a fact that you will get it. It is better to stay on proven sites, the prices on which will be slightly higher.

Secondly, you can exclude some options from the order. For example, you can create a title and bibliography yourself. Also, you can format the text. It all will make the order cost lower. Luckily, some platforms provide these options for free. So, you can receive full work without overpayment.

Bottom line

We have finished reviewing the best essay writing services according to the version of American students. At first glance, it may seem that they are the same. But it’s not true.

Each platform has some features that distinguish it from others. Some have a diversified gallery of paper types. Some can boast generous bonuses and low prices. Others contain an excellent team of experienced writers from various fields. It’s up to you to decide what features you prefer to others.

Anyway, we tried to include only those companies that provide each of them. Only the unity of price affordability, top writers, and wide range of services make some companies stand out from the rest.

Thus, we concluded that PaperHelp has won this competition and took the deserved first place. It has gathered everything an average student can need. That’s why it is the greatest solution for all your homework issues.

We recommend you try each of the mentioned sites to find out which of them suits you more.

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