Best selection criteria for instructional design tools

Neeraj Singh Shekhawat Neeraj Singh Shekhawat
Oct 18, 2021 2 min read
Best selection criteria for instructional design tools

Instructional Design is the formulation and creation of instructional experiences which make learning more engaging, effective, and efficient. It is the combination of education, Psychology, and communication skills to come up with meaningful experiences. Instructional design has gained popularity in the last few years, for a good reason. The organizations that align their business goals with learning & development are 40% more likely to see an increase in key business metrics.

Now, that the importance of Instructional design is established, let's discuss the criteria based on which instructional design tools can be selected-

Pre-defined goals

One of the prerequisites of a successful instructional design is the goals that are defined before the start of the process. By doing this, you ensure that you have a concrete objective that you need to work towards, and are not shooting in the dark. All your following efforts for instructional design can, from then on be focussed on the achievement of that goal.

Systematic process

Although instructional design can be considered a continuous process, that does not mean that it is a haphazard one. There must be a well-defined sequence of events pre-decided to be followed for it to be successful.

Continuous improvement

The instructional design is not a one-off task to be finished off with. But, it is a continuous process and requires constant improvement. A thoroughly researched, sequenced, and implemented content, also has room to improve upon. Thus, instructional design requires constant assessment, planning, implementation on the repeat.

Holistic approach

Another factor to consider for a successful instructional design is the holistic approach taken up for it. It means even the smallest possible part of the design is not neglected and worked diligently upon but without compromising the performance and integrity of the project as a whole.


One of the major pointers to keep in mind for effective instructional design is to ensure that the design works in favor of the learners, by making the training fun, engaging, productive, and efficient for the learners. According to a few experts, a good way to do that is to make the study more explorative where the instructors support the learners by clearing their doubts and answering any queries they might have. They could also help the learners in the application of newly acquired skills.

Cost of tools

The intended instructional design requires many tools. Before choosing the one we require, it makes perfect sense to check the price of the tool in the market and make a trade-off between the pros and cons of owning the tool. You can choose between free software, or open-source, or even a commercial one.

Output to be managed

The different types of files and images will be used for instructional design and its process. It is important to consider the kind of output that is expected to be produced and worked with before choosing the right kind of tool.

Variety of functionalities

This one is very logical, as the functionalities that you require in your instructional design will decide which tools you would be using in your design. If you need a video conferencing feature in your training, you would have to opt for a supportive tool. If you require an LMS for delivering, tracking, and reporting the training, then a good LMS, such as Litmos, which meets your requirements must be chosen.


When buying something so important and with long-lasting impact, it is practical to ask around the industry to know about the reviews of the tool that you have in your mind.

Thus, deciding on the instructional design is no easy feat, but with the help of the above-mentioned pointers, it gets easier to reach a suitable decision.

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