10 Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business this Christmas

10 Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business this Christmas

Christmas, the festival celebrating the birth of Jesus is also an occasion for sharing love, gifts, and whatnot. Christmas is one of the most celebrated festivals in the world with more than 2 billion people relishing it. As a result, this most anticipated and awaited holiday season brings about a lot of happiness and business opportunities too.

Pre-planning some marketing strategies and executing them well would grab you loads of business and profits during this season. Here are some of the marketing ideas that would elevate your business this Christmas.

10 Business Marketing Ideas for Christmas

  1. Create a Christmas Aura
  2. Launch a Special Christmas Sale
  3. Campaign Through Emails
  4. Utilize Seasonal Keywords for PPC Campaigns
  5. Post Blogs, Videos, or Guidelines related to Christmas
  6. Organize a Christmas Giveaway
  7. Gift Cards or Vouchers
  8. Instigate a Sense of Urgency in Customers
  9. Don’t miss out on the ‘After Christmas Sale’
  10. Throw a Party or Lunch

Founders' views on increasing sales in Holiday Season

10 Business Marketing Ideas for Christmas

Create a Christmas Aura

Make your customers feel that Christmas is arriving. Create an ambiance that makes them a sense of the holiday season. Re-design your logo, theme, animations, and fonts with a Christmas touch like Santa Clause, Christmas tree, snow, etc., While the customers are decorating their homes for the festival, you decorate your store or site and celebrate the occasion along with them. This takes you closer to your customers and develops trust for your brand. It will enrich the bonding your customers share with you.

Launch a Special Christmas Sale

Christmas seasonal sale to boost your business
Christmas seasonal sale to boost your business

Introducing a Christmas Seasonal Sale would boost your business during this holiday season. Besides adding some Christmas themes to your store or site’s outlook, bring some changes to your products and services too. Create packages with discounted prices, bundle your products, customize or redesign the packings for seasonal sales or terrify the customers with your price drops. Creating some of such surprising elements would pull the customers towards your business.

Campaign Through Emails

Email marketing in recent years has become a significant and powerful medium for showcasing businesses to people. So you can use this technique to send attractive emails to your customers that describe your Christmas sale, offers, price drop alerts, etc. Create an impressive subject line that attracts customers to open your email. Schedule your emails at regular intervals that keep reminding them of the sale. Inject a sense of likeability and longing towards your Seasonal Sale using email campaigns.

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Utilize Seasonal Keywords for PPC Campaigns

As Christmas is a festival of gifts, decorations, and celebrations, using relevant keywords to promote your business would be a great strategy. PPC always serves to be an important factor that drives-in customers. And during this Christmas season (which can also be called the shopping season), PPC stands to be a crucial factor that can’t be ignored. Do extensive keyword research and use the apt one for your ad campaigns. This ensures your ads pop up before the right customers at the right time.

Post Blogs, Videos, or Guidelines related to Christmas

Christmas Blogs
Christmas Blogs

Mostly, the Christmas celebrations revolve around activities like Decorations, Giftings, and family meals. All of them are creativity-based pursuits where there’s always something new that one can innovate. So you can create blogs or videos that provide various ideas on Christmas decorations and gifts. Also, you can provide step-by-step guidelines or procedures to perform those activities. You can connect these posts to your products or services wherever possible and use them as a platform for your sales promotion.

Organize a Christmas Giveaway

Organize Christmas Giveaway
Organize Christmas Giveaway

Plan a giveaway contest for your customers by offering astounding gifts. The giveaways can be constructed based on the nature of your business. You can offer seasonal gifts for people who had made the maximum purchase or decide the winner using a lucky draw. You can also use this system to encourage your existing patrons to bring in new customers to your business. Giveaway gifts can be anything from highly hyped mobiles to holiday vacation packages. Such giveaways with popular products or services will prove to be a great marketing idea to boost your business.

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Gift Cards or Vouchers

Christmas Gift Cards and Vouchers
Christmas Gift Cards and Vouchers

Not all people are experts in gifting. Most of them would be excited about it but confused about what to choose. Offering gift cards or gift vouchers at this instance would be a great boon for such customers. This reduces the customer’s stress and also guarantees you a sale worth the same or more than the price you sold the gift cards for. You can also offer discounts on gift vouchers for promoting its sale. This can be a promising way to retain your customers and also bring in more of them for your entity.

Instigate a Sense of Urgency in Customers

It is the nature of the Christmas season to adorn our places, make our loved ones happy through gifts, and cherish family time together. So, people will obviously be triggered to shop more. You can capitalize on this shopping season by creating a sense of urgency in your customers. Use words like “Limited Period Offer, Only a Few Hours/Stocks Left, Act now, Grab before it’s gone, etc., in your marketing campaigns. Tagging these words along with exciting deals can be the best combo for kick-starting your Christmas sale. They create a dire rush in people not to miss the opportunity.

Don’t miss out on the ‘After Christmas Sale’

The ‘After Christmas Sale’ also has a huge market and reception among customers. People who had missed the earlier sales and were busy with Christmas celebrations would love to feast on this opportunity. The days between Christmas and New Year are the best time to initiate this sale. Usually, people would be relaxed during these days after a couple of weeks of busy celebrations. Take advantage of this situation to re-instigate your sales. You can also slash the prices for old wares, offer exciting benefits, and clear your stocks using this sale.

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Throw a Party or Lunch

Hosting a party or lunch for your customers along with employees can be the best way of getting to know your community. This brings your customers a step closer to the business and makes them feel more important. A small initiative like a party can deeply root the customers for your growth.

Founders' views on increasing sales in Holiday Season

Kapil Gupta - Founder and CEO of Ruhe Group of Companies

Mr. Kapil Gupta, Founder and CEO, Ruhe Group of Companies
Mr. Kapil Gupta, Founder and CEO, Ruhe Group of Companies
A significant increase in overall sales is seen throughout the holiday season due to expenditure driven by the festivities. Therefore, each business employs unique strategies to increase sales during this critical season. Retailers utilize data to optimize inventories to address the demand without building up a significant backlog of orders or incurring exorbitant holding fees. For example, data-driven predictive sales and inventory intelligence enables retailers to automate demand forecasting and planning. - Mr. Kapil Gupta, Founder and CEO, Ruhe Group of Companies

Rupesh Jain - Founder of Candere by Kalyan Jewellers

Mr. Rupesh Jain, MD & CEO, Candere By Kalyan Jewellers
Mr. Rupesh Jain, MD & CEO, Candere By Kalyan Jewellers 
Retail & e-commerce/online brands rely heavily on the festive/ wedding season to increase their sales margin through accelerated market & data-driven strategies/approaches. - Mr. Rupesh Jain

Here are some strategies to drive/maximize sales growth:

  • On-purchase discounts & offers to attract more & more customers.
  • Launching various promotional campaigns specific to occasions for a customer connect, re-channelizing the usual marketing strategies to generate positive business outcomes.
  • Keeping an innovative and efficient marketing approach for increased sales.
  • In a golden era of digitization, technology is important to generate accurate sales data to determine successful business metrics and drive sales.
  • Use statistics and data to study the traffic of the holiday season and capitalize on evolving and emerging trends by announcing new, contemporary launches.
  • Retention of long-associated customers during the holiday season is a must by giving an additional percentage in existing/ seasonal/festive offers as brand goodwill.


These are some of the simple and best ideas that could lift your Christmas seasonal business. You can choose any or implement all of the above ideas as each of them would serve as a value addition to your profit. Make the best use of this busiest shopping season and grab as many customers and profits as you can. Merry Christmas!

Marketing Strategy to boost your business in Christmas


What are 12 days of Christmas promotion?

A 12-day Christmas promotion is a marketing event where you disclose a surprising sale item and every day you announce the winner of a set giveaway item.

What should I give away for Christmas?

Some of the giveaways for Christmas are:

  • Holiday Packages offer
  • Gift Card and Gift Vouchers
  • Surprising high Discount Deals
  • Food Coupons
  • Travel Products

How to promote Christmas sales?

Some of the best ways to promote Christmas sales are:

  • Launch Buy 1 Get 1 Offer
  • Offer free shipping and returns
  • Run a holiday contest
  • Promote Gift Cards
  • Offers surprisingly High discounts
  • Run a “12 Days of Christmas” promotion

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