Entrepreneurship and Building a Restaurant Branding among tough competition: Shreya Sabharwal

Ashwini Ashwini
Aug 19, 2020 6 min read
Entrepreneurship and Building a Restaurant Branding among tough competition: Shreya Sabharwal

The road to entrepreneurship is often a deceitful path filled with unexpected hindrance, roadblocks and complications. There are lot of sleepless nights, planning, consistency and funding that goes into being an Entrepreneur. Successful restaurant branding can make your eatery stand out. Yet despite all these hardships, everyone wants to be an entrepreneur but Entrepreneurship and taking risk is not everybody's cup of tea.

Whether you’re opening your very first location or considering a rebranding effort, strong restaurant branding is more crucial to your bottom line than ever. Even if a restaurant has a recognizable logo or a catchy tagline, failure to understand what drives customers can create roadblocks to success. Restaurant marketing ideas and trends are not that easy to implement.

Strong restaurant branding efforts will affect everything from customer loyalty to your ability to expand into a regional or national franchise. And while how you target your customers might change over time, finding strategies to show your diners who you are as a company will help you stand out from the crowd for years to come.

Many young college graduates jump into an entrepreneurial world carrying an aim to make Millions, but they forget that they need to grind themselves for years to become a successful one.

As Entrepreneurship is not about being rich in a day instead it’s about building a solution from scratch.

One needs to have a certain mindset to be a successful Entrepreneur and most importantly “just be ready not to give-up”, the only golden rule of Entrepreneurship. It’s a proof that you do not need college degrees to make your business successful. Instead, you need a holistic approach to learning. Be a lifelong learner and learn from any source you can come across. Rather than trying to learn everything about everything, you should focus your efforts on a specific subject and become an expert in that domain.

With this dream which I used to see day and night, I started my journey quite early when I was just 21 years, it’s always better if you have a supportive family and an incessant attitude which keeps you going. I have seen so much and gained a lot in such a short span of time. While I decided to pursue the path of Entrepreneurship and took risk by starting my own venture, there were numerous challenges came in between but I followed my instinct and faith instead of choosing a comfortable job and constant income.

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How it All Started?

I was always a party person and while I used to go out I realised one thing which stayed in my mind forever and gave a birth to a business plan.

Our creative agency is based in Delhi/Bangalore that works exclusively for restaurant marketing and we give 360-degree marketing solution to the restaurants and help them to turn it into a brand.

While I started my journey, I was all alone but in a short span of time, I have built a team of 20 young creative minds and together we are helping brands to recite their stories. We are with the brands from the very beginning and works on the minute details and work on the loopholes which is unseen and gets avoided by the owners.

When the food outlet/restaurant enters into the market or plans to expand, we come up as the consultants and work on the strategy of the launch and help the brands to expand in the market by using various strategies be it launch, events meet ups, social media or Public Relation. We provide 360 degree solutions and work on the strategic marketing, so our clients could get seamless start in the market.

We are perfecting our services every stretch of the inch and still evolving, the company now specializes in Marketing and PR handling for restaurants and hotels. I believe, “if any brand gets proper guidance it will significantly increase the brand recognition and will sustain in the market in the long run. The communication and engagement is entirely important and we play as the communication strategist or Image consultants for our clients.”

It is an extreme honour for us to be one of the most promising company, surviving in the restaurant industry. Though it has been immensely challenging yet with the strong thoughts and progressive mind we have successfully made our name in the Industry and we have created a milestone by making our client’s portfolio of 120+ in a year. We, at Square Fork, keep on implementing new strategies to ensure all the clients get maximum outcome from the services being provided by us.

Although most large organizations and startups focus on sales numbers (quantity) but we have a different take on things. Young entrepreneurs should go for quality rather than quantity. This word also reflects the line someone said, “Quality is much better than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.”

Give attention to detail, aim for perfection and deliver a quality product to your customers. Square Fork sums it up brilliantly as “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” When you manage to achieve this feat, sales numbers will increase automatically.

I believe as a young women entrepreneur, I could be some amount of an inspiration to all those youngsters who are timorous and apprehensive of trying. I would say, Everybody wants to be their own boss but to start your own business, you need a lot, one needs load of patience and persistence, with tenacious mind and soul and that different concept of business which makes you different at some point from the existing players in the market.

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Never get tired of those umpteen trials but wait for that one success and I am telling you success will surely come to your way if you won’t give up. Do not be bothered by initial setbacks and learn from your mistakes. Be proactive when doing market research and see how future consumer needs are going to change and what kind of products will be required to fulfil those needs. If you can get do this accurately then you’ll definitely have an upper hand over your competitors.

" Take calculated risks to help your start up take giant leaps towards business success. Lastly, treat every day, as if it is your last because this will make your fearless."
-Shreya Sabharwal

Talking about Square Fork’s growth Shreya said - I have a clear vision of taking this business to an International level in next 5 years and we will expand our services to other industries as well as I have that strong faith in me and my team that we will be able to prosper into a bigger brand name in the forthcoming years.

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