Flipkart Enters Into Refurbished Market with 2GUD.com

Flipkart ease refurbished shopping for better purchasing power with 2Gud.com

Last year, Flipkart acquired the India operations of eBay, among various investments that it made. Although, as a part of the memorandum of understanding between Flipkart and eBay, Flipkart has decided to shut down India’s first international e-commerce portal for a brand-new replacement by its 2GUD flagship for endless refurbished shopping, Flipkart’s brand new platform for a trade of refurbished goods, is now on the mobile web. Moreover, it will soon extend its refurbished market 2Gud to the desktop as well as for a mobile app.

All about Refurbished Market 2Gud.com

Flipkart has been working to make a refurbished market to ease shopping for long. Based on the learnings from eBay, Flipkart has decided to launch refurbished market, and this was announced late last month by CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy. A previously unorganized sector has another giant’s participation, 2GUD whose operations would be completely distinct and separate from Flipkart. The Bengaluru based Flipkart would make thorough tests on original products, and offer certified warranty varying from 3-12 months on its refurbished market platform.

The products sold would be serviced through a well-sorted service network throughout the country. Initially, the eye candy to Flipkart’s 2Gud would be seen in the refurbished mobile phones, laptop computers, and tablets, which would, in near future also include home appliances and other goods in its refurbished market called 2Gud. In a statement issued by the CEO, this market is aimed at “value buyers” who are looking for refurbished goods.

2Gud RoadMap for Refurbished Products

Flipkart owned 2Gud for the refurbished market will play a major in driving budget shoppers to premium products. Although, with its great accreditation for shopping experience refurbished market will gain trust quickly among the budget buyers and refurbished sellers. Moreover, Flipkart will also keep a strict quality check on refurbished items so that the buyers use their product hassle free. However, with its 10-day easy return policy will be super beneficial for the refurbished shopping market. Initially, 2Gud would be starting the refurbished market with Mobiles, Laptops, Tablets, Smart Watches, Accessories and plan to introduce 400+ categories in the giant refurbished market “2Gud”

2GUD predicts that the refurbished goods market, on gaining the trust of users, would go on to become a 20 billion dollar industry in the next half-decade. To be a leader in this segment of e-commerce in India is not an easy task, given the “trust issues” that continue to persist in this part of the pie.

Officially, eBay.in ended operations on the 14th of August 2018. In the meantime, eBay is all set to relaunch its platform with cross-border trade offers exclusively. The Walmart-owned-Flipkart has enormous growth prospects and has been doing great in its own way.