Gaming Content Creators – A Viable Profession in the Digital era

Jeenal Jain Jeenal Jain
Oct 18, 2021 3 min read
Gaming Content Creators – A Viable Profession in the Digital era
This article has been contributed by Mr. Shivam Rao, Co-Founder & COO of Trinity Gaming.

The general consensus in the bygone days around gaming was usually associated with someone who is lazy. Fast forward to the present, it is now a billion-dollar industry making it one of the most powerful sectors to be associated with. Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Apple all have plans to enter the gaming industry with the purpose to allow players to stream games without the need for a computer or a video game console. (source:

One cannot overlook the potential the gaming industry has, and with that, we have seen the rise of gaming content creators. These content creators work to further enhance the produced content with a purpose or a goal. They play, engage, share their experiences, review them, and have the power to create a narrative around them. Esports is regarded as the best form of entertainment with virtual reality adding yet another layer to it. The gaming industry also enjoys the benefits of penetrating the demographics. It has an interesting mix, attracting generations from earlier and later in life.

This has resulted in the demand for this special class of creators who are collaborating with brands to connect with the new audience. Brands are marketing through gamers, knowing this can enable more meaningful connections. Β This has proved to be a good medium for them to advertise, and interestingly out of all the influencers in the market, gamers are known to have the best audience engagement in terms of viewership and audience-creator relationships.

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In the case of gaming content creators, the most common way to generate revenue is through super chats, YouTube membership, and brand endorsements, and so on. And once the loyal followers are built, brands are looking for collaborations to target the new followers. Dominated by the younger generation, it promises a great scope for the youths who share a deep interest in esports and wish to pursue a career in something they enjoy. It is for anyone who loves esports/virtual gaming and can smartly blend humor to it. These talents are getting the recognition they deserve and management companies similar to ours, are stepping in to nurture them, guide them, build a network and connect them with the best brands to associate with.

Since its inception, Trinity Gaming has created a unique ecosystem for the gaming content creators like Dynamo, Jonathan, Alpha Clasher, Shreeman Legend, Antaryami along with others who have been working with India's top brands and have successfully established themselves. The new segment has also witnessed the growing popularity of women creators like Annie, Mystic Ignite, Unicorn IB, Pooja Bisht who are now donning the space.

Building a career as a gaming content creator might seem a simple way to earn and an easy road map to fame, but that isn’t the case always. One has to be really persistent and needs to develop a certain set of skills. Some of the key factors that a creator must develop to ace in this industry are:

  1. Maintaining Originality
  2. Developing a signature style
  3. Communicating and engaging with the audience while ensuring no one is offended
  4. Ideating content that fulfills the purpose – Entertainment
  5. Must be an esports fanatic

Anyone who desires to be a gaming creator needs to develop and experiment with these skills. It is a new-age profession that is for anyone and everyone.

With the gaming industry becoming more complex, there has been a rise of the gaming community that respects each other and thrives together. The community brings inclusivity in diversity. Creators, as an integral part of the gaming community, have a huge spectrum to explore and ideate great content which will only support them to grow.

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With the ease of accessibility to the internet, the current generation spends more time, consuming content digitally. The rise of digitalization, changes in perspective, technological advancement, and the mounting interest of people are some of the prime factors that have supported the industry and behold a strong future. This is the right time to identify the power of esports and establish to rightly fit into this popular sector.

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