Make A Good First Impression At Your Law Firm With These CV Drafting Tips

Shubham Kumar Shubham Kumar
Nov 20, 2020 4 min read
Make A Good First Impression At Your Law Firm With These CV Drafting Tips

Securing a law firm job is a cherished dream of any law aspirant even before graduating from law school. However, the ardors of securing a position at a reputable law firm come with a grueling interview round.

This interview round is vital for any candidate to secure a good first impression. It can prove beneficial in ultimately securing a coveted position with a highly rated law firm.

But can you strike a good first impression only by virtue of the interview? Many candidates struggling with such questions tend to answer in the affirmative, but the truth is far from it.

A chief compliance officer role can easily test your skills to the core, and you might end up not securing the position if your interview round was not as good.

To balance out the fickle troubles of interviews, a candidate must rely on the CV to make a good first impression. After all, it is the first introduction that your recruiter has of you as a candidate.

A good CV can essentially decide your position, the outcome of your interview, and everything else then and there.

With the following CV tips, you can easily secure a good first impression in front of your recruiter and ensure a smooth interview process to gain your desired job.

1. Organize Your Information

Candidates tend to do oodles of work in law school and want to cover it all in their CV or resume. This is a big mistake! Most law firms are looking to fill in a specific part or position.

Accordingly, they desire a specific talent or skill set. By inculcating all of the information, you are making your resume lengthy and also uncharacteristically haphazard.

If your recruiter has to sift and sieve through your information to find out if you are the right candidate for the job, your application will be as good as over.

If you organize your resume into clear and precise sections that notify your qualities, traits, objectives, and qualifications, it is a million times better to read and understand.

A good resume is essentially not a lengthy one, and by organizing your information, you can easily curtail all your information in minimalistic segments.

2. Keep It Short And Simple!

Fresh out of grad school and are thinking of throwing your weight around? Drop the idea while drafting your resume.

A resume is built upon clear, transparent, and cogent factors that can easily help you tell your recruiter that you are the right man for the job. The details in a winning CV are crisp and immaculate.

In cases where you are unable to keep a simple or lucid language, the law firm will not hire you simply because they could not clearly understand you.

A brief and concise resume contains all the information in a succinct manner that can help to identify the recruiter judge your merits.

From the recruiter's perspective, it can easily show whether your qualities match and, if so, how your interview process can become favorable.

3. Highlight Your Area Of Specialization

Sometimes a vacancy in a law firm pertains to a certain area of specialized practice. At other times, the position open for approval may have general practice areas but focuses on a particular type of work.

Regardless of the situation, highlighting specialization in practice displays a deeper understanding of certain laws.

It is also a crucial step in forcing a recruiter to take note of your strengths and question you regarding those parts specifically.

This turns the interview questions favorably, but it also ensures that the interview process is generally tilted to a favorable outcome and that you can secure a good first impression easily.

4. Highlight Your Achievements

No matter your position or experience, a good resume is a strong show of a candidate's merits and qualities. These qualities are best adjudged through the candidate's achievements that are highlighted in the resume.

Be it winning a team sport or quiz or participating in a marathon, or even organizing an event on behalf of your institution or organization, each of your achievement corresponds to a desirable trait.

Based on your qualities and traits you exhibit and evidenced by your achievements, the outcome of your interview shifts in your favor.

You must understand that organizations are not looking to hire “winners”. They are only looking to hire “learners”. Therefore, you need not shy away from achievements that otherwise don’t contain a win.

5. Highlight The ‘Experience’ In Your Work Experience

One of the gravest errors that most candidates commit is exaggerating the work experience and fluffing the details. Many recruiters read this type of CV as just a facade for an incompetent applicant.

The resultant effect is that even though bright graduates can secure a good impression, the outcome is not in their favor because their CV details may be untrue.

Law school is about a lot of internships and other activities that you pursue building your resume.

Even if you do not have the desired level of work experience, do not shy away from listing your internship experience, and state the kind of work you did or learned during that time.

In any case, most recruiter law firms know that the incoming candidate will have to be groomed and trained to suit the organizational culture. They are only perusing through your resume to understand if you can fit the bill.

For instance, a chief compliance officer resume has to have certain mandatory skill sets. If you have learned these during your years of study or practice, then a la firm will most likely pick you from anyone else.

Final Takeaway

We all deal with this nagging feeling of self-doubt, regardless of our domain. But a well-crafted resume can boost your confidence!

Many professionals in the legal world have been able to re-affirm their skills and expertise and shed the belief that they aren't good enough for the job - simply by fine-tuning what is in their CV.

Alternatively, being even remotely unsure of your resume might reflect badly on you and end up frustrating your recruiter. Hence, your resume should only contain the desired information and in the right manner.

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