Why Houseparty Feels Like No Other Video Chat App Available Today

Shubham Kumar Shubham Kumar
Sep 17, 2020 3 min read
Why Houseparty Feels Like No Other Video Chat App Available Today

It’s Hard to Predict the Future

If you told someone living in 1990 that every single day, we would be chatting with friends, family members, coworkers, and clients using real-time video, they wouldn’t believe you. Furthermore, they wouldn’t believe that so many of us would feel so tired from a long day of video calls, making it difficult for us to want to catch up with our friends and family members when we don’t always have the ability to be together in-person.

You, living in the future, would find yourself explaining that work calls, where you have to now listen intently to what someone is saying and make eye contact with possibly multiple speakers at once, may find yourself able to explain how technology has both made your life better and much, much more complicated – but you may not be able to easily explain why it’s so hard to stay connected. After all, if someone had never had an email address, send an invitation to a conference call, coordinated their schedules, and gotten together like this before, how hard might it be for them to understand what is that you – and we – have been doing for the last several years?

Breaking Through the Noise

What might be a whole lot easier to explain to someone living in 1990 is Houseparty. All you have to say, really, is, “It’s like hanging out at someone’s house, but it happens on your phone. Guests can come and go as they please, you can see everybody, you can play games, and you can catch up, have a casual conversation, and stay connected with the people you want to see the most – as well as their friends, too!”

You see, unlike other video conferencing apps, Houseparty is more than a portal. It’s a social platform. It helps you easily find your friends who have already joined Houseparty by sharing your contacts with the app, allowing you to quickly add your friends and family members without jumping through hoops.

Next, all you have to do is simply open the app to get into the House and connect with friends! You can join open chats that your friends (and their friends) have going, start one of your own, or be invisible so that others can’t see you go in and out of chats. You can lock a chat when certain people are in, and a chat hits capacity when there are eight people in it. However, what makes the Houseparty app so unique is that much like conversations at a real party, people can casually come and go as they please – there’s rarely a set agenda, the danger of overstaying your welcome, or the possibility that everything will slow to a crawl, leaving everyone uncertain as to how to keep things moving.

Why is this the case? It’s simple.

Houseparty Creates Variety

To keep your video chats fun and fresh, Houseparty is always adding new features. These include fun video backgrounds created by a wide array of independent artists, adaptations of classic toys like Magic 8-Ball, and tons of games built directly into the platform. These don’t require any additional software to play, work across devices, and make it extremely easy even for someone who just time traveled here from 1990 to have a good time.

Some of the most popular games on Houseparty include Trivia, the always-exciting bar staple. Houseparty has built a robust, thrilling trivia experience by creating dense, deep decks with hundreds of questions designed to test even your nerdiest friends’ knowledge of pop culture, current events, general knowledge, and much more. There are also special one-off and limited edition trivia decks, including Fortnite Trivia Royale, which helped tons of Fortnite players acquire a new item by answering trivia questions correctly, and UEFA Champions League Trivia – a celebration of the return of the League presented in collaboration with Pepsi.

Other decks that have been created for Houseparty Trivia include Pop Culture, Outer Space, Musical Theater, and ‘90s Cartoons, though there are many, many more currently accessible and many to come.

Additionally, the partnership between Houseparty and Mattel doesn’t end at bringing the ask-and-shake action of Magic 8-Ball to the Houseparty app – players on iOS, Android, and the Houseparty Web app can now enjoy UNO! The fast-paced card game has been adapted for Houseparty, allowing players to match, draw, skip, and, most importantly, shout “UNO” when they have one card left before someone else realizes it! It’s not just a blast from the past – it’s a party game that anyone can play and enjoy.

Bringing the Fun Back to Video Chat

With Houseparty, these are just a small handful of the features – and options – that will keep you and your friends and family entertained when you can’t be together.

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